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Scott Glynn 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Steven Ross: Giving the right tools

Dr. Ross,

i would like to ask you a few questions regarding this letter you published. I would like to do so privately so as not to incur the opinion/misinformation that others may lend to the conversation. Would you be willing to contact me to discuss?

Scott Glynn President Steamboat Springs Booster Club


Scott Glynn 1 year ago on The Steamboat Springs School District is facing a $70,000 shortfall to fully fund all 22 athletic programs next school year. Which of the following funding options do you support?

Mr. Wedel, All activities are required to have a sponsor that is a member of the teaching staff. Unfortunately these teachers do not donate their time and these are paid positions that require income to be able to match their overhead. These groups take trips, participate in competitions, and incur other expenses, which cannot be met with bake sales. A participation fee is not unreasonable. I think you will find it harder to come up with examples of community service provided by "service" organizations than many of the varsity teams that SSHS has. I think you may be holding on to an outdated ideal of what the organizations had accomplished when you were in school. Opposed to the reality of current times.


Scott Glynn 1 year ago on The Steamboat Springs School District is facing a $70,000 shortfall to fully fund all 22 athletic programs next school year. Which of the following funding options do you support?

Unfortunately the paper has given an incomplete view of what has been discussed. For clarification, Mr. DeWolfe never mentioned cutting of ANY activity. His information was to show that if you cut sports out of the programs, the amount you saved is actually less than the amount of revenue you would lose from participation fees, therefore it doesn't solve the issue. One major concern is that increased fees lead to diminished participation. This scenario also leads to reduced revenue. Whether you have 40 football players or 45 the overall costs are almost static yet you are losing $900 in revenue. In the interest of full disclosure, I am the father of a high school and middle school athlete. They are also both in the GATE program, and one of them participates in band. My youngest has expressed an interest in science and is fully engaged to be able to participate in science olympiad, NHS, etc. While academic programs are phenomenal, they do not have any larger measure of intrinsic value than athletics. These academic activities have significant overhead that needs to be funded. Currently these funds come from the activities budget. The Booster Club feels that it has a fiduciary responsibility to the participants of all activities to supplement the budget to allow as much participation as possible. What has happened is that the district has mandated school sponsored transportation which is where much of the cost overrun is. If the district mandates it, it is the Booster Clubs position that they should fund it. The district has also made decisions recently that have severely limited the ability of Booster Club to raise the funds it is able to met out. We have lost out on a major fundraising activity solely based on the districts decision to open a medical clinic with which we haven't seen any benefit from. Much of this is in addition to the districts decision that flies in the face of community feedback and BOE budgeting. Last year the district requested funding for a secretary. They were subsequently denied that request. Somehow the district was able to "find" enough money to hire a part time secretary in January (9 months after the budget process). Now they are requesting funds to make that position full time. This $16,000 request doesn't seem like much, yet when combined with the additional $16,000 it stumbled across in January it is a significant dent in this funding shortage. These are the reasons that the Booster Club feels that the district should absorb the lions share of the budget shortfall that is upon us.

Scott Glynn - President Steamboat Springs Booster Club


Scott Glynn 1 year ago on Paul Bonnifield: Not a popularity contest

Did he say "won't". I suppose he did. But I think the bigger issue is can he. The existing magazines owned by private citizens are grandfathered as legal. The new ones do not have a "sell by" date to determine if they were previously purchased or not. What do you want the guy to do? I would be willing to bet if he had a probable cause to enter a store that sold ammunition and there were illegal magazines in inventory, he would enforce the law. He just can't do that to Johnny Citizen.


Scott Glynn 1 year, 1 month ago on Pee Wees capture state championship

Congratulations Boys! The hard work you put in over the season has paid off. Enjoy the moment.


Scott Glynn 1 year, 2 months ago on Steamboat City Council opposes bill that would give local firefighters collective bargaining rights

Born and bred in metro Detroit, I come from one of the largest union areas in the country. I have witnessed the union impact first hand. The union business model is outdated. While it had its place post industrial revolution to protect workers from overzealous industrial magnates, it has morphed into a crutch that workers have used to reward mediocrity. I have several friends and acquaintances in the local fire/police community as well as several family members that serve their communities in the same capacity. I respect each and every one of them and I am very grateful for the job that they do. While the collective bargaining principle has negotiating merits on the surface, the deeper seeds that eventually get sown are the impacts of protecting workers who are not willing/able to perform their duty. If a firefighter has to rely on his brethren to do their jobs or perish, does he want to rush into that burning building knowing that the guy behind him having been accused of dereliction of duty is simply on his 2nd "probation" as opposed to being terminated? Unions are a nice concept, but what eventually happens, is the only people that benefit from the unions are the union officers themselves. I have witnessed first hand the politics and corruption. At the end of the day the amount of money the negotiating parties (both sides) lose, would be a nice pay raise for everyone.


Scott Glynn 1 year, 2 months ago on Our View: Leveling the playing field in tiered prep sports systems

There is a big misconception out there that is stemming from the semantics of the argument. The Tier I / Tier II debate is not about the funding or non funding of activities. The debate is not about what sports are more popular. And, the debate is not about every sport becoming Tier I.

The goal is to completely abolish the tier system. No more Tier I / Tier II. No more Tier I. Simply - Sailor Varsity Athletics. The goal is to not have a system where any individual sport is funded to a greater extent than the others. The goal is to put all Varsity Athletics on equal footing in the purview of the district and have all sports share in the athletic budget equally. It is the view of many parents and supporters that not any one activity is of greater value to the student athlete than another.

The challenge is how do we provide metrics that establish whether or not a sport is viable? At what point is participation enough to field a program? What type of "success" is required to keep funding a program? All difficult questions to answer. There are some exceptionally bright, and committed people convening to work through these issues to develop the answers.

Scott Wedel, your points are understood but there needs to be some clarity in both the reporting and your argument. The athletic budget also funds activities outside of the "sports" arena. Drama, and forensics are also in the mix. Dance showcase is another example of an activity that receives support from the district as well as participating in booster club fundraising opportunities.

There is a lot more information out there that spells these ideas out. Essentially what the A.D. has asked is that the district absorb the cost of funding all coaches salaries and a basic supply budget for each teams basic equipment needs. Other costs, uniforms, transportation, officials, extra equipment, medical supplies, athletic trainer costs, will all be funded from the participation fees, and the gate revenues with individual team budget shortfalls to be addressed by the booster club on an as needed basis.

Scott Glynn, President Steamboat Springs Booster Club


Scott Glynn 1 year, 2 months ago on Which proposal do you think should receive the lodging tax revenue?

A City tax generates revenue for the city. As a result it would make sense that those funds are used for city owned entities. This would mean that 4 of the options should be considered, Yampa St. Park, Haymaker, Howelsen, and Open Space. It seems that the Howelsen complex has by far the most support of the community.


Scott Glynn 1 year, 5 months ago on Joanne Palmer: Are we not better than this?

From Merriam-Webster dictionary:

re·tard verb ri-ˈtärd Definition of RETARD transitive verb 1 : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment : impede 2 : to delay academic progress by failure to promote

There are actually some people in this world who understand the English language and the proper use of words. Once they have crossed the line into slang then the context with which they are used must be measured. Have I used the word retard in describing a person? Yes. Is it meant to disparage an entire segment of the population? Absolutely not. We use words to convey a message that can be easily understood. If I were to tell my wife to stop acting niggardly I can't imagine the uproar. More than likely most people would start flashing their "Racist Police" badges and not understand that it simply means cheap. Words are the images that we create in our minds and our own insecurities can lead to these images being misrepresented. I am not here to defend Ms. Coulter, but to assert the notion that everyone needs to take a breath of fresh mountain air and realize that not every single comment is directed at them or their personal situation.

I have often been refereed to myself as a "Hoss". Does this mean that I should take measures to let people know that it's not nice to call me fat? Or should I just realize in my own mind, that my particular body structure lends itself to being larger than your average Steamboat athlete? When I call my brother a "cheap ba$tard" does that make me insensitive to all people who tip under 15%?

We have reached a point in our society that everyone is a victim at all times. We need to pull ourselves out of this mentality and not show what we are incapable of, but, what we ARE capable of. Now excuse me I need to go look up diets.