Scott Glynn

metro Detroit

  • Gender: M
  • Hometown: metro Detroit
  • Location: Steamboat Springs
  • Occupation: Sales


Scott Glynn 5 years, 7 months ago

Am I understanding this correctly? City Council is potentially deciding if they should force a private organization to charge me a fee to give to another private organization regardless if I support their cause or not? How is this different that the youth baseball association asking city council to force a special field use fee to all students attending Routt County schools to subsidize their programs? If their cause is of such a great concern to the majority of the population, their staff/volunteers/board of directors would have enough energy and momentum to fundraise for their programs. Like all of the other worthy causes that are community supported, it takes an internal effort to educate and convince your populace that this is an endeavor worth supporting. Not a mandate by way of a "special fee" imposed on everyone.


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