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Scott Ford 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Mobile homes have long offered workforce housing

To add some context to the discussion, in Routt County about 7% of its population are living in mobile homes.

In some of our peer counties also facing housing challenges the percentage of population living in mobile homes is as follows: Eagle County; 13.3%; Gunnison; about 6%; Pitkin about 6%; Summit County it is about 2%;


Scott Ford 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Battle over controversial Steamboat Springs apartment project heads back to courts

Hi Scott W –

You are correct when it comes to ordinances. Ordinances must pass with at least 4 votes. However, Motions and/or Resolutions only require that a quorum has been established (4+ Council members). On Tuesday night Agenda Item #17 – was a Resolution.

Hope to see you at Coffee with Council Member(s) I host at 7:30am / Crawford Room in Centennial hall? Topic is water.


Scott Ford 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Our view: Steamboat’s middle class at risk

An often-used economic definition of Middle Class is those households earning between 66% and 200% of an area’s median Household Income. Is this a perfect definition? No, however, it is one that puts an empirical boundary encompassing “middle class” that can be applied to this community and others.

In the greater Steamboat Springs area in 2010 about 68% of the households fell within this range. Five years later in 2014 the percentage of households meeting the middle-class income definition had fallen to 59%.

Tomorrow I will try and do this math for other resort communities in Colorado for comparison purposes.


Scott Ford 5 months, 1 week ago on Yampa Street utility work will cause widespread Comcast outages in Steamboat Springs

Good Morning Corey –

I am pretty good with a lot of economic impact issues but calculating the cost of a cable/internet outage in the wee hours of the morning is well beyond my pay grade. If I remember correctly Steamboat lost Comcast internet service for a day+ a few years ago when a barn in Bailey, CO., burned. Go figure!


Scott Ford 6 months ago on City Council passes on proposed water plan for new neighborhoods in West Steamboat Springs

Good Morning Scott W –

Thanks for your contribution to last night’s meeting regarding approaches to water conservation.

As a point of clarification. When I refer to the Steamboat Springs area I am speaking of the Steamboat Springs CCD. Which would include the actual city of Steamboat as well as the surrounding sub-divisions of Steamboat II, Silver Spur, Heritage Park. Essentially the Steamboat CCD has the similar boundaries as the Steamboat Springs School District.

The population in the Steamboat Springs CCD is about 16,700. Routt County’s population is slightly over 23,000. About 73% of the County’s population lives within the Steamboat Springs CCD. The population within the Steamboat Springs City limits is about 12,500 or 54% of the County’s.

Chris - City Council has some work ahead of itself regarding this water issue. The challenge is making sure the citizens of Steamboat Springs are not placed in a position of significant financial risk and what risk exists can be migrated both near term and long term.


Scott Ford 7 months ago on Our view: On the right track

Hi Scott W. – To be clear this is not my data. I am only one data geek telling another data geek where I found “data-food”.

You propose an interesting question – why are the graduate outcomes measured for Boulder School Districts better than that of the Steamboat Springs School District? This is a question worth looking into.

One could hypothesize that the education attainment of the population in each of the respective communities could be a contributing factor. (No Dah!)

Census data does provide some insights in to this. In 2014 the grater Steamboat Springs area about 54% of the population had a bachelor degree or better. For the same period in the greater Boulder area it was 71%.

I am careful not to torture numbers beyond what they can tell us, however, education attainment in a community maybe a predictor of secondary education outcomes. (Anybody looking for a master’s degree thesis topic?)

The link below is to a report that I found on the CDE site. I like the way the report is organized with an emphasis on success indicators and key predictors from early childhood education through post-secondary. What I like about these indicators/predictors is that they are prioritized and for the most part can be objectively measured over time.

(Just curious – do others find the exchange Scott W., and I are having informative or – should we just take this exchange off-line?)


Scott Ford 7 months ago on Our view: On the right track

Hi Scott W. – There is a treasure trove of school district as it relates to the questions being discussed. College Bound Data – Steamboat Springs High School - In 2010, of the 154 graduates 75% were headed to college and 51% of the graduates were planning on attending a college in Colorado either public or private. (Display 154/75%/51%)

2011 = 163/72%/53% 2012 = 143/75%/49% 2013 = 137/69%/47% 2014 = 159/71%/42%

South Routt: 2010 = 27/48%/40% 2011 = 30/50%/47% 2012 = 26/58%/31% 2013 = 19/68%/47% 2014 = 18/67%/30%

Hayden: 2010 = 40/55%/35% 2011 = 40/58%/43% 2012 = 26/58%/42% 2013 = 33/46%/36% 2014 = 27%/52%/44%



Scott Ford 7 months ago on Our view: On the right track

Hi Scott W. – One would think that there would be some type of aggregation of remedial data somewhere. What is frustrating I recall seeing something a few years ago that showed specifically the Steamboat Springs School Dist. RE-2 and the percentage of students that needed some type of remedial assistance as they entered college. Too long ago to remember the context of when and where. That would be a valuable piece of data.

I may poke around later on the CDE site later. There is a lot of data stuff out there it just not easy to find.


Scott Ford 7 months ago on Our view: On the right track

Hi Scott W. – Do you have any stats about the percentage of students graduating from any one of the three high schools in Routt County that need remedial course work? Also remedial in what subject matter?