Scott Ford

Born in Denver

  • Gender: M
  • Hometown: Born in Denver
  • Location: Steamboat Springs
  • Occupation: Economic Developer


cindy constantine 5 years, 7 months ago

Hi Scot-Loved the Who tribute. FYI, I was having an especially hard day today with ski corp because Mike DeGroff left last week for---you guessed it--Squaw Valley. He was one of the few remaining good guys and a total worker bee. It will be expensive for ski corp to replace him because he was doing the job of 3 people.

Have a good weekend!! Cindy Constantine


rhys jones 4 years, 4 months ago

Hi Scott --

I am sorry to hear of your recent troubles with the city and YVDP; hopefully things will work out for the best. This is not related to that.

It is with reluctance and desperation that I contact you; Paul Hands suggested that I do that a couple of weeks ago, saying you helped with entrepreneurs at the college, but I cannot afford any seminars or classes. I need help marketing my software.

I have been in the development of this software for over 20 years, and I wrote every line of my current shingle -- -- from the underlying PHP and MySQL database, to the HTML and WordPress presentation, graphics, DNS, SEO -- everything, except some Javascript I utilize to populate some drop-down menus from file contents. The intent of this software is to assist insulation contractors in estimating primarily industrial, but also commercial projects. It is based on my late Dad's successful manual estimating system, and incorporates some key proprietary labor production rates, unique to the industry.

I don't sell software, per se, I lease it on an annual basis in a web-based system. I think this is the best way to protect my secret numbers from piracy. Pricing has been an issue of ongoing concern; too cheap and it is not taken seriously, free demos actually seem to dissuade people, a you-get-what-you-pay-for thing I think, if it's free it can't be worth much, and the constructiom market also bears in the matter. I have zero budget for marketing, the only trade magazine is prohibitive for advertising, and I rely on Google for the few contacts I do get.

Paul suggested you may have some suggestions for marketing, and I am all ears. I just awoke from a dream, tired from a day washing dishes at Hazie's. In this dream a nebulous "we" (you know how dreams are weird) had concocted a loose marketing and investment group, where the return was proportional to the contribution. Upon awakening I immediately dubbed this group the Corps of Recovery, a play on Lewis & Clark's expedition. I had just recently completed a book, "The Sign Talker" about the half-breed Indian they took along to communicate with the various tribes they met along the way, and probably the unsung hero behind the mission's success.

Anyway, I read that you're a data guy, and that's one thing my Estimator's Buddy is long on, data. Pus you've GOT to have more business acumen than I do; a salesman I am not, let alone a marketer.

Maybe you can come up with some ideas heretofore unconsidered, and I would be more than happy to split the pie with you. Please contact me if you find my idea or software the least bit interesting.

-- Rhys Jones 819-8735


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