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scott bideau 1 day, 21 hours ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

Wasn't BAP looking for a new HQ? Or maybe it was the police needing a temporary space. I can't recall exactly :)


scott bideau 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Winter airline program projected to be $1 million under cap

Unfortunately the LMD doesn't publish actual totals. But based on 2011/12 actuals of ~125,000, the reported decrease of 13% that next season (2012/13), and the 3% decrease referenced above for this season (2013/14), we're at ~105,000 available seats. That's pretty close to the ~90,000 number that the Yes 2 Air campaign claimed would cost our economy tens of millions of dollars. Certainly closer than the ~140,000 number they promised to be at by this season.

The Yes 2 Air campaign made a promise to the voters that is not being met. Locals pay about 50% of sale tax, so we've spent ~$1.2m in just over two years to not even maintain the status quo we had before the tax hike. Yes this is a complex issue, but the campaigners made it out to be a "sure thing" and never mentioned any caveats - so it's time to deliver.

And yes the LMD inherited some expectations they didn't set. But it's past time for them to come up with a plan that goes beyond a single year and shows the voters how the program can be stabilized to function on it's own when the sales tax expires.


scott bideau 1 month ago on Potential lies in targeting the 85 percent of air travelers who leave the Yampa Valley to catch a flight

I have suggested several times that either the county or LMD pay for an onsite mechanic. Seems that this fractional investment (compared to $2.5m in revenue guarantees) would be worthwhile.


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Looking at this Tuesday's council meeting, the agenda link from the website gives an error and the packet link loads a blank page. How's that for public notice?

Might I suggest staff verify all links after posting?

The city managed LMD has also gone into executive session without first describing the subject on the public notice and having not read the Colorado statute that provides for the session. Both are required by law. Check for agendas where executive session is only generically listed.


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Melanie - Assuming you are talking about this article:

The phrase "cancelled or delayed" is used, not just cancelled. Also, this was for flights in the first few weeks of February, not since Jan 1.

I get the stats from airport management each month and January was only a 5% cancellation rate (30 out of 578). And that's for any reason (including weather). Even at Republic's worst last summer I don't think their non-weather cancellation rate was 30%, but I will get the data and report back.