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scott bideau 22 hours, 44 minutes ago on Gene Cook: Great fishing demise

And I thought it was just my poor fishing skills! Glad to hear I just joined the party a few years too late :)


scott bideau 3 weeks ago on Parking consultant says Steamboat Springs doesn't have a 'big' downtown parking problem, but challenges remain

From the last article on this subject (

"In a previous parking study from several years ago, Steamboat's parking problem was defined as too many downtown employees taking up too many prime spaces. The studies showed as many as 1,800 of 2,800 spaces downtown were taken by employees, according to a recent review of a 2012 study by the Urban Land Institute."

Yet two years later it's only 10%:

"One of the most significant problems, he said, is the ongoing tendency of long-term parkers such as downtown employees who take up prime short-term parking spaces. He estimated these types of parkers were taking up about 10 percent of the parking spaces downtown."

So, either one of these studies was/is drastically inaccurate or we have moved the long term parkers elsewhere and back filled those spots in only 2 years - indicating significant growth and a huge problem on the horizon. I suspect it's the former (flawed data that nobody questions).

I wouldn't be surprised if moving the Police Station turns out to be the prescribed solution.


scott bideau 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Community members can weigh in on downtown parking at Tuesday night forum

"The studies showed as many as 1,800 of 2,800 spaces downtown were taken by employees, according to a recent review of a 2012 study by the Urban Land Institute."

I highly doubt this has changed much.

"... the problem boils down to a lack of enforcement in a city that only employs one person who is focused on parking enforcement."

The problem is also the solution. Hire more enforcement officers who generate their own salary through increased tickets.


scott bideau 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Our View: Service with a smile

Well said.

Restaurants need to keep in mind that around 60% of sales tax is generated by locals. Most want to at least occasionally eat out, with more and more higher income families wanting to do so more frequently. But unlike tourists, locals won't be fooled twice into paying good money for poor service.

You almost have to trip a waiter at E3 to get their attention. Many other restaurants provide such poor service that I would rather eat at home than eat out, even if someone else is picking up the tab!


scott bideau 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat City Council won't entertain police station ballot question

"We've done the research. We think it's a prudent expense."

My research has been to ask every police officer I see if they need a new police station. 100% of the respondents say "no."


scott bideau 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Outgoing Chamber exec saved 4th of July with a 'little help from his friends'

Tom has done a great job in an environment very resistant to change. Half of our businesses don't even understand their changing customer base. Tom does.

I have been a vocal critic of the LMD structure and air service tax, but remember that Tom inherited that plan from his predecessor. His job as CEO is to support the organization, and so he did. He couldn't change the structure once it was already set, so he did his job and promoted it - while still trying to make improvements after it passed. Many Chamber CEOs would have just stopped at the "passed" milestone and let it sink or swim, and then tried to sweep it under the rug if it sank. Tom was making air service a top priority, for locals and tourists.