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Ronald Famiglietti says...

So, I guess the question is, does the second amendment mean we have the right to bear the kind of arms that were available when it was written or the kind of arms that are available now? If, as some feel, I am supposed to be on equal terms with any attempt by be government to suppress me, shouldn't I be able to go to Elk River guns and buy a Grenade launcher? Or, for the impending North Korea strike, a scud might come in handy. Really, limiting the citizens to assault weapons that dump out only 900 rounds a minute is unconstitutional at that point. Seriously, who draws this line? How do we establish it?

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Ronald Famiglietti says...

So, is the intent of the 2nd amendment that we "bear arms" such as the arms that were present in that day when it was written or that are similar to the government that may well try to subdue us? If it is the later, then even being limited to having an assault weapon that dumps out 900 rounds a minute is limiting my rights, correct? If I am truly to be on the same level as my government, I should be able to go to Elk River Guns and buy a grenade launcher? Or for the inevitable North Korean strike, a scud might come in handy. How do we draw the line here?

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Ronald Famiglietti says...

To clarify some of the points above, and not contribute to more misinformation on the web:
1. Contemporary medical education puts a tremendous emphasis on developing a comprehensive understanding of biostatistics and being very critical of therapies including the use of medications and vaccines. This distinguishes allopathic physicians from other caregivers, ie, the need to prove a therapy is causing more benefit than harm before recommending the therapy. Most contemporary physicians disregard studies published by a pharmaceutical company, "big-pharma" (we hate them too.)
2. Hepatitis B in newborns does not come from heroin or sex, but from mothers, household members, and other children with Hepatitis B. It is much easier to become infected as a newborn than as an older child or adult, and has more serious consequences when contracted as a newborn. This is why the vaccination is recommended to newborns.

Ronald Famiglietti says...

I have been following this unbelievable story on my laptop while I, my wife and my son are visiting Deer Valley, Utah from our home in Steamboat Springs to use their absolutely fantastic bike trail system. The trails here are fabulous, fellow Steamboaters, you should come check them out. We are already planning our return trip.

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