Neil O'Keeffe

Neil O'Keeffe 3 months, 1 week ago on 180-unit condo development proposed south of Walgreens

"New developments like these are good for jobs and good for the community" really in what way please explain? As it appears we already have a glut of condos in an over saturated market of over developed Ski Town USA, this proposed development will do absolutely nothing for the affordable housing problem that is only getting worse. In case you haven't noticed we need more affordable rentals for seasonal workers and the working-poor residents of Routt County not more overpriced cookie cutter crap that only adds to the coffers of local realtors and absentee developers. Follow the money!😙


Neil O'Keeffe 3 months, 1 week ago on YVMC participates in program to reduce patient harms

"our system is biased toward over treatment, not under treatment." More precisely our system is biased toward OVERCHARGING. We don't have the best healthcare in the world we quite simply have the most expensive so we can pat ourselves on the back for that. Did anyone see the 60 Minutes segment a few weeks back regarding how Non-profit hospitals are gouging their patients with unjustifiably high rates for everything from aspirin to MRI's and how the non profit status is allowing them to make outrageous profits at the expense of our entire healthcare system? YVMC leads the way in over charging locals with or without insurance, how many of us with high deductibles find our way to Denver, Frisco and even Craig for procedures that are 2-3 times higher in Steamboat? Yes thank you YVMC for assuring that I and many other locals like me will never use your wonderful facility.

It won't be long before YVMC forms there own insurance company to give back to the locals and make our healthcare more accessible to all, at least that is what many of the much bigger non-profit hospitals are doing supposedly in the name of making healthcare more affordable which we really know is soley to maximize their profit margins. Thanks for all that you do YVMC, NON PROFIT MY A$$. Talk about Corporate Welfare.


Neil O'Keeffe 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Ken Collins: On Keystone pipeline

Simple and concise piece Ken. Some things truly are this simple, except when it comes to $$$. Now let the onslaught begin in 3,2,1...


Neil O'Keeffe 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Fallout from bus service cuts continues in Steamboat Springs

Scott, you are putting the cart ahead of the horse with regards to the budget cuts being necessary due to lack of drivers. The reverse is actually much closer to reality.