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Neil O'Keeffe 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Fallout from bus service cuts continues in Steamboat Springs

Scott, you are putting the cart ahead of the horse with regards to the budget cuts being necessary due to lack of drivers. The reverse is actually much closer to reality.


Neil O'Keeffe 4 weeks, 1 day ago on From bus service cuts to a new police station, take a look back at the Steamboat City Council's biggest decisions of 2014

Not to belabor the point Scott but your comment provides much food for thought; "Although I have not done the math in a while, a small segment of our population and/or visitors ride the City bus – but for those that do it is an important service." I for one would like to see the "math" on this as I think all will be quite surprised. And just why is this "small segment" taken for granted when an even much "smaller segment" of stake holders on Yampa Street seem to have the undivided attention of staff and council? Could it be because our city is solely reliant on sales tax for funding and city transit doesn't produce any of that? Well here is a surprise for all but those forward thinking types that already knew this, the city's bus system is one of our most visible city services and likely the one with the greatest lasting impression on that "small segment of our population and/or visitors" that believe it or not have a direct impact on our sales tax revenue.

I can only hope that when this "small segment of the population" show up on Tuesday to voice their concern and anger that the other council/staff will stand up as you have and take responsibility for their actions and more importantly assure us that money/tax revenue is not soley what drives your future decisions on city services. And in case you are wondering my birthday is not January 1st.


Neil O'Keeffe 1 month ago on From bus service cuts to a new police station, take a look back at the Steamboat City Council's biggest decisions of 2014

Thanks for your response Scott F but I actually expected the other Scott F to respond. Yours is a thorough and honest answer as always and I am grateful. I really don't think that anyone expected the council to "simply throw money at it to fix it" since that has not worked in the past and a more in depth analysis and solution was needed. So the obvious question should be; why would taking money out of Transit by shortening and changing routes have a better desired outcome? I realize that 20/20 hindsight is easy to come by but don't you think that council and city staff (with the exception of Sonja) should have sought a better thought out solution before they broke a system they were seeking a "quick fix" to?

"Council was assured by staff that the proposed changes could work but there would be challenges and some “tweaks” may need to be made as the schedule is implemented." Just where did "staff" gain their expertise from to give council such grandiose assurances?

Ultimately the buck stops with the elected city council and I can only hope that such impactful future decisions are made with a little more supportive background, deliberation and consideration of outcome.


Neil O'Keeffe 1 month ago on Future of Iron Horse Inn back on Steamboat City Council's agenda

Very curious, it is likely that the Shearton is making far more renting to their employees than the $18k a month they are paying the city. I was recently told by one Sheraton seasonal employees who is staying at the Iron Horse that he is paying $1,000 a month for the privelege. Just how many employees does the Sheraton have there? It appears that the city of Steamboat Springs and its tax payers are subsidizing more corporate profits for the Sheraton. Maybe the city would have had more success attracting seasonal workers/bus drivers if they were offering discounted housing as part of the hiring package much like Roaring Fork Transit Authority. Oh well, that would make too much sense I suppose. Hoping for a sizable public turnout for Tuesday's City Council meeting. Happy New Year!


Neil O'Keeffe 1 month ago on The recruiting line: Transit agencies on Western Slope struggle to hire seasonal bus drivers

Lots of factors here for sure, but I don't know of a single person that just started smoking marijuana because of the change in Colorado laws. The random drug screening for CDL drivers has always been something drivers are subject to so I see little if any impact now. Notice that Crested Butte Ski area contributes to their transit funding, why can't something similar happen here with Ski Corp and other businesses whose employees rely on the service. Ski areas perpetually experience a boom and bust cycle not to mention the current volatility and vulnerability of our national economy also being a factor, this is nothing new so blaming in on the economic upturn is also myopic at best. Without a reliable funding source to address these many factors nothing will change and the challenges the city now faces are only destined to repeat themselves or as Yogi Berra once quipped "De Ja Vu all over again."