Neil O'Keeffe


Karl Koehler 3 years, 2 months ago

Really Neil you can and should do this yourself but if you insist...

Google "world coal reserves"

I chose the 2nd link because it had what looked like an easy to understand pie chart:

Clicked on it to see "The United States leads the world with over 260 billion short tons of recoverable coal reserves—28% of total global reserves and 50% more than Russia, which possesses the world's second largest reserves. Despite significant U.S. coal production since the industrial revolution, recoverable domestic coal reserves at current mining levels would last 222 years."

I think your reference said something like 890 million tons left estimated to last 118 years but I'm not going to go and check again because, well, just because. I'll leave it to you to contemplate all the different ways the BBC article information on coal reserves was incorrect. Hopefully the next time you see an article in the BBC you'll be a little less inclined to take it at face value.


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