rogue_theory 9 years, 1 month ago on Season ends with a splash

I love the irony. The mountain closes early because the last week in April is generally only locals on the hill, thus the dollars at the ticket window and for concessions are not worth staying open for, financially. We all know the conditions, on the other hand, were certainly worth staying open for.

However, being able to advertise an over 500" season would have brought the area quite a bit more revenue for seasons to come....few Colorado resorts can boast every receiving over 500" in a single season. The hype would have been can't PAY for that type of advertising!

After all, your business IS your Marketing.



rogue_theory 9 years, 7 months ago on gets a new look


didn't even see the new comment corduray!!



Like windows or Osx or linux...

and yes, you can install Apache and php on ALL of them.


rogue_theory 9 years, 7 months ago on gets a new look

corduroy & wzstfu, do you really "Love blowing people's minds with the techno babble :)?"

i think it is your mind that is blown...your comments make it quite obvious how little you know about web-technologies.

Where on any page of do you see a .php? Yah, nowhere, because the site is written in python.

I love this quote too... "Lets change some PHP and CSS and make a "new" site :)" Isn't this EXACTLY how websites are made? (at least the ones not developed with .ASP or .JSP or Ruby, Coldfusion, PYTHON or any number of other web technologies).

The bottom line is the new look of the site is phenomenal. The layout is far more intuitive than it was before and yes, some new 'bling' was also added.

Can't you webtrolls EVER say anything nice and give credit where credit is deserved?....i swear, the comments on this site are worse than daytime t.v.

I got some advice...the next time you wanna play know-it-all, have a clue what you are talking about...mmmmkay?


rogue_theory 9 years, 11 months ago on Explosion kills 2 teens

I think the real problem with underage drinking is the fact that teenagers will ALWAYS want to drink and party and we force them out into the woods to do it. Parents are not the problem...that is why the kids weren't at home. They likely had to HIDE their intentions from their parents, resulting in them drinking in a dangerous environment, rather than at a supervised home, with loving parents.

Making kids wait until the last year of college before they can legally have a drink is ludacris, in my opinion. Kids should be introduced to alchohol well before they are sent off to college, perhaps even in high school, as this tragedy suggests. How many kids per year die during their first year of college as a result of alcohol poisoning?

So another tragedy has occured...let's really hunker down and think what we can do to STOP underage drinking and drug use. HARSHER laws is clearly the answer. The drinking age should be raised and parents who provide alcohol for their kids should be JAILED for a LONG, LONG time.

I'm sure the above answer is what a lot of people are thinking, but ironically, it seems to only indirectly encourage more tragadies like this one. Teenagers are rebellious by nature, thats just part of being a teenager. There is no way to stop them from drinking and using drugs, unfortunately. 20+ years of unsuccessful "Just say no" campaigns proves this point. Furthermore, by punishing adults we remove the parents ability to legally provide a "safe place" for kids to learn about substance use, first hand. Adults are imediately called "bad parents" for even thinking about having a party where their kids can safely drink - as a result, kids go elsewhere to do "bad" things...and occationally, they don't come home for it.

I'm sorry. I feel terrible for all involved both directly and indirectly...but the real problem is our LAWS taking away a parent's ability to parent.