prayforsnow 8 years, 10 months ago on Jack Trautman: Not about stripes

My question is... if the bikers really feel nervous when they hear a car approaching behind them, why do they still ride two, three, four bikers across?


prayforsnow 9 years, 1 month ago on Intrawest unveils new season pass prices

I know to some people, $30 seems like nothing. A lot of people in this town think a season pass is not very much money at all either. The fact is, every year more and more people get driven out of town by the crowds of people coming in with more money. The ones leaving came here because they loved it here, but left because prices drove them away. That doesn't mean they love Steamboat any less, or don't appreciate the mountian.

Yeah, I'll shell out the $30. A lot of my friends will too. But the fact is we aren't the ones who came here with lots of money in our pockets, or with the idea of making lots of money. We came here to have fun. Sadly, in the years to come, most of my friends will be gone because rent and everything went up so much they barely had enough to eat or drink.

And no, I won't complain about paying the extra money, because I love this place, and I didn't come here to try to make money off of real estate or tourists. I came here to LIVE. I love it here, and everybody else commenting here does too, but that doesn't mean that every increase in price is easy to take.


prayforsnow 9 years, 2 months ago on Gondola options weighed

SilverSpoon... I hadn't heard about the knoll lot going to paid parking. Is that official?


prayforsnow 9 years, 2 months ago on Our View: Don't be the next victim

Yeah I am one of the idiots as well. I figured I'd always know where my card was if it was in my wallet with my id. I had never heard until now that it is bad to carry it in the wallet. I'm taking it out right now and will tell friends and family to do the same.


prayforsnow 9 years, 2 months ago on Bank feels 'betrayed'

Only five customers had money taken? I wish I had enough money in my account for that much to be taken and still not get noticed! Hopefully this will make people check their statements and accounts regularly for suspicious activity.

I don't know anything about the investigation, but if they were charged with forgery as well, my guess is they were filling out withdrawal forms under somebody else's name. Everything would balance out at the end of the day still, which would explain why the bank never noticed anything suspicious.

Anybody else have a guess as to how they did it?


prayforsnow 9 years, 3 months ago on Susan Ogden: Issue with Pilot

I agree with sbvor... this letter is much more obvious than the weekly jail report and is just drawing attention to the issues which she did not want attention for. Does everybody in the whole town read the jail report section? It doesn't sound like her reputation was really damaged, but now more people in town know about this incident.

Dogdog... Please tell me how B4U was being "pompous" and "vicious." And also please do tell us all how this letter is an example of "grace" and "class." It sounds like she, too, has had a laugh at others in the Record or Jail Report, but now is upset because she is on the other end of the stick. Is that the definition of class?