paul h draper

paul h draper 8 years, 7 months ago on County's oldest native dies at 98

Mr. Sandelin was a man of honor and pride who loved the Lord and his country. He taught me many things of which I will be forever grateful....


paul h draper 8 years, 7 months ago on Rob Douglas: 'We're going to have to cut things'

I agree with Fred on Wendy. We discount the local folks cause they aren't from somewhere else. She can do the job better than anyone we haven't met yet....

Try asking nicely.

Our community needs strong leadership on every front. Government needs to constrict to be in balence with the revenue stream.

Fred, i think of you more as our community conscience. I don't always agree with you, but you are always right on.

I appreciate your willingness to get out there and be a leader.


paul h draper 8 years, 7 months ago on Mesa State's King sets up for success

I have had the honor of coaching three King young ladies in basketball. Finer young ladies I have not known. Each unique and each exceptionally talented, with a competitive fire that burns red hot....

Go get 'em Tara.....


paul h draper 8 years, 7 months ago on 'Wonderful' Rice passes away

Fine lady. Kit was a great asset to our youth recreation program. She will be truly missed...


paul h draper 8 years, 10 months ago on Crew bungles road striping

Directions on the layout was provided to the stripe contractor both written and orally. I met with the crew onsite Wednesday and reviewed the work to be done and stayed with them in an effort to make sure the work was done correctly. I knew an error was likely as the one road, CR #36, had 10 foot lanes on one part, and 9 foot on the other. Amethyst was striped correctly Wednesday, and then the spray rig broke down. I stayed around but it was clear the rig was done for a while so I left. On Monday, the direction was for them to call me when they got ready to stripe. They did but left a message and began work. When they started on the shelf road they were to leave the 9 foot lanes in place, so retrace the existing stripe. This they did correctly, but when they got down to Amethyst they should have switched over to the 10 foot lanes to match what was striped Wednesday, but they did not. When it became apparent that they had striped the wrong line there was no way I was not going to stripe the correct line as directed by the BCC, Nancy would have had my head, and still may.

The road does NOT get chip sealed this summer. Never has the Board of Commissioners or the public taken such interest in the lane widths of one small portion of county road. The irony of the error is that clearly we see demonstrated graphically what we have been discussing the last few weeks.

The nature of working for the public is that when an error is made, it is likely to end up on the front page as this one did. Its a tough neighborhood.

I apologize that we have even had to have this discussion.