peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Rob Douglas: Practicing gutter politics

It would be of enlightening revelation for a comparison of ALL Routt County Elected Officials, and the time they do or do not spend doing the job they are paid well to do and elected to be compelled

. It would not surprise me a bit to find a Bernie Madoff type mentality, of other elected officials were their time in office be compared to their time away from official business.

Wall is most likely an exception. Police like teachers can never have enough assistance while someone else in charge of the mighty dollar may clearly have other economic agenda's and motivations. It often makes little difference which way monies flow, as there is always someone else to make monies on whatever direction that money flows.

Rob Ryg rightly reserves privacy for money matters as pertaining to the county. This is his right and choice. Just like the Sheriff.


peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Felony drug charges filed against Jensens

In the navy they no doubt told you to wash your hands after using the bathroom...others just dont pee on their hands.

The alchohol vs marijuana myth continues to be a lullabye to popeye.

No one in possesion of a medical marijuana permit wants to have the disease and symptoms which pot alleviates. Most have tried the pharmacutical alternatives that you and your lovely wife are still using. They change to pot for many reasons, costs mainly (guessing), safety, and efficacy.

I have yet to read of one instance of anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana. Popeye Keep your pharmacuticals, I suggest Xanax prior to posting for you, but throw the pills out that make you feel smart. Those are not working.


peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Felony drug charges filed against Jensens

Dont the "Authorities" have an obligation to keep that information private? You are correct about HIPAA. That is mostly for insurance, or as I say money.


peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Felony drug charges filed against Jensens

Colorado's medical marijuana constitutional ammendment makes it clear that a doctor can not "prescribe" marijuana, they can however, recomend its use to allieviate symptoms of only a handful of medical conditions. Here is a link to the states website:

Marinol contains synthetic THC. That is only one type of cannabanoid out of the many types that are in the plant.

It is supposedly a confidential registry however this paper has published the names of at least 3 people who are out of the 17 people listed as patients, which IMO is a violation of HIPPA laws and Amendment 20 itself. I wonder when the pilot will publish the other names?


peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Residents protest taxes, government spending during downtown rally

Were I not such an evolved person I might say that seeuski seems to be learning all kinds of things from the internets and no doubt subscribes to most of the newsletters available from the right wing, white old men. An original thought might be nice but cannot be expected from a cut and pester. (sic) Good for him for trying.

Elections, as with wars, will no longer be won by just having the same old GOP base. Aged Anglo Saxon men in funny hats are not enough people to win an election let alone a war. The ever-growing population of the young or Asian or Hispanic or any other ever-expanding minority base with an interest in voting, and a history of doing so has rendered the GOP as low voiced eunuchs. They are currently stooping to sling mud, and jump to ridiculous assumption. KISS

Mathew is a quick wit and contributes thoughtful discourse. I disagree sometimes but not with so much vitriol. Why so much hate everywhere? This world needs a reminder in Grace in all its definitions.


peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Local Taxpayer Tea Party is today

Mr. Duckles- While I do not doubt that any of the tea baggers would be welcomed in your foxhole (I am sure you can see the irony of FOX in the metaphor), and I would gladly dig one with you if ever needed to protect the rights the tea baggers to rally and speak their minds.

Your taking offense to my words does not surprise me but oddly enough, your offense offends me. Were those same foxholes not there for my protections also?

However, you have given me a new moniker to quickly assess and characterize the ignorant follies (no fault of there own), of haters and flamers, who spew FOX talking points. Foxholes.

Simply put people who are bigoted offend me, and I am not saying you are, as I do not know you. It is sad that people are so easily offended by words. Something's will never change. As Huckabee, (or was it governor Patterson) who said last night, "if your not having your butt kicked:..your not out in front.. (Paraphrased) We are all in for lots of exciting challenges.

God bless you and America!


peace 6 years, 9 months ago on Residents protest taxes, government spending during downtown rally

Now there is some good common sense and sommentary from seeuski. Kudo. I still believe most of these teabaggers are the biggots that hate the fact a black man is in the whitehouse. But we as Americans have even elected a KKK to some level of government. See David Duke.

The other part me remembers protests where police started clubbing photographers.

So much hate every where saddens me. And I am anti-anti. I think.

If Texas seceeds, they aught to be careful. America has a recent history of invading oil rich countries.


peace 6 years, 10 months ago on Taxpayer Tea Party

Freerider it is a Republic we live in not a is sort of a noun vs verb thing...FYI..

But I have been wrong before.


peace 6 years, 10 months ago on Local Taxpayer Tea Party is today

As much as FOX promoted these tea-baggers all over our country, it saddens me that there are so many Limbaughesk attitudes in my little town. Most of these tea baggers are nothing but anti:anti tax, anti this or anti that. It hides the fact that beneath it all is the underlying undeniable notion that people are pissed a black man is in the Whitehouse. Shame they hide their bigoted spirit and wrap it in an American flag. Bigotry in Steamboat is visible on tax day at the courthouse. Get a rope.

. The right wing branch should have been more vigilant in making sure that black people were in frame and on camera. These arguments will never end, but my part of it will. Lemming parties with tea:sheesh..