outwiththeold 6 years, 11 months ago on Haymaker opens driving range

housepoor you must be one of those people that complain about everything wrong with the course. I don't work at the course but i play with you sour old hacks. Its funny some of the things you guys bring up every year. You buy your pass to the city course and 75 percent of you act like its your country club. They should have got rid of the pass all together. 1000 bucks for unlimited golf! that is the steal of the century. Haymaker is one of the nicest city courses in the state. And to say the pro discourages practice. Hanks gone obviously for a reason. If its to much money don't play, golf is an expensive sport. I could go on all day about you whinny hacks. Go play some where else, across the street probably would fit your needs. You early tee timers quit complaining! OH AND LEARN TO GOLF FIRST, attitude second. GOOD LUCK GOLF SHOP AND THE GUYS THAT MAKE IT LOOK GOOD! A-team


outwiththeold 6 years, 11 months ago on 3 Steamboat Free Summer Concerts Series acts set

Not hating john! A lot of us agree that we have same old jam bands every year. Mofro is good but who else. It seems you guys are catering to your music tastes. We are willing to pay more for beer for better music. In my six years in steamboat I have seen the same bands over again. What can we do to change this? Since we don't have a good music venue anymore we need to step up the free concerts. How can we help?