nthasteamer 7 years, 10 months ago on Stanford: Ann Coulter can't say that, can she?


Didn't mean to bust on South Park techdubb, I've seen tons of episodes and laughed at all of them. They're definitely clever and entertaining but they often use "shocking" material akin to 14-year-olds' humor and I've always seen this as a crutch to get laughs. This is the parallel I was trying to draw with Ann Coulter...she wouldn't have nearly as big an audience if she didn't partially rely on being offensive/shocking.

You're right in that I shouldn't have inferred that SP was devoid of intelligence but don't get too carried away with the cultural issues bs. Like you said, it's entertainment.


nthasteamer 7 years, 11 months ago on Stanford: Ann Coulter can't say that, can she?

Ann Coulter never really offends me, I just think she's ignorant and waste of space in the paper. She's made her way the same way Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Andrew Dice Clay, and the dudes that write South Park have in that she doesn't have enough talent or intelligence to write or say anything clever or insightful so she's built her career on trying to be as offensive and controversial as possible because she knows it will always sell. I don't think she even means half of what she says so why keep her column going?