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walt jones 1 week ago on Same plane declares another emergency landing

Not to get technical but CRJ-700 have thrust reversers (TR) and both times this plane has landed the pilot was never in great danger of over running the runway if he applied the said TR. Not sure why this is a story nobody was ever in danger. Coming in hot to land isnt a fear in any turbine engine.


walt jones 4 weeks ago on Beaver Creek fire victories outweigh destruction

Sure sounds like we don't need any fire restrictions based on what you read in this article. Sounds like everthing is fine in the Routt National forest and $15 million dollars to date is no big deal. Hell why don't we get a few more fires going.. oh wait the conditions arent right for any fire to grow large. The beer goggles people wear in the name of tourism. Amazing.


walt jones 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Criteria not met for fire restrictions in Routt County

What a farce...all to allow tourism not to be impacted during the summer...let's see resources are spread thin due to other fires in the area, no rain in forecast and hot temps forecasted for foreseeable future. Yea sounds like no need to implement any fire restrictions. Let a fire or so start nearby and then be strapped to fight it before restricting anything. I love reactive instead of proactive approaches people have.


walt jones 1 month, 1 week ago on Central Park Drive to reopen Friday

Awful decision to make it a one lane road from CPP to Mt Werner Rd and then add a tiny left turn lane just before taco bell. OH thats right that allows a bike lane! Who cares about the volume of cars that will flowing through there as long as the bikes can.

A side note...the aerial pic is a nice view. Must have been early morning since there are never that few cars in the parking lot.


walt jones 2 months ago on Beaver Creek fire northwest of Walden now 5,400 acres

SB Today, you might want to update this story more frequently since the fire is just a touch below 10,000 acres now and with over 500 firefighters the city has plenty of them filling hotels.


walt jones 2 months ago on Fire rages over Divide

Let er burn! Of course save the homes if possible but this is natures way of renewing the land.


walt jones 2 months, 1 week ago on Mustangs headed to Steamboat

Ah once again the only way thru town gets blocked off and this year everything is directed onto oak. Such geniuses or wait is it called bending over for the tourist. When Lincoln was being redone a few years back and all the Fords were put in the Meadows and elsewhere things were much calmer. Even with the downtown road torn up traffic and congestion of people wasnt as bad as this who has the better car show. As I mention yearly when will this city figure out its too big and 40 has too much coast to coast travelers to shut it down for these such events. Why do they keep approving bigger projects in town if they think its still a small town??