walt jones

walt jones 1 month ago on Howelsen Hill landslide damages chairlift, Alpine slide

Very true Scott but as you can imagine Deb is saying..."expects to be costly" so when a more temporary solution is found she can say she is saving the so much money for the city.


walt jones 1 month ago on Pro Challenge routes announced

While that is very true Scott, you know its all about the "show" and getting as many people to watch ie. spend money in town and less about racing.


walt jones 1 month, 1 week ago on Water restrictions begin May 1

Ahhh...thanks for doing this early on...I mentioned this the other day on here based on the wildfire article. I see no need for every lawn to look like the Masters in Augusta here. Thank you Jay.


walt jones 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Officials prepare for wildfire season

I wish Mt Werner Water and the other districts would implement water restriction by may. I cant see how its imperative that every condo property in steamboat needs to look like a golf course. Everything is on pace to be just like the summer of 2012


walt jones 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Emails reveal more about city's response to police misconduct accusations

Ken...I completely agree. I have been commenting critically of her since she was selected as City Manager in these sections. Scott W. I think can recall all the issues over the past few years of Hinsvark ability to lead the city. I could look through my postings and create a list of them. The problem being is this City Council is who selected her as their savior from Jon Roberts except for Scott Ford and Tony Connell. Sonja M. seems to be critical of Hinsvark now very much which is great. So if the 3 members can apply more heat on Hinsvark maybe we will see a resignation or firing. Well maybe not a resignation Deb would never aacknowledge that!!!


walt jones 5 months ago on The Record for Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014

1:00pm--the things people call the cops for, wow! Glad to see my tax dollars being used well.