walt jones

walt jones 2 weeks ago on Officer Kristin Bantle put on paid leave

When will Deb be put on administrative leave so the city can return to normal functioning?


walt jones 2 weeks ago on Sheriff, deputy raised concerns about Steamboat school resource officer

Two different agencies Greg.

This political correctness anymore is asinine. God for bid someone say anything of the straight and narrow and be subject to the wrath.


walt jones 2 weeks ago on Busy weekend awaits for USA Pro Challenge

Yea a great weekend to get out of this town. What a chaotic weekend and start of a week that will be.


walt jones 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Runway workers moving 'heaven and earth' 24 hours a day at Yampa Valley Airport

Not like Republic will be the first to lay rubber on the virgin asphalt since they will probably cancel the first few flights due to "maintenance issues" like the pavement is too good for their aircraft!!


walt jones 2 months ago on Howelsen Hill landslide damages chairlift, Alpine slide

Very true Scott but as you can imagine Deb is saying..."expects to be costly" so when a more temporary solution is found she can say she is saving the so much money for the city.


walt jones 2 months ago on Pro Challenge routes announced

While that is very true Scott, you know its all about the "show" and getting as many people to watch ie. spend money in town and less about racing.