walt jones

walt jones 1 day, 20 hours ago on Driving to the Front Range? Construction projects make planning ahead important

What a bunch of idiots at cdot. You don't put 2 projects on major access roads at the same time during peak season. Go head a charge a toll now for 131 to 70 and tear up rabbit ears pass for freeze thaw repair and piss off everyone why dont you. Wait is Deb Hinsvark involved with this as well!!!


walt jones 1 week ago on City of Steamboat Springs releases police investigation community summary

Peter You are exactly right. I have commented since Deb was Finance Manager that she will go rogue if she becomes city manager and she has no ability to run a city. Scott W has given many concrete examples of this over the past several years. Even looking at the picture above of her makes me think she is going to force the doctor who dealt with her arm to leave town! !


walt jones 3 weeks, 1 day ago on CenturyLink reports telephone outages in Steamboat Springs, Yampa and Oak Creek

While yes I agree there should be backup systems for technical outages, blame these clowns who wanted hwy 9 to be interstate like. And contractors who cut it.