Molly Waters

Molly Waters 7 months, 2 weeks ago on Michael Turner: Not seeing the signs

I would also recommend that every city council member ride the city bus. Especially during the summer schedule when everyone is packed into the last bus from downtown to the mountain area. It is standing room only, loud and usually quite a drunken scene. As well, it would be nice if the last bus left downtown later than 11:44pm. The bars are open until 2am, so everyone who wants to stay out later than 11:44 must find a different way home. It stands to reason that a lot of those people probably choose to drive.


Molly Waters 7 months, 2 weeks ago on Tom Ross: Steamboat gaining traction as Dog Town USA

"This town loves dogs so much there is just a single pooch in residence in the animal shelter on Critter Court right now."

I don't agree with this statement and here is why. First of all, the number of dogs in the shelter reflects the fact that the shelter does not accept dogs from other high-kill shelters or other counties. With one dog available for adoption, we have approximately 20 open kennels. The citizens of this county, who pay for the shelter, could choose to allow dogs from high-kill shelters to come to our shelter and be available for adoption. Second, if this town (aka the City of Steamboat Springs) REALLY loved dogs, they would open their doors to the public on Friday afternoons. People could get their dogs "out of jail", take dogs for walks, socialize cats and see animals who are adoptable or lost. However, even with the staff hours restored post-furlough, the staff has chosen not to open their doors to the public on Fridays. Third, If this City cared so much about dogs, they would adequately staff the shelter so that the Routt County Humane Society doesn't have to staff the shelter with VOLUNTEERS, just to keep the shelter open to the public. What other City building relies on volunteers just to be open to the public? Fourth, the City would pay for veterinary care for the animals in the shelter. The City chooses not to pay for vet care for our sheltered animals. So, charities such as the Routt County Humane Society and The Animal Assistance League are saddled with paying for the care that these animals need. Medical care is given to EVERY animal who is adopted out of the shelter. I do not wish to disrespect the STAFF at the shelter. I want our community to know how little our TOWN does for our homeless animals.