morebuns 9 years, 8 months ago on Rail spur comments coming

According to Xcel Energy, following years of work, the only option left to ensure coal deliveries to the Hayden Station is the rail spur between existing rail lines and the station. A "fly in the ointment" appears to be the Nature Conservancy-owned Carpenter Ranch. The fact that the station currently requires 5,000 tons/day of coal suggests that at the point the Twentymile mine dries up, projected for 2011, this coal will have to be brought in from the West. I question whether the wildlife at the Carpenter Ranch will be better off with one train-load of coal per day (i.e., 50 cars, 100 tons apiece) traversing the ranch easement or 50 diesel 100-ton trucks eastbound to the station and then returning on Highway 40 past the ranch. To me, the answer is obvious!


morebuns 10 years, 1 month ago on A clock and a hard place

Hmmmm, a million or so extra for a tennis "bubble" that will eventually have to be replaced is OK; however, an extra million in order to replace the community center for our seniors and veterans is "ridiculous" according to one member of our City Council . . . I wonder if he plays tennis!!$@#$$%