mirwin3 8 years, 3 months ago on Bill and Patrick Rooney died Sunday in plane crash near YVRA

I just want to say that my deepest condolences go out to the family of these first class guys. I became good friends with Pat in recent years playing softball together and knew Bill through our shared passion for aviation. We both learned to fly with the same great instructor, Jeff Baker.

As a pilot myself, I also wanted to confirm Sean's comments on the media's exaggeration with the weather. From time to time, I would see Bill down at Chino Airport since their hangar is next to ours and he had offered multiple times to let us use his office which he had turned into a weather station to use before flights. This is a great tool for a pilot in making judgments on when to fly and when not to. This gave me an impression of Bill being a very cautious and informed pilot. So I am certain Bill took full advantage of all the information available to him before the flight. He was trained and rated to fly in those conditions, and had done so many times before I'm sure.

Debi, Sean, Colin, and Erynn May you find peace in the memories of these great men you hold in your hearts.