Tracy Barnett

Tracy Barnett 1 month ago on County approves rural Hayden bed and breakfast

I applaud this decision to allow the Wattles to use their land in this manner, to be able to share their love of the land and their agricultural practices with guests who want an experience removed from the hustle and bustle of our micro-urban lifestyle. This is rural Colorado. We have unique experiences to share. Ranching/farming is an admirable but not necessarily monetarily rewarding lifestyle for those who choose it, and we should support this value-added use of their land, as well as the education they can provide while preserving an endangered lifestyle in this part of the country.


Tracy Barnett 1 month, 2 weeks ago on City of Steamboat Springs poised to end 2014 with surpluses in sales and lodging tax revenue

While I know the lodging tax was created to help fund amenities that would attract guests to our community, wouldn't it make sense to consider using whatever lodging tax is collected above the projected amount for additional summer marketing, bringing Steamboat closer to the huge war chests other communities have for this purpose? Just sticking that money in a rainy day fund doesn't bring guests here at all.


Tracy Barnett 4 months ago on Phoenix the dragon makes Halloween appearance

I think there a lot of people personally invested (emotionally) in this dragon. This is not Telluride's dragon, or Burning Man's dragon, but Steamboat's dragon. We can't get enough of him. Sorry to see Spike go to Los Angeles, but Phoenix is more of a Steamboat kid, acclimated to the weather (and able to collapse to go in a garage). Love live "our" dragon.


Tracy Barnett 1 year ago on Joel Reichenberger: On home turf in Sochi

I, for one, am really glad the Steamboat Pilot and Today chose to send two reporters from Steamboat to the Olympics. In a normal Olympic year I would have been happy to hear the results on the radio and see the highlights on TV, but with two of "our own", I couldn't wait to read their observations, see the pictures, learn the twists of what it was like each day to be in Sochi. It was like I was there with them. Thanks to Joel and Luke for great stories, an insider's view, and really knowing what you were talking about. And the best part is, besides being the assignment of a lifetime for a small town reporter, you will remember this trip and know that you did it better than any of those big city reporters could have done for the readers here in Steamboat.


Tracy Barnett 1 year, 2 months ago on Empty TIC campus eyed as potential hub for local food producers

Scott, As usual, your comments are unproductive. What is your idea for that property? Any? While the idea is a suggested use for that parcel, the idea is not necessarily a bad one. True, this is a prime location. Maybe its not the right location, but the idea of a food hub is not a bad one. Maybe a portion of the property could be used in this way. There is a lot of local food available here in the valley (and the county). It is important to know where your food comes from. If this isn't the place for it, where is? We need a local meat processing plant. We have producers who could produce more given the right facilities.

The point here is that there are people out there trying to produce healthy products that are sustainable. Rather than criticize, as you usually do, what do you suggest to make local products more available here and beyond? Casey is at least trying to make a difference. What are you doing to benefit the community other than bringing up the negative?


Tracy Barnett 1 year, 11 months ago on Grand jury seated for Routt, Moffat and Grand counties

Just to set the record straight, there WAS a grand jury before in the 14th judicial district. I sat on that grand jury for an entire year in 1978. Although none of the cases that were brought to us were ever tried, it was an interesting year, for sure. Tim Oliphant was brought to town to be the "prosecutor" or, at least the one who presented the cases to us for the county. We heard big cases like police brutality for nude bathing at the hot springs and others. (Note tongue in cheek here). We met once a week for an entire year.


Tracy Barnett 2 years ago on 'The Vagina Monologues' to mark revival of historic Steamboat theater

Tamara has worked incredibly hard over the past two and a half months to transform the old Chief Plaza Theater in the new Chief Theater (note that Plaza has been removed). She and a very small team of volunteers have painted the whole place, transformed one of the small theaters into the Black Box Lounge, and cleaned up the other small theater which will remain a theater. This event will be awesome in this venue.


Tracy Barnett 2 years, 6 months ago on Our View: Lifestyle economy a worthy investment

Oak Street is also included in the revitalization plan, just not yet. Check the Streetscape plan from 2009. Baby steps. The businesses on Oak Street, being more service oriented, and unless the mix changes, will not contribute to the sales tax base the way Yampa Street can. All in due time. That doesn't mean we should ignore Oak Street. It is an essential part of the mix.


Tracy Barnett 2 years, 7 months ago on A Dog's Eye View: How far we’ve come in 50 years

Good article. Personal experience is the best teacher. Bing may not have been perfect, but he taught the author there are other ways to address the problem, which she apparently pursued, since she is a professional dog trainer. Her line about there are no bad dogs, only dogs brought up badly is very insightful. Thank you, Bing.