Tracy Barnett


Tracy Barnett 6 years, 6 months ago

Off leash dog parks exist in many cities across the nation. The few that I have seen in Denver include a large fenced area for dogs to run, play frisbee and interact with other dogs. Huge signs are posted to explain the rules and responsibilities of the dog owners when using the park (pick up waste, be responsible for their dog's interactions with other dogs, etc). Liabilities are also stated. A similar program could be implemented here in Steamboat. Come on, folks. We don't have to reinvent the wheel here. Sure, running free in an open field or along a creek is much more fun, but those parks may also be used by non-dog-lovers not expecting to encounter dogs. By having a fenced area large enough for true exercise, dogs get much needed exercise and the general public is not subjected to dogs unless they want to be. Just a thought....


Tracy Barnett 6 years, 5 months ago

Lisa is right on the money concerning customer service in this town, and, in my opinion, poor customer service is meted not only to guests, and "new locals" but to everyone equally. I believe I may know the store Lisa's daughter was not acknowledged in, because NO ONE is acknowledged in the one I am thinking of. No one likes to be ignored, even if they are just kicking tires, as Lisa says. Most of the stores are extremely friendly and helpful, but there are a few that can ruin it for the many. And, of course, it is the rude ones we remember.


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