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maynard short 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Routt County reaches settlement with owner of Oak Creek property that has too many junk vehicles

Apparently Commissioner Monger is starting to pay attention to his Legacy. It will be nice to have a "clean" canyon to look at when Commissioner Monger retires. I do hope he pays attention to the piles and piles of creosote coated railroad ties. Congratulations ! !


maynard short 3 months, 1 week ago on Ken Collins: Opportunity lost

Ken, I strongly suggest you take a break from writing letters to the editor. Say the entire Trump Administration. It is only 8 yrs and then, I promise that we will have a female president. So just chill out for a little bit.


maynard short 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Erin Biggs: Our hearts are full

The pipeline is NOT on the reservation grounds. The entire route has been walked by a certified Archaeologist. Over 400 changes have been made to adapt to the specific issue. There are not sacred burial grounds involved and no serious water issues. The entire fiasco is most likely set up by a few tribal lawyers who are trying to exploit money from the O&G Companies. It is however a great flag to rally around for the left wing crazies.


maynard short 4 months ago on Routt County construction industry hits biggest permit valuation in 7 years: $96.5 million

Tom Ross apparently missed the Unbelievable Growth of the Marijuana Industrial Park in Oak Creek. Or is it a taboo subject that should be talked about quietly. Perhaps as a sequel to this article Mr. Ross can grab his cameraman and head for Pot Gulch (Oak Creek) and highlight the millions of dollars of construction of the huge Marijuana Growth Factories.


maynard short 4 months ago on Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

Where did you get the idea that the Dept of Energy developed fracking? I spent a lot of time in the O & G business, and my history says that fracking is a patented process by Haliburton from 1949. An initial trial happened in 1947 by Stanolind Oil Co in the Hugoton gas field in Kansas, but it was a failure.


maynard short 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Given the area’s problems with opioid abuse, do you think the Routt County Sheriff’s Office should invest in a second K-9 unit?

Lisa sent me a msg saying it was my computer and not their IT group. YET, It has already cleared up and my vote has been registered. Isn't Science Marvy ! ! ! ! ????

Kinda like having your wife walk in to the bedroom where you are with the Nanny. The rule for ages has been to DENY~ DENY ! DENY! ! ! ! Even though it is self evident. Thanks anyway, Lisa for your condemnation of me followed of course, by your IT group correcting the problem.


maynard short 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Given the area’s problems with opioid abuse, do you think the Routt County Sheriff’s Office should invest in a second K-9 unit?

The Today Newspaper is without a doubt the biggest collection of FUBARS I have ever seen. Once again, has it has happened at least 6 times in the past, I am unable to register a vote. The msg says that Someone from this computer address or network has already voted. It is not true. The IT people at the Paper eventually get in and correct it, but by then the vote has passed. Anybody else have the same situation that I have. FUBAR for sure.