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maynard short 1 month, 1 week ago on Moffat County grills EPA about Clean Power Plan on Wednesday

While listening to the faux Science touted by the EPA Administrator McGrath, I kept hearing Mark Twains comment, "What you expect is Climate, What you get is Weather".

The entire EPA argument is Political Science, not real, repeatable, measurable science. A computer model gone wrong.


maynard short 1 month, 1 week ago on Peter “Mike” Yurich: Changing the rules

Another POT GULCH decision by the Town Board. Remember that the owner of Circle R was on the town board not too long ago.


maynard short 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Ken Collins: Mi casa e su casa

Quoting somebody or other, "just because you break into my house, doesn't make you part of my family"


maynard short 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Rob Douglas: An Olympic approach to education

I count 7 errors in Wedel's tirade. They include, poor sentence structure, wrong tenses and abysmal punctuation.

I presume that he is a product of the local school district.


maynard short 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Noreen Moore: Have faith in work

Balderdash! If you would research the existing State and Federal laws on the books, you will see how silly your argument is. When you are through with your due diligence, I stand ready to accept your apology.


maynard short 11 months ago on Noreen Moore: Have faith in work

Noreen, stacking tires in a floodplain next to Oak Creek for any length of time is not considered as "disposing of in an environmentally safe way". There is an entire literature in State Laws as to the proper method of handling junk tires. This is not it. Go to the Colorado State Environmental Site for Hazardous Materials and you will find the appropriate and legal methods.


maynard short 11 months ago on Tire pile in Oak Creek Canyon elicits environmental complaints

Scott, you astonish me with your response to the article. Normally you would have developed a faux legalese argument that you have gleaned from late night Google searchees to attack any and all who write in the local paper. This time you have taken a compassionate viewpoint encompassing the great work ethic and sore shoulder of Saw Wisecup. In your Google search you would have found an entire literature as to the problems with storage of junk tires. Most of it would be associated with the mosquito freeding but also the leachates of complex organic molecules if the tires are in a floodplain like being next to Oak Creek. The spring runoff, which is likely acidic due to acid rain or acid snow in this area, would send this carboniferous goo down Oak Creek killing the acquatics along the way and eventually raising total havoc with the spawning beds for the trout that come up Oak Creek to build their Redds. Perhaps this toxic ooze could form some mutations and a decade or so develop a super predaor that would attack the Northern Pike that have pervasively taken over the waterways of Routt and Moffat ounties. A stupid mistake by a Government Agency. Maybe they could name this super marine predator after you, say the Wedel-Wisecup Fresh Water Barracuda. But I digress with wishful thinking. Back to the tires. Why not stand shoulder to sore shoulder with Saw Wisecup and offer your abandoned car wash as a storage location. You could ignore the din of the NIMBY crowd and put several hundred there. Finally you could stack hundreds around your Pot Gulch Rooming House. I can envision a three tier layer of tires completely around the house that would act as a thermal barrier to reduce your carbon footprint against burning fossil fuels. So follow the bumper sticker instruction ~ Question Authority.


maynard short 2 years, 5 months ago on Quicksilver Resources expands with Craig office

Apparently the esteemed leaders of Routt County think the Niobrara formation ends at the county line. Maynard