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maynard short 1 week, 1 day ago on Former Craig police officer suspected of third-degree assault and child abuse

Tracy, it is a different world than when I grew up. One of 10 kids and the strap was used often as corporal punishment. I wish you well and am sorry the Press had to glorify this. Be kind and sympathetic to the social workers. They will drive you batty. I hope your career path hasn't been destroyed.


maynard short 4 weeks ago on Gunshots from helicopters spook South Routt County residents

Were they using live ammo? If so, what specifically were they shooting at? How many rounds were fired. I presume that the Pilot has a qualified investigative reporter capable of answering these questions and more. The article is WAY to confusing. Common Group, get more details.


maynard short 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Routt County Commissioners hear law enforcement concerns on rural pot grows

I suggest that the Commissioners drive through the Oak Creek Industrial Complex and take a close look at the Four + Industrial growth buildings that are under construction. Then try and convince yourself that this product which will be coming on the market near the end of the year will be limited to Colorado. Take special note of the huge air, water and electrical systems that are installed or being installed on these grow factories. Imagine the noise pollution,& the air pollution in the vicinity. All four of these facilities are within 200 ft of a childrens park that the town had GOCO Colorado pay for with additional funding from LiveWell (?). In fact one of them will share the parking. A "good relationship" may not be the best substitute for stringent regulations as these facilities will be there long after this town council and town manager is long gone.


maynard short 5 months, 2 weeks ago on maynard

Wouldn't it be interesting if anyone who is going to comment on Global Warming, Climate Change, or Carbon sequestration, was required to have some prerequisites like 6 semester hours of Geology, 4 of Physics, 4 of Chemistry and at least some background in the understanding of the difference between weather and climate.


maynard short 8 months, 1 week ago on U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton: Turning the lights out on affordable energy

Good article in Jan Scientific American, by David Biello. "The Carbon Capture fallacy". Worth the read. Addresses some of the comments above. Another worthwhile read about the embarrassing con job the IPCC is pushing, is "The Delinquent Teenager", by Donna LaFramboise. I am looking for investors in my almost perpetual motion windmill system. I put a bunch of wind turbines in a very tight circle and therefore the first one turning pushes the subsequent wind turbines with or without wind, once they have started. Theoretically, it should work and it would save mankind.