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maynard short 3 months, 1 week ago on maynard

Wouldn't it be interesting if anyone who is going to comment on Global Warming, Climate Change, or Carbon sequestration, was required to have some prerequisites like 6 semester hours of Geology, 4 of Physics, 4 of Chemistry and at least some background in the understanding of the difference between weather and climate.


maynard short 5 months, 4 weeks ago on U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton: Turning the lights out on affordable energy

Good article in Jan Scientific American, by David Biello. "The Carbon Capture fallacy". Worth the read. Addresses some of the comments above. Another worthwhile read about the embarrassing con job the IPCC is pushing, is "The Delinquent Teenager", by Donna LaFramboise. I am looking for investors in my almost perpetual motion windmill system. I put a bunch of wind turbines in a very tight circle and therefore the first one turning pushes the subsequent wind turbines with or without wind, once they have started. Theoretically, it should work and it would save mankind.


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I checked in when there were 11 comments and the paper management cut off all comments from the article. Their comment the next day was that the comments were personal attacks. This local paper needs to get with it. Stop trying to be the nice guy - feel good. If a specific letter to the editor or comment section is offensive per your own definition, eliminate it. Not cut off ALL comments because you think you are protecting the community.


maynard short 10 months, 3 weeks ago on What should the City Council do with the Iron Horse?

I tried to vote and it said that the vote was not registered because someone else from my computer has already voted. NOT TRUE~ ~ ~ ~ Nobody on this computer but me. Why is the vote count system at the paper not counting votes? Is it the VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY, that we all hear about?


maynard short 11 months ago on Gary Kalow: Rob is right but wrong

From observations of the past few POTUS, it appears that being a "mentally ill pig" is a prerequisite for the job.