max huppert

max huppert 1 month, 1 week ago on Rob and Trish Carpenter: K9 unit in Steamboat

mounted police on horse, with cowboy hats would be a better fit, but then you would have to be fit to ride them.


max huppert 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Tire pile in Oak Creek Canyon elicits environmental complaints

LJ is going to put a Octagon in the circle R ,, I will jack scott up on mountain dew and he will crush all who enter. Scott you should boil the tires down to make fuel.


max huppert 12 months ago on Rob Douglas: Denver pot rally does harm

Humm,, better make sure we choose what laws we want to enforce, which would depend on who will get rich and who will get the votes.. always funny that when the people vote, its like oh no they didn't really mean to do that, dont worry big brother will sort it all out for you little sleepy sheep. Keep your eyes closed while we keep letting in the illegals, give them a free phone, food stamps, education, medical. Laws of convenience, the old guard never wants to pass on the power.