mavis 3 years, 11 months ago on Brent Boyer: Eliminating online anonymity

Maybe there will be a new newspaper opening up in town that actually does a little bit more investigating with stories so the community can be "informed." This could be a great turning point for Steamboat!!


mavis 3 years, 11 months ago on Brent Boyer: Eliminating online anonymity

Well--- is the pilot going to hold itself to a higher level of reporting??? Or are we just going to be subject to presenting news when there is money involved for the pilot?
Most "issues" in town are presented from a single viewpoint from the pilot. I hope they actually start researching articles and printing BOTH sides.


mavis 3 years, 11 months ago on Weather changed dramatically just before plane crash

We are very sorry for your loss and if in any way we can help please post as jmm stated. This community can really come together when needed.


mavis 3 years, 11 months ago on Steamboat School Board backs health care clinic

  1. How many district employees - minus administrative staff have their spouses and dependents on their insurance plan?

  2. Admin was given a more than healthy pay increase last year to supplement their dependents health care plus a me too clause. Most people don't know about it- but it was a great boost to salary (9K) and the rest of us have been frozen for 2 now probably 3 years with the upcoming elections.

  3. How does the district continue to have money for these extra and new add ons without surveying the parents and staff to see if it is what is needed to support the children. ( academically)

Priorities should be in supporting academic growth, social growth and independence.

Is there a survey of the staff that supports this type of program, considering most staff members do NOT have their dependents or family members on the district health care plan for cost reasons. Again- how many staff members want this???? Let alone how are we paying for it???


mavis 3 years, 11 months ago on Walk-up lift ticket prices increase at Steamboat Ski Area

Just remember this when next years election includes a tax to BAIL OUT SKI CORP because they went under given the marginal snowfall and poor marketing decisions.


mavis 3 years, 11 months ago on Steamboat City Council approves firefighter schedule change

I have 2 solutions for this issue. 1. Mainstreet Steamboat kicks the 37k to fund the firefighter's so we can maintain emergency support. (It's all about priorities) which clearily were not about the basics in the last election.

  1. The SSPD cuts back on patrol at 7:30 AM and 4:50 PM so there are NOT always 2 police cars having "chat" sessions across from the bowling alley and at the underpass for more then 30 minutes every morning/afternoon prior to shift change. Burning wages, gas, and everything else employees cost. It doesn't look very productive boys and I have to say it has became worse. .

mavis 3 years, 12 months ago on Steamboat School Board backs health care clinic

Before the board backs this... WHY don't the BACK the step movements that have been frozen for a couple of years?? It would make a great difference for most as minimal as it is.


mavis 3 years, 12 months ago on Routt County commissioners to finalize chip-and-seal policy

I don't think they are anti biker- they are anti support everything under the sun WITHOUT people paying their way. Do the bikers PAY to license thier bikes that we are now accommodating the roads especially for them??

Plus most of the people with an opinion on this are at work during county meetings and can't afford to take the time off since they are so busy paying all of these taxes and funding all of this "extra" you all love.


mavis 4 years ago on Survey shows matching priorities between city, some Steamboat residents

Developing a budget around a Stemboat Pilot Survey with a marginal amount of people participating, let alone knowing how many people did it multiple times IS NOT an effective way to develop a budget or bring results into it. It would be like the school board determining funding, or EFB determining funding based off of "comments" on the pilot.
To the School board and the City Council: You people are our PUBLIC representatives, get out there and ask, observe and make INFORMED decisions. You can keep creating private blogs to support your own agendas and individual buisnesses, or you can represent what we need to survive and thrive as a community.
I applaud your time committments and dedication to your "extra' jobs you have been elected for but PLEASE remember they are to make INFORMED, researched and calculated decisions based on the greater need.... NOT your own agenda to increase your individual profits.


mavis 4 years ago on Former city manager likely to get another loan extension

WHAT??? Come on YVB--- read this... clearily NOW you can see that MY problem is that I am paying for .... and this is the nicest way I can word it .. (several others are more accurate but not appropriate) "stuff" like this??

This is why the government is breaking people. Common sense and business practices don't apply to the Government anymore.