Martha D Young

Martha D Young 1 month, 1 week ago on Aggressive cow elk relocated to Flat Tops as search continues for her calf

Yesterday (13 July) my husband and I talked to Steve from DOW at RVP. He reported that one of the calves (which my husband had spotted on 12 July) had been captured and was in rehab care. Steve politely cautioned us to be aware that the second calf was around and keep our two dogs under voice control. This was a no-win situation for the elk, humans and dogs. I wish the elk had chosen another place to have her calves, but she didn't. I wish people had heeded the warnings and signs, but they didn't. I wish the city would put more money into code enforcement (beyond the two full-time CSOs) but it won't. Steve reminded us that elk lead a hard life and that losing calves was part of their plight.


Martha D Young 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Our View: A move in the right direction

Where is the market research that shows that adding "pocket parks" to Yampa Street will result in added revenue? Seems to me the money would be better spent on sidewalks and other pedestrian-friendly amenities, rather than obligating the city to untold dollars of park maintenance. And who says an urban renewal district is a sure thing? No one wants their property tax payments skimmed, or to have to pay additional taxes. Thanks to the three council members who voted against this proposed extravagance.


Martha D Young 2 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat's Parks and Rec Commission wants to start from scratch on Rita Valentine Park planning

The several phase conceptual plan that was presented to the Parks and Rec Commission in 2009 was created by an outside consultant who was paid around $75,000. To my knowledge there was no community participation in the plan which included a road through Rita Valentine Park connecting Hilltop Parkway and Anglers Drive. The citizen opposition to the plan was so vehement that Council tabled it. In order to avoid being doomed to repeat past mistakes, the fate of Rita Valentine Park should be put to a public vote: leave it as it is or install amenities..