Martha D Young

Martha D Young 2 days, 4 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to decide whether old house on Yampa Street should be razed to make way for new park

I think the majority vote supported the trails option, and not the Yampa Street revitalization. Council, in its infinite wisdom decided to include the Yampa Street project, dividing the money between trails and Yampa St. Did you read what our City Manager had to say about sidewalk improvements, the BID and the URA? Sounds like popular will doesn't matter here.


Martha D Young 1 week ago on Lawrence C. Glueck: Vote ‘no’ on BID

Thank you, Larry. I, too, am an owner of a very small business for which I lease space in the downtown area. In my building the landlord passes property taxes directly to his tenants. If tenants in the downtown area do not vote because of the difficulty obtaining ballots, then the election results will not be an accurate reflection of voter sentiment. If the BID passes we will have taxation without representation.


Martha D Young 1 week, 3 days ago on Founder keeps hope alive for the 4 Yellow Foundation

Good luck, Dave. The Foundation has taken a hit, but is still is dedicated to its primary goal: fight cancer in whatever form it appears.


Martha D Young 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Steamboat's Parks and Recreation Commission sets 4 big goals for 2015

"Some of the commission’s specific action items included looking into improving the biking and hiking trails at Rita Valentine Park" . . . There is nothing wrong with the trails at Rita Valentine Park. Hands off, please.


Martha D Young 1 month ago on Dusty Atkinson: Merge in right place

Playing nicely and taking turns works in lift lines; not so well in motor vehicle traffic. "Zipper merge" does seem counter-intuitive. The sand through an hour glass analogy doesn't quite fit in my mind. If vehicles are already in line cars flow more evenly through the bottleneck..


Martha D Young 1 month, 1 week ago on Tax proposal would generate $190K for maintenance, marketing in downtown Steamboat Springs

As a tenant in a downtown office building I already pay for trash collection and maintenance of the property, as well as $521+ per year for building taxes. BID has no appeal to me. If improvements are desirable on Yampa St., let the Yampa St. business owners and tenants and the city pay for them. Public safety is the city's responsibility.