Martha D Young

Martha D Young 2 months ago on City outlines potential timeline for downtown improvements

The stakeholders (owners and tenants) of the proposed URA have already voted no twice. I'm baffled that some members of council still think it's a good idea. Taxation without representation?


Martha D Young 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat City Council calls another special meeting to discuss police misconduct investigation

I don't have the letter in front of me, but I think he was named as part of the white wash the city manager's review of the P.D. was. In addition, he told council to stay away from the investigation, even though council's job is to oversee the city manager. It's possible I'm misinformed. Thanks, Bill.


Martha D Young 3 months ago on Emails reveal more about city's response to police misconduct accusations

"Kleiber is a disgruntled former employee and his statements, and many are hearsay statements, must be taken with a grain of salt,” Hinsvark wrote to the council on March 23. "We are hundreds of years past the Salem witch trials where anyone could point a finger and with a little emotional persuasion and some mob mentality, cause a burning." Hinsvark was named (along with Lettunich) in Kleiber's letter, according to Councilwoman Macys. How can Hinsvark even pretend to have unbiased opinions about the letter? This quote is deplorable.


Martha D Young 3 months ago on Our View: Integrity of investigation compromised

I sent an email noting the apparent conflict of interest regarding the investigator to members of city council. A reply was sent to me by Ms. Hinsvark. Why didn't my email go to council members? Hinsvark;s reply consisted of the same specious argument she's used in the past. What's wrong with this picture? Council isn't doing its job of supervising and overriding Hinsvark.