Martha D Young

Martha D Young 1 week ago on Ben Beall: Land use rules help all

I do not want to see homes in single family home zoning areas, or in similar areas in the county be converted into money-makers. Just ask the people who live on Ridge Road or Montview how much fun it is to have vacation rental homes as their neighbors. We have zoning and covenants for good reasons: to keep our residential neighborhoods from being commercialized.


Martha D Young 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Kyle Case: Thanks to 9/11 donators

Thank you for your inspired and diligent work. The flags were a perfect reminder of what happened to our country 14 years ago.


Martha D Young 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Police department denies newspaper access to reports

. . . "he said big issue in releasing the report is legal advice from the city attorney that they all become liable if anyone claims anything confidential was released." Not sure who "he" is. Scott Ford? Anyway, the city attorney first denied citizens' access to the report because it contained "personnel" matters. Then he changed his adjective to "criminal justice" matters. Can't have it both ways. Our former city manager prescribed the scope of the investigation and our interim police chief (appointed by whom?) is deciding the status of the contents of the report. Come on, Council, we already have a loss of trust in our police department; why not publish the rest of the report to allay our fears?


Martha D Young 1 month ago on Community can sit in on interim city manager interviews Tuesday

It sounds like short-duration tenure is the norm for city managers. I wonder why each of these men left their several positions. Good that the public is invited to attend the interviews; not so good that we were given such short notice.