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mark hartless 6 days, 7 hours ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

Here's the thing, Chris..You are smug.

Just because your hands were not on the shotgun does not mean you had no copability in the use of force.

When you vote for or elkect or defend those who exibit said behavior it's the same as DOING that behavior.

You can smugly say "I didn't do it; it was the administration" all you want. But if you voted for, or supported, or defended the administration, then YOU ARE the administration


mark hartless 6 days, 11 hours ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

"Stories like this give a chance for the vocal Tea Baggers to publicly display their Tea Swagger."

With this administration it's like shootin' fish in a barrel, Mark.

We were promised the "most transparent administration in the history of the republic" That's a demonstrable load of crap.

We were told "if you like you'r healthcare/ insurance you can keep it..." That was a complete load of crap.

The administration's attorney general ran guns to Mexico resulting in more deaths than all the school shootings in the last twenty years and not one person went to jail. That's a load of crap.

We were promised that Gitmo would be closed. That was a load of crap.

We have drones killing people without a trial. That used to be a load of crap according to the "progressives", but I guess the election "progressed" them right past their discomfort with that.

The National Security Agency is reading your e- mail. That would have been a load of crap for you guys too...

The head of the IRS refused to testify before the people of this nation's elected representatives and instead she said "I refuse to testify on the grounds that it might incriminate me." That's a load of crap.

The White House wire-tapped dozens of journalists/reporters' in an effort to intimidate the press. That's a load of crap.

I'd say this administration has made quite a little "s**t sandwich out of the constitution and all you folks can do is use derrogatory language...


mark hartless 6 days, 21 hours ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical

Washington Post, this past week:

"A study in The Journal of Neuroscience says even casual marijuana smokers showed significant abnormalities in two vital brain regions ". USA Today, Forbes, and CNN among many others that picked up that story.

Translation: Doctors say people who want to be doctors should consider avoiding pot, not distributing and smoking it.


mark hartless 1 week ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

When I was a kid the "standard" Oreo Cookie was 1/4" thick.

Nabisco introduced a "Double Stuff" Oreo that was 1/2" thick. It was fantastic.

Today the "Double Stuff" Oreo cookie is less than 1/4" thick and the original 1/4" thick Oreo Cookie is about the thickness of a credit card.

The gradual, almost imperceptible change in thickness, combined with equally subtle increases in price, results in a cookie that cost the company 15% or 20% of the original in materials, while the average person actually pays 300% - 400% as much of their weekly wages, for the same amount of cookie as they did in 1970.

You idiots traded 300 million full- sized cookies for 320 million half- sized cookies.

While everyone is duped into arguing about who got and lost "cookies" almost nobody seems to have the prescence of mind to understand that the definition of "cookie" has been pulled right out from under you.



mark hartless 1 week ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

I kinda noticed that too, Joe. He didn't want to say whether it was right, just went straight into examples of howit happens elsewhere.


mark hartless 1 week ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

I will say it again: It is alarming (to me) how many people assume they have a say as to what goes where with not ONE THIN DIME of investment in the matter.