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mark hartless 1 week, 2 days ago on Iran nuclear deal topic of Seminars program Monday

"Fools rush in where angels FEAR to tread", David. Are you familiar with the historic context of the statement: "Peace in our time." ????

Naïve assumptions and wishful thinking is NOT diplomacy. If you think it wise to allow Iran to do it's own nuclear compliance testing, then MSNBC is hiring too.


mark hartless 1 week, 2 days ago on Iran nuclear deal topic of Seminars program Monday

If you can equate Iran and Israel; if you can rationalize them as equally evil; and assail Israel's motives for spying on a nuclear deal which casts a death shadow over it; if you see Israel and Iran as having similar characteristics ambitions and motives, then there is no point in me adding anything further. You live in a different world from me.


mark hartless 1 week, 2 days ago on Iran nuclear deal topic of Seminars program Monday

I'm sorry, but that is quite possibly the most naïve thing about Iran, Israel and American nuclear weapons, that I have ever read.

Iran has attacked PLENTY of people. It's own muslim neighbors included. It's probably the worlds single largest sponsor of terrorism, and has been for decades.

If the entire Islamic world laid down their weapon tomorrow and announced that it would not fight, no matter what, Israel would take no military action against any of them. If Israel announced it had no weapons and would not fight no matter what, it would be annihilated as fast as Iran and a few others could possibly go, including the murder of every woman and child in Israel. If you can't see any difference there then you have a serious problem, my friend.

I simply can not explain the utter hatred that many Americans now exhibit toward our only democratic ally in the entire region, except to pin it on absolute ignorance, naivete, and a sense that it is somehow fashionable to hate strength when it belongs to America or her allies .

Geez, dude; I'm the first one to say our government is a total cluster, but translating that into wishing us all dead??? That's another matter...


mark hartless 1 week, 2 days ago on Kevin Copeland: Response to earlier letter

I stand corrected, Pat. They do have some mighty fine produce... Thanks for the reminder.

However, my point/question was: Make up your mind folks... is it man-made global warming causing the fires, or is it nature taking it's course"

And, since you mentioned how wrong it is to "just let nature take it's course" then would you agree that the "not for profit" USFS letting nature take it's course with our pine beetles was just another screw up by our "not for profit" gubbamint?

I see no indication anywhere in God's word that I will have to answer to St Peter for anything. But if that question was asked, I'd say that men like me (environmentally conscientious and economically savy) have indeed been obedient to the command of God to "subdue the earth". And while some men have abused it, I am not one of them.

You see, Pat, Earth was not given to man to worship, but to utilize. All true wealth comes from the ground; from the riches God placed in the bosom of His creation. To the extent we exploit and utilize those resources wisely and respectfully, we are being obedient to several of God's commands, including helping our fellow man escape poverty and pain and need.


mark hartless 1 week, 2 days ago on New I-70 mountain express lane expected to open by year's end

A private road operator would get paid PER VEHICLE. It would have no incentive to exclude or to deny access to anyone.

Nor would allowing a private company to operate a stretch of toll roads, for example, be tantamount to "giving away a public asset".

To presume to pit profit against the public good is perhaps your biggest and most fundamental mistake, here. The public benefits more from "for profit" companies than it ever has at the hands of government.

Does anyone imagine, that if left to government, their I-phone, their Audi, their lawn care service, their ski lift, snowmobile or grocery store would somehow improve??? Get real.

Remember the mantra "You can't professionalize unless you Federalize." ??? How'd that work out?? TSA allows 67 out of 70 bombs through airport security. And, unlike with a private company who could be fired and replaced, or that could be penalized $1million off their contract for every bomb (fake or real) that it let's slip through, what we have instead with government "not for profit" agency is a total cluster of incompetence that can not be gotten rid of, largely because of nonsensical sentiment, such as your own.

I would finally remind you that, it is a full-blown GOVERNMENT, "not for profit" agency called CDOT, along with a "not for profit" Federal transportation and Highway administration, that has allowed I-70 to come to what it is now. Between them they make (not for profit) 4 or 5 times more off every gallon of gas than Exxon Mobile does, but they can't get-r done. I think perhaps we should hand the whole interstate system over to Exxon Mobile. They'd get traffic moving. Their incentive??? Cars burn more gas moving than idling in traffic jams. Cheers,


mark hartless 1 week, 3 days ago on New I-70 mountain express lane expected to open by year's end

A private company DID have all my guns. Where do you think I originally purchased them from, genius? Ditto for the ammo.

So I DO pay to exercise my 2nd amendment rights, as well as paying sales tax for every round of ammo and gun I buy. Same private corporation that sold me my guns sells them to our military, because even our retarded big brother knows the private corporation can make them better and cheaper.

Why would a private company, that makes money off of transportation, want to take peoples right/ability to travel away?? Perhaps you need to re-think your position... Matthew 12:26: "If Satan cast out Satan he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand."


mark hartless 1 week, 3 days ago on New I-70 mountain express lane expected to open by year's end

A private company DID have all my guns. It's called Smith and Wesson INCORPORATED because it's a... wait for it... a private CORPORATION.


mark hartless 1 week, 3 days ago on Kevin Copeland: Response to earlier letter

A drought that is "in no way man made" but is instead "nature made"... No equivocation! The fires are natural. Not man-made. Period...

However, according to this genius, these "nature-made" fires are the result of man's activities (but not man-made) which changed the climate (while not being the responsibility of any man...) (especially not men like those who run the EPA).... but it's not man's fault... especially not the men who were elected by folks like Dan S. to make sure that fires didn't happen in places where liberal politicians have had their way with every aspect of governance for several generations...

Nevertheless, the fires are proof positive that global warming is not only real, but it's probably retribution from on high for the sinister acts of republicans who have ran California into the ground for the last... oh.. wait... that's right... DEMOCRATS have run California for... well... long before the fires, or the water, or the immigration, or the smog, or ... whatever... was a problem.

So, I'm wondering. As a NON-democrat... why should I give a rat's ass if the whole state of California (along with Oregon and Washington, and everything people like Dan S. hold sacred, burns ???

Wy shouldn't I, as a knuckle-dragging conservative, quote the brilliant Black Lives Matter folks in Ferguson, and say "Burn this Mother F****R Down!??

There ain't one single worthwhile American value at risk if California burns wall to wall.


mark hartless 1 week, 3 days ago on The Record for Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015

"Flipping people off" is a rude gesture, but how is it illegal, or something for a cop to waste his time with?