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mark hartless 1 week ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

How 'bout "Food Stamps" for 400, Alex:

Investors Business Daily, May 15, 2015 "Study shows 40% of food stamps recipients are THIS."

What is OBESE, Alex?

That's correct!

Just like 40% of gubbamint housing recipients are living "fat" in places they don't belong...


mark hartless 1 week ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

I am proud to have developed rental properties which have afforded below average income tenants with brand new, decent, respectable housing in developments that were safe, clean, friendly, peaceful and welcoming to all races. I am also proud that I and my family has done so for almost 40 years without one thin dime of gubbamint largesse, aka- OPM.


mark hartless 1 week ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

Further analysis would suggest that somebody built a trailer park at Dream Island. Was this the "highest and best use" of river-front property? No. It was, however probably the BEST RETURN on the investment. Maybe at the time the owner only had so much cash so trailer lots were more viable than some river-front townhomes for rich folks.

Your problem is that you don't seem to think dynamically, only statically. It's a common problem with communists. That's why their utopia's never succeed.


mark hartless 1 week ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

Your argument is completely erroneous. My father built a trailer park when I was a little kid. A trailer park, Dan. It don't get much more "low-income" than that, Dan.

That investment yielded a better return on investment (that means profit) than ANY... ANY... higher rent apartments and townhomes and even single-family homes that our family has ever, ever developed.

It did so well, in fact, that we later set out to build another one. We looked long and hard for a municipality that would allow us to do what we had done 10 years earlier. Alas, every municipality in the region had established zoning ordinances forbidding such developments. That's right... in our region it was GUBBAMINT that stopped us from building more of the most affordable housing known to man, Dan.


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"Sympathy to the wicked is wickedness to the just." --Menachem Meiri

"The application of the law... means the necessity of disappointment to at least one of the parties involved...The utmost expression of care is not the ability to express sympathy, but the ability to CONTROL sympathy and EXECUTE justice."--D Mamet

"Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil."--- Ecclesiastes 8:11


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Funny, gubamint wanted everyone to own a home but wishing didn't provide it. That's because the market knew that not everybody ought to own a house. Some folks should be renters and the market tried to tell us that but did we listen?? Hell no!

With one pistol gubbamint (the feds) forced banks to loan money to anybody that could fog a mirror while pointing the other pistol (municipal) at any developer that didn't want to hand out free housing.

Then the great recession came which alas was making housing (and everything else) more affordable.

But that was somehow unacceptable in the form it took so gubbamint set out to stabilize (keep from going lower) real estate prices by printing money.

$10 trillion later NOTHING is "affordable" ... INCLUDING real estate.

Now that real estate prices are rising we hear the calls for lowering them again. You can not make this stuff up!!

Just like some folks should not have been home-owners in the early 2000's, some folks today should not be ski-town-livers. They belong elsewhere. Not because of race or religion or sex but because they can't afford it. The market tries and tries and tries to tell us that. Will we ever listen??? Not as long as we pay for the mistakes using OPM.


mark hartless 1 week, 1 day ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

No. Nor did I expect gubbamint to effectively address the problem where it DID intervene. And so far I haven't had to cover that short position.

In fact, some day someone could write a very, very THICK book about what gubbamint action promises VS what it delivers. This could go not only outside the realm of housing, but into almost every facet of our lives.

Pick any subject. I'll take "Sugar" for 200, Alex: Americans are up to their eyeballs in sugar products and obesity, but the gubbamint still subsidizes the sugar barrons.

This is fun. Now you pick one, Steve...


mark hartless 1 week, 1 day ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

Business will only begin to pay more when market forces come to bear. This will not happen as long as we have a gubbamint piping in what amounts to slave labor from the south while telling its citizens how it's trying to ensure that they have good paying jobs. Markets respond to FORCES. They do not respond to "gee, it would be nice if..." and other "pie-in-the-sky" wish lists.

Stop the gubbamint from competing with the guy who wants to build a duplex as an investment and he will build it. He won't build it if he knows he'll have to mark his rent down to compete with uncle scam for the life of his property. Conversely,If he gets cooperation instead of resistance, red tape, and ridiculous permit fees from his municipality then he will succede... and then he'll build another, and another. When he gets better at it, he'll build a whole row of townhomes. Then he'll build larger buildings which house more people more efficiently. I know because this is exactly what I did. And I stopped building them because the municipality where I focused my efforts became too difficult to deal with. I currently have land purchased and graded for a 48-unit development. But I'm not going forward in large part due to local municipalities current postures, not the least of which is their voracious appetite for property taxes.

So get this and get it good: There has got to be something in it for the builder (profit and not pain and red tape), and when gubbamint red tape and competing gubbamint housing right down the street are inevitable, he will stay home.

You say it isn't going to happen without a gubbamint mandate. I say it'll never happen until gubbamint gets out of competition with private builders, with mom-and-pop retailers, with small farms, with private charities, with business who would hire and train some dumb kid off the street but not at a gubbamint-forced wage.

Gubbamint has been forcing this "mandate" of which you speak for 40 years and it just makes things worse. Large corporations are holding over a $Trillion off-shore because they refuse to accept the "mandate". Small businesses are not being created. More and more businesses of all sizes are learning to suck at the gubbamint tit rather than innovate and compete. And the more gubbamint spreads itself into their affairs, the more they learn to game the gubbamint system, including anti-competitive regulatory actions aided by uncle scam, instead of compete and develop better products.

The shear size and scope of gubbamint means business can make more $$$$ gaming the politicians than by helping its customers. And that is the quite predictable outcome of gubbamint trying to mandate things which are none of it's business.


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and there's no way I'd consider sending my kids to your gubbamint school no matter how much land or how many teachers or books it had.

Why the hell can't people get their property tax money back and use it to send their kids to a school that isn't ran by the mob?


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"The better solution is to let SB be too expensive for minimum wage workers so then businesses have to pay better in order to find employees. When employees are better paid then they could afford to pay more for housing which then allows developers to profitably develop at the higher price that has ample demand."

Once again, THIS is exactly what I've been getting at for a long time, and it is EXACTLY RIGHT. Let it be expensive. To do otherwise is to spend scarce resources swimming against a rip-tide and getting nowhere.

The one BIG difference is that with AH programs it gives the busy bodies and gubbamint folks with the messiah complex someone to "save" and a way to demonstrate to the dumb-masses that they care.

The only thing I can see so far that Dan has learned from me is the proper respect in the spelling of "gubbamint". Atta boy, Dan. Hang in there and we'll fix you yet!

"doing nothing is exactly the best solution.".

If you feel like you absolutely MUST do something, Dan, then seek to halt the red tape and ridiculous fees for water taps, sewer taps, building permits, the costs of overly stringent building codes, and of "open space" , etc. These things add a lot to the cost of a home... ESPECIALLY a starter home.

For every one gubbamint presumes to help by keeping real estate prices (and especially rents) low, it hurts someone else who is trying to feed their family, save for kids college, and build a nestegg by owning and managing rental property. Progressives rarely consider the economic turmoil they create on the other side of the utopias they seek to build.