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mark hartless 3 days, 18 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

One thing I'll give Scott W. Unlike many who simply shoot messengers, he actually brings intelligent and rational arguments. Not just some childish "I know you are but what I'm I...?" response. I often fail to do as well, but at least I try to do that as well.

Can the rest of you say that?


mark hartless 3 days, 18 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

And what "new ideas" have you displayed for us, Rhys?

Disdain for religion is certainly not "new", especially in the chemically enlightened state in which you claim to exist.

Blindly parroting the "settled science" of evolution while unwilling or unable to debate or even reference any evidence isn't "new".

Belittling those who doubt evolution without offering a single shred of evidence to support one's claims is hardly "new".

Ignoring the un-caused first cause and worshiping the house while denying that it ever had a builder isn't "new".

Basically, you don't like the message, but you can't refute it, so instead you berate the messenger. Hardly anything "new".


mark hartless 3 days, 20 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

"And is Mark's response to me sarcastic or sincere?"

Sorry, Phoebe. It was sarcasm coupled with a sincere acknowledgement that your observations were correct, which I thought you would easily recognize.

"And why is he giving us the definition of the word "lie"? " Because if I called the person a liar directly it would be against the rules of this forum, while him printing that lie is apparently not. So you must read between the lines.

Just over a day ago, this is what someone wrote to me: "Again, I want to thank you for being civil. More on this forum should follow your example." 3 days ago they said this to me: " Thanx for the civil discourse. That is so lacking on these threads." This person completely disagreed with me too-- probably still does, but he didn't print lies about me.

People like Chris Hadlock and Dan Shores absolutely, positively HATE my opinions and they hate that I am sometimes able to dismantle their positions. When confronted with reality and when a mile-wide hole is blown in their false sense of reality, they respond the only way they know how. By attacking the messenger. They call for my ousting. They cry about my comments, my "tone", etc. Then, when that fails they put false words (what Webster calls LIES) in my mouth. Mr Hadlock's latest example of that is when he says "For him the baseline starts with absolutely no Government at all. Back to the days where the strongest and the fastest made all the rules ."

Now, if I said something that offensive about one of them they would, no doubt, be clicking the "flag to delete" button like a frustrated Jeopardy contestant.

The "tolerant" "progressive" crowd is the least tolerant and most thin-skinned bunch that has ever lived. Cupcakes with really thin wrappers living in glass houses while throwing sticks and stones and crying foul when it doesn't go their way.


mark hartless 4 days, 11 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Lie: noun- A lie is an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the truth. The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar.


mark hartless 4 days, 20 hours ago on Steamboat City Council appears ready to advance downtown URA

Churchill once said "We occasionally stumble over the truth, but we usually pick ourselves up and go on as though nothing had happened."

In my minds eye I envision a group of cartoon characters. Kind of like a Steamboat version of "The Simpsons". People, both leaders and their followers, who are completely oblivious to consequences. Who remain intent on filling every void, soothing every malady, paving every path, with one flavor or another of socialism. Whether it works or not is completely irrelevant to all parties. How many times it has flopped in the past is no deterrent whatsoever; hardly breaks their stride.(and to Eric's point--whether it works for the masses or the cronies).

Affordable housing?? flop. Airline tax? flop. Iron Horse?

Gotta give 'em points for tenacity if nothing else.

All true socialists have shared one essential belief throughout history: " 'This time' it will work".


mark hartless 4 days, 21 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

There are things which happen fast, things which happen more slowly, and things which simply do not happen.

Lightening happens fast.

A large block of ice melting happens more slowly, but it can be observed in various stages of change from the instant it begins to melt until it is completely turned to water or vapor.

Then there are some things which simply do not happen. For instance, if I plant a 16penny nail in a bucket of dirt, it will not grow roots and become a "nail tree"-- not in a month, not in a year, not in a million years or a billion. It simply does not happen.

If species-changing evolution had been occurring for millions and millions of years there would be fossil records of things in between what they were and what they are today... kind of like there is evidence of the block of ice half way between liquid and solid. Yet there is no such record. No missing link ever, ever, ever found in all of creation. Nail trees DO NOT happen.

I appreciate your civility as well, James, and I sincerely hope you will reconsider placing your faith in the builder, rather than the house.



mark hartless 5 days, 7 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling


It's good to know that sane people on the outside, like yourself, are constantly monitoring the progress we are making down here at the asylum, and that you stand at the ready to intervene should conditions deteriorate to unhealthy levels.

I think we would all agree with your assessment; that ours is an endeavor far more dedicated to DISCOVERING problems and assigning blame for them, rather than being the least bit interested in SOLVING them.

It may seem convoluted to you, but our aversion to solutions might emanate from our love of discourse. Perhaps we fear that solving the problems we flush out could inadvertently spell the end of our entire enterprise... Like how a true sportsman would never shoot a bird on the ground... or kind of like how gubbamint never provides any solutions, because doing so might put it out of business.

Nevertheless, thank you for your concern and insight.

On behalf of all of us down here at the asylum I want to wish you the very best and thank you again for your insight and concern.



mark hartless 5 days, 21 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling


Mutations are NOT evolution. They represent NO NEW DNA information, only scrambled DNA from the exact same species. No new species has ever been observed being formed from mutations.

For example, mutated cows may have two heads or 5 legs but are still cows--never birds or insects... NEVER. They (mutations) are NEVER beneficial to that species, so if you insisted on assigning a "...volution" to them, they must be considered DE-volution, not E-volution.

Science is repeatable. Evolution is NOT. There is not one shred of compelling evidence that the Earth is hundreds of billions of years old (a foundation of evolution theory), but there is much evidence of a great world-wide deluge which is a biblical theory.

I don't understand the apparent conflict or hypocrisy of religious people using medicine or other means derived by science. God made doctors and penicillin, just like He made you and me. My mother always used to say "God will provide doesn't mean He drops things into your lap, son. It means He gave us a strong mind and strong hands and that we must put them to use ." In other words, God provides science and technology and raw materials, not by always raining manna from Heaven.

Evolution is a religion--it requires blind faith in unprovable and unsubstantiated claims. Christianity is a religion-- a faith. The main difference is that evolutionists try to deny that their belief requires faith, while Christians freely acknowledge "Without faith it is impossible to please God."

The un-caused first cause... this is where evolution ultimately fails.