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mark hartless 2 days, 19 hours ago on Road rage incident results in felony arrest

Thank you Dan for having the decency to read what I wrote, rightly decipher the intent (I didn't think I encoded it that well) and speak rationally to bullies bent on twisting their opponents words in a way that gives new definition to "kangaroo court".

My message was about NOT being rude, NOT fighting, NOT risking escalation. What do these clowns do?? "Let's call the sheriff..."

I'd say "You're idiots", but it doesn't need saying...


mark hartless 2 days, 19 hours ago on Road rage incident results in felony arrest

Boy! Just when you think the "tolerance" crowd can't get any more "tolerant", they manage to lower the bar!

By all means, Chris; why don't you just go ahead and call the sheriff and get him to my house. I'd be happy to discuss it with him

The sheriff of the county where the incident happened, 2,000 miles from Steamboat, already knows, because I told him immediately. He didn't charge me way back in 1990, but I'm sure with all you private investigators helping, and with the hindsight of 25 years, the Routt County Sheriff will haul me away!

I'm perfectly comfortable talking to law enforcement. Unlike "progressives" I consider them friend, not foe. I've been fingerprinted many times; never for crimes--you have to get prints rolled to collect class 3 weapons. And you have to be "skueaky clean... pure as the driven snow.

I've given demonstrations on the use of Ma Deuce and the M-203 grenade launcher to deputies of that VA county's sheriff department... on my farm, at my range, where they were WELCOMED and where they happily left me with my legally owned machine guns.

Don't worry-- since the sheriff of Routt County was a raging lefty when I moved to Steamboat, I sold all those "collectibles" before I came to Steamboat.

So, as I said, please, call the sheriff, they're my kind of people. I all about law and order...

And Robert... lets please, please, please talk more about all the things that happened at Waco... please...


mark hartless 4 days ago on Road rage incident results in felony arrest

" It is all too likely that it will be a problem that a methhead and gang members have guns."

That's right. Sane people can have a million guns and they are no threat because they just want to live and let live. It's the whacked-out methheads or gang-bangers that kill indiscriminately and THAT is why the sane people carry guns... NOT so they get to shoot somebody, but so they get to go home to their family after encountering the methhead.

Sensible gun owners/carriers move in and out of crowds, meet irritable people, encounter uncomfortable situations, get angry, etc but still nobody ever knows they had a gun. I'd bet every one of you walked right past such a person yesterday. They don't advertise, show, threaten or imply. The gun is never a factor in anything they do, until their life or another innocent persons life is threatened. At that point they simply refuse to let the methhead or gang-banger decide their fate. I do not find that concept unreasonable at all.

I grew up with sisters, cousins, etc and we all played very rough sometimes. We got mad, spit, scratched threw rocks and everything else one might encounter around the farm. Meanwhile there were loaded shotguns propped behind every door, and we knew it. Yet it never once occurred to any of us kids to lay hands on one of those guns. Guns were not for fighting, they were for killing, and we knew that from an early age because we had seen the results (rabbits, squirrels, deer, pheasants, etc) from an early age. Gunshots are irrevocable and we knew that.

Unfortunately today kids don't seem to be able to stop at mud-pies or stick throwing. They have to prevail, to be respected, to be in charge. There was too much of that coursing through my veins the day I met the log-truck driver. I could have just smiled and let him insult me, but noooo. dumb kid that I was, I had to show him who he was insulting... My self-esteem was paramount, and it almost got somebody killed.

I personally think it's the "self-esteem" chickens coming home to roost that is part of much of the mass killings we see today. As a kid we were taught NOT to esteem ourselves so highly. Either my parents or todays society have it wrong. The shot-up movie theaters point to which was right...


mark hartless 4 days, 11 hours ago on Road rage incident results in felony arrest

The point was, no confrontation was necessary, it didn't resolve anything, there was no "victor" and it could have ended really badly. I would have been exonerated and yet the whole thing would have been totally avoidable by my choice.

I learned at a young age that guns were not play-toys. Seeing parent and grandparents bring home game, seeing a small .22 drop a 2,000 lb steer like it's legs just disappeared... No question I have no illusions about the irrevocable permanence of a gunshot.

I never really considered the gun until the guy went for his, at which time I was glad to have mine. But what I really wanted right then and there was to get a "do-over" and to have never stepped out of my truck.

22 year olds see things different than going on 50 year-olds.

You can say "guns make little guys big" all you want. But that also means they make innocent little women able to resist rape by a big man, innocent bystanders able to assist victims of mob violence, etc.

Spin it how ever you wish. Interpret it however you wish. My main point was: Never get out to chat with the guy that's pissing you off. It will NEVER make anything better, whether you're right or wrong, armed or not. Just smile and keep driving.


mark hartless 4 days, 19 hours ago on Road rage incident results in felony arrest

Weapons alterations/modifications come with hefty jail terms, fellas. I'd advise no sawed-off anything.

And if you ever actually USE the altered weapon, it's going to be inspected.

Carry an ACP like normal people. That way, if the guy cuts your shopping cart off in the Safeway...

I believe most road-rage incidents come from selfishness. Guy is on vacation, sunday drive, whatever, and is in no hurry whatsoever. His problem is that he is so selfish and self-centered that he couldn't care less about the poor slob behind him who desperately wants to get on with his very busy life; probably doesn't know he has a rear-view mirror until he needs to shave (or put on makeup if female). The guy behind him couldn't care less if the idiot in front wants to drive 2mph, if he'd only have the common decency (now increasingly un-common) to get the heck out of the way and let the poor slob pass.

I really believe this is the source of the majority of road-rage, and I KNOW it's the source of most of mine.

Stopping to chat with the offending party is NEVER a good idea... ever. I did it once, and was introduced to some fat redneck's tattoo. When I said "I don't even know what that is..." He became even MORE irate and said "It's the blank-blank KKK!" When he wheeled for his log truck door I knew he was going for his gun. That's when I produced my .45ACP which I had on my side. I advised him that reaching into that door (I knew he was going for the sawed-off shotgun) would be the last thing he ever did. I told him I only stopped to chat because he was cursing me with words I had never before heard (or since) and that I didn't like being cursed for just passing a log truck going 3 mph.

Nevertheless, it was a stupid idea. Never stop to chat... ever. It's something you will regret, as I do, even though nobody got hurt.


mark hartless 1 week ago on Our View: Is tubing too much fun?

I totally agree, Rhys. M-16 never impressed me either. At least not to the degree it is worshiped by many wanna-be's. They are "finicky" and beyond 3 or 4 hundred meters they're worthless, as well as in heavy brush. Nice for hole-punching paper and looking at, but I'd even take an AK-47 over the M-16. Throw it in the river, come back 4 days later and in 20 seconds it's rockin.

I always loved the action of the Springfield... very clever design that was functional in real-world conditions. And as you suggest, the caliber means business.

I was told the decision to move away from the larger caliber carbine had to do with the weight of the ammo AND a "new way of thinking" about "civilized" warfare where the object was to wound the enemy because it got him off the battlefield and tied up fellow soldiers.

Notice the "full metal jacket" is standard issue; it's not as lethal as hollow-points.

I have always thought the .308 was an excellent starter round. Moving up from there was 30-06 which was Browning's choice for his masterpiece 1919 as well as an excellent hunting round. From there I go to the .300 Win-Mag. Except for the throating issues which make reloading an issue, the .300 is an excellent heavy north American game round.

I skip the .338 Lapua fad and move from the .300 directly to Ma Deuce which can now be fueled with some absolutely excellent match-grade ammo.

I think for many people it's a re-coil issue, but if you can't shoot heavy recoil you really can't shoot. There IS something cool about watching balloons disappear through the scope at 700 meters with a heavy-barrel bolt rifle chambered in .223. The light caliber and heavy weight combination makes it sit there like it's in a vise. They are fun to shoot and a good caliber for beginners who need to trust a gun before the overwhelming recoil is added to the equation. Gives them a lot of confidence.