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mark hartless 5 days, 23 hours ago on Woman arrested after DUI crash

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the PERFECT example of trial lawyer mumbo-jumbo that makes a mockery of the American Justice system.

Drunk is DRUNK... until lawyers get involved...

This is the progressive left's version of "Corporations are individuals".


mark hartless 6 days, 4 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

I think you anti-gun guys should just get a tattoo on your forehead saying "un-armed". That way crooks would know who to rob and not have to risk picking someone like... well... me.


mark hartless 6 days, 4 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

In most circumstances aynone who has a concealed permit may do either. Concealed offers the public the best protection, since the bad guys don't know that Rhys, Steve, Dan, Eric B., Martha, etc., are un-armed, therefore they must fear us all.

In that regard, the fact that we may all have concealed guns offers the anti-gun guys an opportunity to piggy-back off the inability of criminals to be sure they are playing to an un-armed house.


mark hartless 6 days, 7 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

What would the point be of me, a law-abiding citizen who has never been in any trouble with the law, registering my gun/guns? Why would I do that? How would that make the streets of Chicago any safer?,


mark hartless 6 days, 10 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

I did not say guns were a viable response to government.They are a possible (and in my view quite appropriate) response to heavy-handed tyranny.

Farmers with guns were not a viable solution to the tyranny of the greatest empire the world had ever seen. But farmers with muskets took on that corrupt empire and won.

Statements similar to yours, along with people willing to turn a blind eye to that tyranny in order to curry personal favor from the crown, or to have their pet issue championed at the expense of the broader population, abounded at that time too.


mark hartless 6 days, 11 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

Bottom line:

First, It's mainly cities steeped in multi-generational democrat rule, and whose citizens continue to empower liberals at local, state and national levels, which are the killing fields, where black lives don't matter, nor white, nor brown, nor yellow. They are the primary war zones where the majority of lives are lost to gun violence, knife violence, and most any other kind of violence. Getting killed by a gun elsewhere is certainly possible, but far less likely than in these utopias of liberal construct.

Second, the justice system is hampered by lawyers who own the democrat party, and who intentionally write voluminous, indecipherable, overly-complex laws protecting and favoring the criminals and themselves (interchangeable) over and above victims. Lawyers, combined with all other miscarriage of justice ilk, successfully lobby and control the democrat party as effectively as any big corporation controls republicans. Their handiwork is a manifest drag on society as a whole and on our failing justice system in particular. Just a simple proposal, which the vast majority of Americans would support, such as "loser pays" tort reform, is met with furious opposition by lawyers who own the system lock, stock, and barrel.

Third, liberals and progressives like to lament the "tragic loss of life", but spend tremendous energy protesting death penalties, stiff sentences, chain gangs, and any other thing that might make prison something which criminals might want to purposely and aggressively avoid. Thanks to such bleeding hearts, living conditions inside many prisons are better than in VA hospitals, working Americans' homes, homeless shelters, etc., when the opposite should be universally true.

Fourth, liberals' will never admit it, but many don't want Americans to have guns because they tend to side with government and against the people; something which contradicts private gun ownership. They are uneasy knowing that if people finally "have it up to here" with their big government and all it's nonsense, the American people, unlike other nations which progressives have successfully tipped into irretrievable socialist quagmires, have a mechanism to throw off the yoke of tyranny which liberals blissfully pile upon them straw by damnable straw. Proof of this is readily apparent by their righteous indignation at the slightest hint of the second amendment being intended for exactly that purpose.


mark hartless 1 week ago on Fall drives less expensive this year in Northwest Colorado

This White Hose wants low gas prices?? That's the funniest thing I've heard since I need to ask Smith and Wesson to give me a free gun... you do remember that little nugget of wisdom, don't you?

This White House doesn't want ANYTHING that makes life easier for Americans.

Low fossil fuel prices destroy alternative/ renewable energy... thank God.

The "You can't drill your way out of this" crowd of/from 6 years ago is being shown for exactly what they were/are. ... totally wrong, totally lying, and totally un-american.

There is enough fossil fuel to last us several thousand years, plus sell it and make some seriously needed $$$ to boot... and it's cheap. Let's drive our internal combustion engines around and enjoy burning and selling it!!!!!!!

Going from "You can't drill your way out" to "White House wants cheap gas" is TRULY jumping in front of the parade and claiming to lead it. Go to the back of the line.


mark hartless 1 week ago on As winter approaches, bear activity increases

Yes, and the fact than men killed them off is a GOOD thing. Absolutely GREAT change to the environment!!!