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mark hartless 2 days, 5 hours ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

My dog could answer your questions, Dan. No intellect required.

Hey, by the by...While you were out skiing powder and riding those coal-fired ski lifts with all your white friends, did you happen to see O.J. out there, Mr. "champion of the people"?

Did you and he find Nichole's killer?? Or any dishonest, greedy, racist republicans out there in whitetopia?

Did you and OJ "bring 'em to justice", Mr. "progressive warrior"?

What a maroon...


mark hartless 2 days, 5 hours ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall

That's because as they seize power they do so thru leaders who promise to "get things done". Basically this means "to heck with the Constitution, or those pesky congress-critters! I have a pen and a phone!" Or "Believe me, I will make Mexico pay for a wall!" or whatever.

This is music to the ears of those desperate to change the trajectory of the republic. And they will cut ties to a Constitution faster than Grant took Richmond if they think it will get results. Never considering the NEXT king will have been made even more powerful by precedent.


mark hartless 2 days, 5 hours ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall

But we're not going back to that model. That model is for a moral people. Morality in America is waning, and it is taking the republic with it. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams.

We are disintegrating into a banana republic. Corruption is rampant and increasing.

Laws are purposefully so voluminous that every man can be made a criminal at the behest of his political adversary; so whoever has position has a degree of power over their opposition that is unprecedented in this nations history... but that will get worse.

Study human history and you will find that nations do not right themselves from a position America is currently in. They sink much farther first.

I have written recently about how I feel both Obama AND Trump's popularity are symptoms of Americans' clamoring for a king. Clamoring for a king is what EVERY democracy does as corruption, cronyism, nepotism, favoritism, etc, takes hold.

People are so desperate to re-gain control of the republic that they are unwittingly destroying it by de-coupling it from it's owners manual, the US Constitution.

When restraint is removed, action results. But like cutting a ship from it's moorings in a gale, the perceived "freedom" from "gridlock" will be short-lived. Ships don't sail themselves, and any ship not sailed with assiduous attention to the charts, soon finds itself on the rocks.

Although referring more specifically to taxation than to outright power-grabbing, Bastiat somewhat described the condition this way: "When plunder is organized for the profit of those who make the law, all the plundered classes try somehow to enter--by peaceful or revolutionary means--into the making of the laws... Either they may wish to stop lawful plunder, or they may wish to share in it. Woe to the nation when this latter purpose prevails among the mass victims of lawful plunder when they, in turn, seize the power to make laws!"


mark hartless 2 days, 20 hours ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall

Once, Abraham Lincoln asked an audience, "How many legs does a dog have if you count the tail as a leg?"

The audience shouted "FIVE!".

Mr Lincoln then said, "calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg."

Courts rule many conflicting things, and many courts have many of their rulings overruled by other courts.

People have God-given, not Court-given, rights. One of which is, logically, to remain anonymous when identification will almost certainly bring retribution.

We have heard from some on this very blog who stopped commenting when it eliminated anonymity. They knew people who would retaliate.

Fear of retaliation squelches dissent. Dissent is vital to a democratic republic. It goes hand-in-glove with that "petition for a redress of grievances" thingy...

I find it humorous that so many leftist progressives are big fans of whistle-blower protections when they think it leans their way and will stick it to some big tobacco or car or mining company, but yet they want everyone identified who opposed them politically.

Current leftist community organizer in chief (as well as other presidents) used the IRS, EPA, Justice Department, etc to do exactly that. Stuck it to right-wing non-profits. Even went after Gibson Guitars for Gods sake.

These people are ruthless... I should be allowed to do ANY legal act anonymously... ESPECIALLY when what I'm doing is gonna piss off some would-be Napoleon like Obama.


mark hartless 3 days, 5 hours ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

The "wine and cheese" (and powder day) leftist speaks of equality and fairness...

What a real "champion" for those poor souls being smothered under the jack-boots of racist capitalists around the world.

You go Dan! Get out there on the ski slopes and find some poor smothered souls to champion! O.J. Simpson is checking the golf courses... YOU check the ski slopes and rally at the country club later to compare notes...


mark hartless 4 days, 6 hours ago on New committee will tackle housing issues in Routt County

Now dis jus keeps evabody glued to da gubbamint... don it...?

Poor people incentivized to stay poor, keep getting handouts and not dare excel or go to work. Just keep bitchin about the rich. Middle class incentivized to say "hey, where's MY bailout?", and hate the poor for being leaches and the rich for manipulating the political process out of their majority control. And Rich incentivized to buy influence to keep their sugar cane and ethanol subsidizies rolling along.

Quite an insidious little system we got here... It will get MUCH worse before it gets better.


mark hartless 4 days, 19 hours ago on Routt County commissioners consider a strategic shift on energy jobs

I disagree that it the commissioners role "to keep coal mines, power plants and railroads open in our county". Completely disagree.

Was it the commissioners job to keep saddle and buggy makers in business in Routt County in1890? Would they have been justified in doing that by outlawing automobiles or buying defective buggys for the county? NO!

It's your job to provide a safe, level playing field and let the best business win or lose on its own merits. If coal can't survive, too bad. Ditto for every business, right up to and including the ski area.

Make your county hospitable to business and free from corruption and open to development. Economic growth and stability will result naturally.


mark hartless 5 days ago on New winter tire legislation clears initial hurdle

That's because other nations are not as STUPID as we are. Trump is right about that, if nothing else. Forget New Zealand...Try just going to Mexico and asking for citizenship; tell them you have no wealth or education or meaningful skills right now, but that you're going to start a grass-cutting business and hire only immigrants and pay them squat. They'd laugh their ass off, but no way in heck you'd be allowed in.

Unlike stupid Americans who have been brainwashed by " Multiculturalism" hogwash, they just want people who's pockets are full, Visas are valid, and who are thirsty for Tequila. As Zac Brown rightly said: "Senoritas no care-o when there's no dinero... I'm going back to G A..." We are STUPID. They are NOT.


mark hartless 5 days ago on New committee will tackle housing issues in Routt County

A lot of motivation is building, enhancing, hedging, and protecting all the little "fiefdoms" governments build. No way we can combine these redundant 3 or 5 departments into one, or let them fall into "enemy hands" (the private sector), even if it would save taxpayers millions. If we did that somebody "special" would be out of a job, and worse, they wouldn't have 17 subordinates on their staff to get them coffee, tell them how great they are and hang around to replace them when they retire with a cushy pension.

Remember the completely false mantra after 9/11? "You have to FEDERALIZE it (the TSA) in order to PROFESSIONALIZE it"? What an absurd joke THAT turned out to be...

Wasn't it Lucifer who originally said "I'd rather REIGN in Hell, than SERVE in Heaven"?