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mark hartless 3 days, 18 hours ago on Free Summer Concert Series funding cut doesn't sit well with some City Council members

"...A drop in city funding for the hyper-popular Free Summer Concert Series was hard..."

The level of denial in that completely contradictory statement alone says it all.

If something is "free", it needs no funding... like air, sunshine, stargazing, etc.

That concerts which are clearly NOT free, are popular to those who recieve them at no cost suprises who??????? I'm sure a "Free Groceries" series or a "Free Pickup Truck" series would be popular with the recipients too. Why not get that going?? They might not be as popular with Safeway and Steamboat Motors, but they are just two votes vs the thousands who are sure to approve.

Why not put it up for a vote?? After all, this IS a democracy, right???


mark hartless 3 days, 18 hours ago on Steamboat Springs City Council reviews affordable housing issue

Why oh why... do so many people believe it is the proper role of gubbamint to make things "affordable"; be it college, housing, gasoline or anything else?

Why oh why do people not understand that making a product more "affordable" to the buyer makes the entire endeavor LESS affordable to the seller, and damages THAT person in direct proportion to the "help" it gives the other.

When gubbamint plays favorites it is the very DEFINITION of discrimination it was established to protect us against.

Why oh why do people expect cheap housing in a world class ski town? Frankly, I don't believe they do expect it. Rather, they have learned, like children manipulating inexperienced parents, that if they cry loud enough and ACT hurt enough, that push-over momma will come to the rescue with cookies and a "there-there sweety, let momma fix it", instead of letting baby learn valuable lessons... like it costs $$$$ to live in a ski town...


mark hartless 5 days, 4 hours ago on Steamboat City Council backs city manager after two members seek her resignation

"fundamental responsibilities"

It's not just Steamboat.

Most municipal, state, and of course the Federal, governments have a very distorted view of government's fundamnental responsibilities.

I believe a major reason for this is the fact that governments are comprised of people who are themselves products of a failing public (and higher) education system. They were never taught about the limits placed on government by constitution, charters, etc. They were never taught WHY those limits exist. They were never taught the ugly historical consequences of over-empowerment.

Then there's the sad little matter of character... or the lack thereof...

I have seen it repeated over and over. Things like bus service or education are neglected in favor of more "glamorous" desires which are clearly outside the scope of government. The predictable vacuum which results is then used to garner support for more funding- usually with some lofty rhetoric about how we "owe it to the children", etc.

In the midst of that maunfactured "crisis", most everyone forgets that there was plenty of "funding" when the fiscal year started. What was is short supply was priorities and self-dicipline.

One can not blame the leadership alone. Voters wield their power like a 6 year old who just found his daddy's pistol. They want all their eyes see- recreation facilities, bike trails, you name it- and they want someone else to fund it. This puts elected officials in a tight spot. Debt is usually the "solution". Another is putting the "The Buck Stops Here" sign on someone elses desk.

Steamboat could be a lot worse off.


mark hartless 6 days, 3 hours ago on Fundraising underway for water station at Soroco High School

Wasn't it P.T. Barnum who said "...there's a sucker born every minute..." ??

$1,000 to filter water which is already cleaner than most of the population of the planet drinks every day of their lives.

Wonder why communities run short of funds?? Has nothing to do with taxes. You could double them, and double them again, and it still wouldn't be enough to overcome this insanity.


mark hartless 6 days, 17 hours ago on Challenges of being green: Recycling in Routt County isn’t as easy and free as some might think

Most religious environmentalists do not care about facts. Regular busses more sensible? Who cares. Pipelines safer that oil on trains?? Shut up! Recycling burns more fossil fuel than new production?? Their wood stove is dirtier than getting their heat from the Hayden power plant??? Silence, heathen!!

Their main goals appear to be: 1) Being seen as caring more for the environment than you do. 2) Causing us "hicks" to feel guilty because we don't care as much as they do. 3) Destroying or discouraging business and prosperity and commerce which they view as threatening to the environment. 4) Reducing world population which they view as threatening to the environment... except for the population made up of themselves, of course...


mark hartless 1 week ago on Challenges of being green: Recycling in Routt County isn’t as easy and free as some might think

Scott is, of course, exactly right.

Recycling is like "Communion" for the Church of the Holy Environment, and it makes folks feel like they are "saving the earth".

Other than that, it accomplishes very little and burns a lot of time. A good case can be made for NOT recycling most products in most locations.