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mark hartless 5 days, 12 hours ago on Seminars at Steamboat speaker: Despite problems, Iran nuke deal is still the best choice

But Reagan negotiated from a position of strength. And the wall came down. Obama has assured that the wall will be reinforced with concrete and #8 rebar .... probably provided by China, unless we were stupid enough to give them that too.......


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So, whatever you tax, you get less of. If the people with the most capital gains to be taxed just moved their assets to Hong Kong, where the capital gains tax is ZERO, then what is Rhys gonna do for walkin' around money??

I can set up an account in Hong Kong and trade any stock on the DJIA or any other stock market in the world.

Perhaps Rhys, and many others need to read about people like Jim Rogers, who made millions on Wall Street, but left America for Hong Kong a decade or so ago. He took his$$$$ with him and today Rhys and Bernie are getting and will get NONE of it.

The greedy folks supporting Bernie need to try and understand that 20% of SOMETHING is better than 80% of NOTHING.

It's funny how they bitch about not a high wage and jobs going overseas, and people like Bernie would accelerate the pace of that transition to light speed.


mark hartless 5 days, 22 hours ago on Gary Kalow: Rob is right but wrong

And getting rid of Trump would be the biggest favor the American people could possibly do for the establishment, tow-party kleptocracy.


mark hartless 5 days, 23 hours ago on Gary Kalow: Rob is right but wrong

Grant is, of course, exactly right.

The answer to why we are prisoners of this crap system, Grant, is that the electorate is comprised of basically two types of people:

First, the type of people that would vote for a person, even if their candidate were on camera chopping off their own mother's head, so long as that candidate was promising to do something for them... namely re-direct other peoples possessions. They know exactly why they vote and they will never change their vote. They vote their own self interest ahead of their fellow men and ahead of their country EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The second type is what Limbaugh termed "the low-information voter" who are not qualified to vote, have little to no knowledge, and should be restricted from voting, (if nothing else on the basis of their lack of filing an income tax return, etc). They vote as they are told. Some are on modern-day plantations of their own party's making, while others allow "patriotism" to blind them to the many faults of their current political party which has severely hurt our standing around the world.

So long as these conditions prevail-- and Tom's sentiment is probably correct that they WILL prevail-- then no significant changes will happen.

Anyone who thinks Hillary or Jeb is going to improve their lives is crazy. I don't think water-boarding would make me vote for either of them.

Both parties are complicit in the importation of slave labor into this country. Both parties have blood on their hands from endless, unnecessary foreign wars. Both parties are in bed with giant corporations. Both a full of favor-doers for special interests. Both put their selves and their political connections ahead of our country. Both are hosing the American people every day


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Rhys, Help me. I'm very confused. You say "Keep your hands out of my pockets, you steal enough of my money already", but you have also said that you support Bernie Sanders for President.

How do you juxtaposition these tow contradictory positions.

BTW, you know I agree with your sentiment above, just wondering if you think Sanders is not going to have his hands in your pocket...


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" one in the know is talking". That's because those "in the know" know that Americans are getting screwed to the wall by slave labor from south of the border.

High labor costs is exactly what Steamboat needs. It makes housing and living more affordable. But it's never gonna get it with slave labor pouring over our southern border.

Labor rates should be double what they are today. And they would be if our government just controlled our border.


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Russia shot down an American Senator, Larry McDonald, flight 007. Still, we don't chant "Death to Russia" and burn their flag almost daily.

"Crimes against Palestinians" my eye. Palestinians lob hundreds upon hundreds of rockets into civilian occupied Israel, kill women and children, blow themselves up on buses, in their churches, etc, often with the aid of hardware from Iran. They base their rockets in their own schools, etc and blame Israel when their children, who they don't give a damn about, get killed. Israel gives them notice before it strikes these facilities, more than I would ever do. Palestinians are lucky Israel doesn't squish them into a greasy spot, which is exactly what their behavior warrants.


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You mean like the first thing Obama did after his election, reneging on the promise to put defense in Poland?? You mean THAT kind of un-reliable??