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mark hartless 9 hours, 7 minutes ago on Supreme Court issues landmark stay in Clean Power Plan case

I believe it was "Ding dong, the witch is dead...".

"Heigh ho" was from Snow White, and certainly not a song any liberal is familiar with (as evidenced by it's misapplication above). After all... the lyrics were: "... it's off to WORK I go" ... Work being an all-but foreign concept to most leftist progressives...


mark hartless 14 hours, 42 minutes ago on USA Pro Challenge in peril, skipping 2016

Wait... you mean to tell me that Amgen... one of those "evil, greedy drug companies" sponsors a bike race, largely for people who likely vote to SCREW them to the wall politically? I didn't think those "evil corporations" ever "gave back" to the community...


mark hartless 14 hours, 49 minutes ago on Heritage Christian School to close

That's the way He meant for it to be. He did us a favor by making the world round... so we cannot see to the end of our path...


mark hartless 21 hours, 24 minutes ago on Intrawest eyes real estate development

Intrawest is and has been a real estate company. Something you get killed at with only a short-term focus.

" If things don't work out, declare bankruptcy."?? I thought THAT was the Obama motto???

How many "oil-rich" Texans does one suppose there are at $26/barrel, Eric?? Guess one thing those "oil-rich" Texans proved is that we CAN "drill our way out" after all. Despite Obama's claims to the contrary, right??


mark hartless 21 hours, 33 minutes ago on USA Pro Challenge in peril, skipping 2016

Agreed, Bill. Get out... and don't let the door hit you in your skinny, uppity, holier-than-thou, little bicycle-riding rear ends.


mark hartless 21 hours, 43 minutes ago on Supreme Court issues landmark stay in Clean Power Plan case


Here you display one of the most dangerous but typical characteristics of leftist progressives. You come from some very "telling" positions.

First, you want to paint conservatives (or libertarians in my case) as ALWAYS opposed to government using its power. This is NOT true. We believe (we KNOW) that there is a role for some government. We are not anarchists.

From there it is an easy leap to accusing us of hypocrisy when we do not blindly and summarily support or oppose this or that particular action. Libertarians are not "anti-government", they are anti-abuse-of-the-constitution, which just happens to be MOST of what government does today (so I can see why you are confused).

No matter WHAT the Supreme court does, or TO WHOM it does it, if it is in keeping with the concept of SEPARATION OF POWERS as set forth in the Constitution, then real libertarians are going to support it.

The reason that libertarian positions seem hypocritical to leftists, is that they (you) are programmed to ALWAYS advocate for more state control, and to ALWAYS support their leadership, WHETHER OR NOT they act within the CONSTITUTION. Libertarians don't do this. That's why they are often "on the outs" with the Republican Party, whereas leftist progressives are much more rarely in discord, because they blindly support "the party" whether it is right or (mostly) wrong.

A good example of this is the Patriot act. Libertarians sided WITH democrats in opposing it when Bush started it. But Democrats, contrarily, hardly said a peep when Obama reinforced it. Conclusion: Libertarians support what is RIGHT--Leftists support their party.

Third, To support what is RIGHT according to the Constitution, a prerequisite is that one must KNOW what is right according to the Constitution. Leftists progressives are FAR more likely to be either ignorant of the Constitution, or indifferent to it, or in many, many cases, downright HOSTILE to it. Coining such phrases as "a living document". WRONG. The Constitution is explicit (not implicit) in it’s wording. It means what it says, NOT what progressives WISH it says.

Fourthly, One of the things it says is that there is a separation of powers, and that ALL laws must come from the House-to the Senate (or vis versa), as things called "Bills" and THEN AND ONLY THEN be signed into things called "laws" by the President. The president, no matter how much you and he both might WISH to make law all alone, is NOT allowed to do so under the Constitution. So he can make all the "I've got a pen and a phone" speeches he wants. Making law without congress is... wait for it... ILLEGAL... And libertarians have said that when Bush did it (and he sure as heck did), and we are saying it now that Obama is doing it.


mark hartless 1 day, 11 hours ago on Moose charges hikers, man with baby on Spring Creek Trail

When animals comfortably mingle with pedestrians, snowplows, skiers, and other forms of the modern world... are they really WILD life anymore?


mark hartless 1 day, 16 hours ago on Supreme Court issues landmark stay in Clean Power Plan case


Leftist progressives can visualize a "tree falling in the forest", or the "flapping of a butterfly's wings" in the Amazon as having a potential connection to all the world, but they can't (or won't) connect a major economic upheaval in their neighboring county to any negative possibility in their own county...

Any delusion bought and peddled willfully to sell the plan to destroy the fossil fuel industry and cripple the nation economically... Ahh, but THERE'S a connection they won't make either.