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mark hartless 23 hours ago on City outlines potential timeline for downtown improvements

Trucks can be up to 8'-6" wide, even without over-width placards. Then many semis don't track perfectly true and this makes 9' before you know it. Throw in some mirrors and put two alongside and that comfy 16' turns into a really tight 20' instantly. Kris is right. Lincoln Av is a total cluster the way it is now and it sounds like Yampa is gonna be even worse before the busy-bodies are done. Yes, we can all slow down to 5 mph and be safe. Just another 5mph after that we all stay home. What a brilliant transportation idea that would be.


mark hartless 1 day, 16 hours ago on Our view: This pooch has earned his Gravy Train

"... Think about this...your driving along, minding your own business...obeying ALL of the traffic laws...when "Officer Dolittle" spots a tail light out on your car...whips his police car around and pulls you over. "

Just one problem with that scenario... "a tail light out" is NOT "obeying all of the traffic laws".


mark hartless 1 day, 16 hours ago on It takes a village

So, if all this represents a hardship, which seems to be the theme of the article, then why don't these parents do what's best for their kids and move closer to the desired education and child care providers?

If the kids and/ or parents are doing just fine living out in the sticks and commuting several hrs/ day then where is the hardship?

Either way, it seems to be either a hardship of their own making, or lamentations of undesired consequences of decisions freely taken.

Lying about one's address to gain services from outside one's district is just a fine and dandy example to set for one's kids, though...


mark hartless 2 days, 20 hours ago on Driving without the pump

Factual information is, by definition, COMPLETE information, which as M. Bird points out is apparently lacking.

Electric cars are probably a step in the right direction for SOME applications. But ignoring that fact that they burn coal and require batteries that present environmental issues is also a way of presenting incomplete information.


mark hartless 2 days, 23 hours ago on Timothy V. Corrigan: Saving the sage grouse

"These two goals are not mutually exclusive. We can take the steps necessary to protect this bird and do so in a manner that will not hurt our economy."

Protecting this bird may not represent a significant expense or impact to the macro-economic picture of Routt County as a whole, nor regionally.

However, a person who's entire life savings is invested in a small plot of land which becomes directly impacted by the master plan's habitat guidelines may be greatly effected. They might consider such plan as a "taking". Depending on how it is worded, enforced and how they are compensated, they might have a strong legal argument.

If a species is given latitude solely for it's protection, and if specifically impacted land-owners are compensated justly, the action has moral standing. However, if a species is simply being used as a last ditch effort to block activity which some find objectionable, and if impacted property owners are not being justly compensated for shouldering the burden of society's endeavor, then that action does NOT have moral standing.


mark hartless 4 days, 9 hours ago on Steamboat chef on Jeopardy! winning streak

Congratulations to Greg.

He represents Steamboat Springs very well.

You have earned all your success, Greg.

My wife and I have watched you with joy.

My mom from VA called a few days ago to make sure we knew that a Steamboat guy was kickin it on Jeopardy.

Go get "em!!


mark hartless 4 days, 19 hours ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Here is a serious question. Not meant as an attack, just to prompt thought.

Is it really that you "can't tell [us] know-it-alls anything"?? Or could it be that, at least SOME of the time, your beliefs don't stand up under the weight of scrutiny?

One more: If I "know nothing of [your] faith", who's fault is that? Are you not secure enough in your beliefs to espouse and defend them? Or is the mere fear of criticism from some jackwagon like me enough to silence it? What value is that kind of faith?

Just asking...