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mark hartless 1 day, 7 hours ago on Laura Case: Environmentalism and hypocrisy

Many understand that the "Green" movement often resembles a watermelon's "greenness"; green on the outside but red on the inside. Red, as in Communist.

Those who understand communism and how it is applied know from experience and history that communism isn't FOR the communists--it's for every body else. The "Al Gores" of communism eat better food, live in bigger homes, have body guards that carry weapons outlawed to the "rest of us". They make up the rules as they go along and exempt themselves from just about all of them..

The communists always do this because they understand that to actually live under their brain-child system is pure misery.

Ditto for Al Gore and many others in the green movement. Green party leaders like Al Gore would sooner blow his brains out than live the primitive and sacraficial lifestyle he asks his followers to embrace.

Americans today are so clueless and brainwashed by all the green nonsense that they accept limitations and regulation of their future even though those who make the rules break every one of them right under their nose.


mark hartless 2 days, 6 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

If we hadn't gone to public school maybe we'd be smart enough to recognize global warming when we were told by our masters that it existed??

If we hadn't gone to public school you'd be saying "How can you criticize something you haven't experienced?"


mark hartless 2 days, 6 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

What hypocrisy I'm I guilty of, Graham?

I totally trust our education system... just like I totally trust our government. I trust them both to make almost everything they touch WORSE.

Environmentalism is a religion that worships the house while insisting that the house had no builder. I happen to believe that is foolish. There's no hypocrisy there.


mark hartless 2 days, 7 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

No. That's too hard. Calculations make their little heads hurt. Platitudes will have to suffice.


mark hartless 2 days, 7 hours ago on Laura Case: Environmentalism and hypocrisy

Laura is, of course, exactly right.

Al Gore has a sasquatch-sized "carbon footprint"; living high from the offering plate he passes around regularly at The Church of the Holy Environment. Or maybe in his case I'd change sasquatch-sized to Bozo the Clown-sized.


mark hartless 3 days, 6 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

Mr Johnston,

The future is ALWAYS uncertain. That's why we play the game. And if it is indeed UNCERTAIN, then your predictions of collapes and doom are EQUALLY uncertain.

There have always been prophets of impending doom. The only difference is that today's prophets of doom worship the house (earth) rather than it's builder (God).

In the 1960's the entire earth's known oil reserves were "X" billion barrels. Since then the world has consumed at least X billion barrels and the world's known oil reserves are now >2X. Judging from the recent collapse in oil prices, I'd say those who actually KNOW are betting there's plenty of it down there for a good long while...

In the 1960's the worlds population crossed the 3 billion mark. People just like yourself said the planet could not sustain the projected 4 billion and certainly not 6 billion. Today the earth sustains over 7 billion people with a smaller percentage living in disease and squalor than ever, and it will sustain the projected 20 billion as well.

The changes to earth's "systems" have had a net benefit to the world's population.

Cower in the corner with your lights turned out if you wish. Saves more fossil fuel for me.

Nobody is trying to actively dissuade anyone from achieving a vibrant future. That's rhetorical nonsense.

One sure way NOT to achieve a vibrant future is to become parrots and zombies who can not and do not think for one's self. THIS is the problem many of us have with our "educational" system and the product it now turns out.

Turning the lights out for an hour has ZERO impact; it's feel-good therapy. Doing something HARD, like getting a real education and developing technology that actually makes solar or wind power a viable energy option??? THAT would be meaningful; THAT would make a difference. Finding ways to capture carbon so we can use the dynamic energy sources we KNOW exist?? THAT takes a REAL education. THAT requires long hard hours of REAL thought from people with REAL intellect. But apparently that is too HARD for the little cupcakes, so all that is left is to throw guilt trips and fluff around at us "un-believers".


mark hartless 4 days, 6 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

I watched 4 young people come into the restaurant I was at last week. (this happens regularly nowadays) They sat down and each pulled out their phone. There they sat, in each other's company, faces and thumbs glued to their phones. Zombies are real.

Heard about the girl in Boulder who tried to poision her own mother for taking away her i-pad??


mark hartless 4 days, 6 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

Ahhh the irony...

According to religious environmentalists, just a few lights off can make a difference, while bringing millions of extra barrels of oil on the world market can't.


mark hartless 4 days, 20 hours ago on Our view: Iron Horse pulling its weight?

I shoveled my own snow, split my own firewood (11 cords of it every winter) and stained my own house, as well as mowed my own grass and drove a 15 yaer old chevy truck.When I bought firewood, I paid the market rate. I would have paid 50% more if that was the rate. It's called the "free market" NOT because everything is provided free, but because you are free to set your wages and compete.

Forcing people (consumers) to cough up more $$$$ for their service labor is EXACTLY what ought to replace AH subsidies. Let the lawn guy demand more $$$ and let the rich guy pay up or mow his own. And let people think long and hard (like I did) before moving here.

If you can't afford to wire homes here then MOVE, or raise your rates. Ditto for snow-plowers, painters, etc. I know a painter who buys a new sled every winter. He must know how to run his business better that others.

If the rich guy can't afford to pay higher prices for snow-plowers and yard mowers and painters then they should move or raise THEIR rates on whatever they do for a living also.

Keep the gubbamint out of it. Everything they do ends up crap.