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If value of a property is halfed, (and I'm not saying it is or isn't) and the tax bill goes down by 25%, then it is a net increase in property taxes.

Also, if, thanks to our wonderful gubbamint's printing press, (it's called inflation) your consumer staples increased in price, leaving you less $$$ to pay your property taxes with, the effect is a less of your $$$ is available for property taxes.

If one's income/ wages went down, by 20% and your property tax only went down by 14%, the net effect is a higher apparent property tax bill

And, before you say that all these scenario's are really stretching the truth, I'd remind you that compared to gubbamint accounting practices, these arguments are quite basic.

Spin it however you wish, local governments nationwide did quite well during the downturn by easing their property tax burdens on property owners WAY, WAY, WAY less than the valuations actually fell. Or, as Josey Wales' turncoat commander might say: "Don't p**s down my back and tell me it's raining."


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Forgive me for trying to make jokes at your expense. I'm sure it's very relaxing, and the cost actually sounds quite reasonable.

I used to love floating on my back in the ocean at Myrtle Beach when I was a kid ; it was very relaxing too, except for the occaisional jellyfish...


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Yes, but it's too cold in winter, and we should ALL be entitled to year-round floatation, just like we should ALL be entitled to live in a world-class ski town, whether we can afford it or not...


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"Who knows if individual government is workable... "

Just about everybody knows. It ain't. The term is Anarchy, and it's not much prettier than totalatarianism.

However, as close to anarchy as possible is where our government was established.

Since then it has managed to creep as far as possible toward the other end of the spectrum (totalitarianism).

Have you ever read "The Law"?

Bastiat sort of explains why government was set up, what it's proper limits are and why, and why YOU, even as a free and autonomous individual, ARE obligated to conform to the basic tenets of government (as he defines it).

If you've not read it, do so. If you have, review it-it will answer the questions you laid out above.


mark hartless 1 day ago on Joe Meglen: Lincoln’s birthday

Ken said:

"Mark, I think I was listening to the same show when that guy claimed math was rascist! Was that on Boortz or Royal T? Ha. That was a good one."

No, I don't think so. Although I used to listen to Boortz. I miss him, and Royal Marshall's clunky laugh- he died way too young- too bad really.

I believe the show I was listening to when I heard that was a local morning show out of Lynchburg Va on what was then a relatively new station called "105.9 The Line" WLNI. They carried Boortz too so I could be mistaken, but something in my memory says the guys ridiculous accusation was about our local city school.

I think the show is still on but their format has changed since then.

Do you remember "Boo got shot" ??

Boortz was one of a kind- hated to see him retire.


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35 years in Va was enough. The humidity and heat is a real b***h. It's no different than Honduras, weather-wise; except in Va it's 5 months whereas in Honduras it's year-round.

I've seen it snow 24" overnight, then go an entire winter with zero snow, then rain at 19 degrees and collapse every power-line and tree-limb in the county; leaving power off for 3-1/2 weeks!

When I came out west in 1987 and saw the kind of snow only Dr Seuss would write about, I fell in love with the rocky mtns.

I never really left the south. I miss my family and friends quite a bit. But I have made many new friends along the way.

I also spend a considerable amount of time in the desert southwest, another truly magical land, where I am currently hiding out and waiting for some decent snow. I spent the last 2 hrs reading outside on my porch here near Zion Nat Park, listening to the Virgin River trickle along.

I walked around in a t-shirt in 65 deg temps today. If you can't ride (snowmobile) then 65 deg and sunshine ain't a bad second... golf anyone???

Call me when the snow flies again. "till then I'm a desert rat with fond memories of the mtns AND of the south...