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Don't forget the key word to your statement here, Eric. "...required...". As in PAST tense.

It has been a long time since evangelical christians (or most other religions) chopped off heads of those who would not convert. Long ago rational men recognized this was wrong and it stopped. Therefore, a comparison of todays Islam with evangelical christians of centuries ago is a FALSE argument.

And for all the talk about "war on women", "war on homosexuals", "war on fill-in-the-blank", the left holds pretty silent and seems to have it's collective head in, well, let's call it the sand, when it comes to this particular movement (radical islal) which actually does have an axe to grind with women, homosexuals, etc, etc.

Radical Islam is destabalizing entire continents and too few are willing to call balls and strikes. An Islamic man recently chopped off the head of a co-worker at a food processing plant near Oklahoma City. He had tried to convert many of his co-workers to Islam before the incident...


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YOU brought up BC. The trans Canada IS beautiful, but totally inadequate for commerce in the modern age. It holds the nation back. I also pointed out the character of people with regards to their dishonesty. They are really nice folks, but among them are some who will rob you blind.

YOU brought up Japan. I merely pointed out that they tried to destroy us and we kicked their ass.

YOU brought up Sweden. I merely pointed out that much of Europe was living off the prosperity America provided for them by saving their ass in WW2 and by protecting them from the Soviets for 50+ years with OUR tax money.

The effects of eating ones seed corn are not immediate for Europe; just as they will be delayed for the US... just sayin'.

PS, you assume too much- The last time I drove through Canada it was in a Subaru Forester, Rhys. Cheers,


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"So why then are you so down on our future. Makes no sense."

One of the most difficult things for most humans is the ability to compartmentalize. So many people today can't criticize any part of anything they are associated with; if they are a democrat all democrats are worthy of defense; if they are a bicyclist all bicyclist behavior is worthy of defense, and so on.

This is where I have differed from many people all my life. I am perfectly capable of crediting someone like Dan Shores (for example) of being an excellent golfer, skier, welder (or whatever he does well) while criticizing his incredibly mistaken views on government.

Similarly, I am capable of saying this is a great country and defending the overall conduct of this nation throughout history, while also saying "hey folks the house is on fire". And it IS on fire... and it is a great country... it's both.

Another common mistake many people make is to assume that what IS will remain indefinitely. This is folly. There is no example in human history of a civilization that did not succumb to the forces of decline.

Our nation, while great, stands on a precipice. 18 trillion in debt, a culture of immediate gratification, an out-of-control and corrupt political system, an electorate with the attention span of a fruit fly and 4th grade education... these spell doom. But it doesn't mean America isn't the greatest country on earth; it is. The danger is that it might not be much longer, and that does not mean another nation will raise it's living standards above America's all-time high standards; it means ours are likely to decline and theirs will be higher not by ascent but by default.


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Sorry Rhys, I disagree; but if you are so sure, why not bounce?

Add up all the people trying to get into those other countries and it's a small percentage of those coming to America.

Many of the nations you mentioned are and have been living off the protection afforded them by the greatest nation on earth... America. Others have attacked and tried unsuccessfully to destroy the US. Others have great socialist utopias ONLY because they let us protect them from the Soviet threat for 5 decades.

You're the one that's dreaming.

I've been to BC; it stays socked in with clouds and fog months out of the winter. The Trans-Canada highway is a total freakin joke. Last time I was there they were raving about the epic wonderful snow; ranked maybe a 4 out-of 10 with Northwest Colorado. They chain down the shopping carts because the p[eople are such crooks. They steal snowmobiles every night. I leave the key in my sleds in Steamboat; never had anyone bother my sled in Routt County... EVER.

I've been to much of the rest of the world; you are simply wrong... period. Again, America isn't for everybody and broadening ones horizons is always a good thing. Jump on out there; it will be the best thing you could do for your appreciation of the US.


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Nobody is saying that America is or ever was perfect, Scott. Attempting to EXPLAIN slavery is not the same as DEFENDING it.

The problem with so many progressive leftists is that many leftists progressives want us to debate the issues in a vacuum of just "it was wrong so America is bad" It doesn't work that way!

For example, they act like people chose coal over wind and solar power 100 years ago when they chose to start using electricity; as if both were equally available and they just WANTED the dirty choice; as if they chose to use slaves to pick cotton over John Deere tractors; as if tractors and cotton gins were already there and available in 1825 but they just wanted to use black folks instead; as if they chose to have factories that belched smoke instead rainbows; as if we today have a choice to force their kids to drink dirty water but somehow our kids will drink different, clean water.

They pontificate as if people could see all the way to today from a century or two ago and yet still purposely chose all the wrong things simply because they were are all a bunch of racist, pollution-loving ogres refusing to do what was best when the choices were so clear and simple.

Frankly, I think progressives and leftists LIKE the fact that America isn't perfect because it gives them something to bitch about.

The funny thing is that, while they LOVE to compare America to the utopia we would have if we just did everything their way, they almost NEVER compare America to any other actual, REAL country on earth! And we all know why; because doing so would reveal that, while America hasn't ever been perfect, it started and has remained as close to perfect as they're gonna get.

If they think America is unacceptably flawed now, just wait till they perfect it for another couple decades...


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And using gubbamint to re-distribute property isn't "compassion" either.

Leftists like to use gubbamint to steal, rather than do the dirty work themselves. Robbery is dangerous and they might get hurt, but using gubbamint as the gangsta keeps them safe it their penthouses where they can hide behind general welfare and interstate commerce.

But they always like to have the "thank you" note sent to themselves personally... cause they're so "compassionate"...


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Mr. Shores,

Putting a gun to the head of ones fellow man, taking their property, and giving it to another, is armed robbery, not "compassion". Empowering a gubbamint to do the same thing is equally armed robbery, not "compassion. If you were really compassionate you'd give your own money to charitable causes, instead of stealing from others and taking credit for the stolen gifts you pass out to others.

BTW, as long as we're talking about what "everyone knows" or what is "widely accepted"; it is "widely accepted" that conservatives give way, way, way more to charitable causes than you so-called "compassionate" leftists.

You can count a dogs tail as a leg and say "dogs have 5 legs" till the creeks rise, but calling a dogs tail a leg will never make it a leg.

Furthermore, one does not "better" others by keeping them in dependance and poverty and stoking the flames of jealousy and divisiveness for generation after generation after generation.

Bleeding heart leftists like you are the first ones to condemn others for feeding wild animals such as the bears that now infest downtown Steamboat which have learned how "compassionate" the locals are, because it weakens them and makes them dependent on improper sources of support, yet, with gleeful ignorance and haughtiness, you would do this to your fellow man at every turn, call it "compassion", and you would happily use stolen money of others to do so, proudly taking credit all the way.


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"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad".

Our culture is disintegrating at an alarming rate. We don't have the elementary intelligence to practice basic quarantine protocols in lieu of political correctness. We are utterly mad.


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"...conservatives could give a rats behind whether people with existing conditions get affordable..."

Leftists like Dan have been spewing this sort of BS about medicine AND the environment for years-as if no conservatives have kids or loved ones that must breath clean air, drink clean water, or access medicine for their families and friends.

I am honestly aghast at the sheer ignorance of the people who would believe such bull, as well as the utter hatred and malice it takes from someone like Dan to utter such total crap.

I hope you don't eat with the same mouth that this line of BS came from, Dan.


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I don't think it's a bad idea. GMO products should be allowed, but people should know what they are getting. This is not a huge intrusion, in my view.