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mark hartless 15 hours, 33 minutes ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

"...but the resources do exist in this world. It is simply a matter of have those pay for what has been "stolen"."

This is exactly what Stalin and Mao told themselves and their followers before they slaughtered 100 million of their own people. So they set out to "make 'em pay", and look at the result.

You can paint whatever picture you wish about the perils of capitalism, and I have agreed that it's not perfect, but it has abused, robbed, impoverished and killed way, way, way, way, way, fewer people that the "make 'em pay" method... otherwise known as communism.


mark hartless 15 hours, 42 minutes ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

"To assume that the only reasons mankind has progressed is because of the "carrot" of extreme wealth is questionable and, to me, pretty depressing."

I know. It's depressing and disagreeable to a lot of people. But it's NOT about "extreme wealth"; it's just about keeping the fruits of one's labor, be they great or humble.

I assume you worked a job most of your life. Did you do it for the good of mankind, or for a paycheck? Why didn't you do it for the common good??

The desire for profit has caused people to jump up and feed more people, house more people, clothe more people, cure more people, than all the charitable activity AND government prodding combined EVER will.

Look at the alternatives. Socialism has been tried. Communism has been tried. They fail over and over and over again. Capitalism works best, even though it is not at all perfect.

Describe to us a better alternative.


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Ok, remove the word "military" and insert the word "government". Point its still the same. The entity telling you to support climate warming/ global change/ whatever mitigation is THE SAME entity that will stand to gain power, funding and influence if that happens. It's the biggest conflict of interest in the history of the world to ask government scientists and others on the government payroll if they think they ought to be given trillions of dollars and vastly more power and controll of something just as soon as they decide if it's real or not. Just exactly what the heck would you expect an organization as corrupt as our government to do with that scenario, steve??


mark hartless 23 hours, 9 minutes ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

Statements from the Military? I ought to listen to the Military???

The same Military that consumes my taxes, engulfs a world in perpetual war and who stands to significantly increase it's power and influence and budget if given charge of the climate "solution"???

Trust THAT Military??? Yeah. right.

Methinks on most other matters you'd be the first to denounce the military, but here they prop your agenda, so ...


mark hartless 23 hours, 14 minutes ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

Humor me. I beg of you; tell me just once more. Why endeavor to stop a climate from changing which has been changing for millennia?


mark hartless 1 day, 1 hour ago on Yampa Valley Housing Authority close to applying for permit to build 48 affordable apartments

Why should this situation be any different than the rest of the nation. Whether it be making mortgage payments, having insurance, paying their bills on time, etc, those who do the right thing are increasingly screwed while those who screw up their own lives and the lives of countless others are given one "do-over" after another after another... mostly at the expense of the taxpayers.

Is it any wonder that more and more people every day are finding ways to NOT be taxpayers???


mark hartless 1 day, 3 hours ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable


How quickly you jumped off the unsustainability of our governmental deficit spending, and onto the unsustainability of our capitalist and fossil fuel structures. I will partially agree with you that capitalism is not perfect. However, it is better than all the alternatives. And true capitalism is NOT being practiced. "Crony Capitalism" is as abhorrent to me as it is to you..

Some of your statements have some pretty big built-in assumptions. For example, you say "...the billions living under food scarcity would question this." What you might want to remember is that, apart from the innovation which capitalism has prompted, those "billions living under food scarcity" would instead be DEAD from food non-existence, dead from lack of vaccines, dead from simple things like childbirth, manual labor, natural disasters, heat, cold, predation, etc. All these things and more, which were abundant in our pre-industrial world, had lifespans a century or two ago markedly shorter than they are today.

Most everything you assert about the perils of capitalism is the OPPOSITE of the reality. Mas IS bringing forth enough food to feed the 7 billion, and his innovation and capitalism will find ways to feed the 20 billion when they arrive. Man's innovation IS keeping people more healthy, living longer, in less pain, in less poverty, less subject to natural disasters, etc, etc. We've burned more oil than the "experts" of 1972 said existed on the entire planet and we've found ANOTHER 1,687 BILLION barrels. Ditto for Nat Gas, Coal ,etc. And if we don't foolishly and voluntarily return to the stone ages out of the panic your ilk has us under presently, we WILL find ways to make them cleaner, use them more efficiently, and thrive in the process.

I'm guessing you're not planning to move out of our capitalist nation any time soon. I can also tell you that those poor people whom you presume to champion are breaking laws, spending savings, risking lives, doing whatever they can to get AWAY FROM systems which are structured with alternatives to capitalism; and they are COMMING TO this system you condemn as fast as they can. Both they and you are voting with your feet; and the vote is the opposite of your rhetoric.

In conclusion, my question for you is: Where else, except from that mean old capitalist system, will we ever get the $$$$ necessary to implement the "save the world from it's own climate" program?? We did cover earlier the fact that WE ARE BROKE, right?


mark hartless 1 day, 4 hours ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

None of the members of The Church of the Holy Environment will answer my simple question: Why should we try NOW to stop a climate from changing which was changing long before man started using fossil fuel?. Nobody from their church will EVER, EVER answer that question when I ask it.


mark hartless 1 day, 21 hours ago on Up to 2 feet expected in the mountains early this week

The climate only started changing when man started burning fossil fuel. Before that, the climate had been steady for tens of thousands of years.

The rise in sea-level thousands of years ago which seperated Tasmania from the Austrailian continent is a hoax.

The Thames river no longer freezing a century before fossil fuels when it previously froze regularly... that too is a hoax.

Massive floods leaving stratification evidence worldwide... that's a hoax.

Tree rings from trees on multiple continents showing catastrophic weather events in the 6th century AD... all a big hoax!

The snowiest winter on record in the Northeastern US is evidence of global warming. The coldest monthly temperatures ever recorded in the midwest is proof of global warming.

Who the hell is the "denier", really??