Brian Smith

Brian Smith 1 year ago on Winter airline seats to Yampa Valley Regional Airport to remain flat this ski season

I concur with Mark, pretty important for me to not waste time driving to Denver to fly out. This last spring with Republic has been the most challenging season I have had flying out of HDN in 6 years or so (I actually drove to Denver once, first time in 6 years). In my experience, I have not had significant delays in the layover in DEN unless of course my first Republic flight out of HDN was not delayed or cancelled. After this spring/summer with Republic, I am looking forward to winter season and more direct flights for sure.


Brian Smith 1 year ago on Steamboat Ski Area announces prices for night skiing

Hmm, I don't mind that add on cost for night skiing, but I was really hoping to take advantage of night skiing during the week as I work M/F, 9-5...I already ride during the day on Sat/Sun, so don't really see my self doing it those nights. Maybe the days offered will change over time so M/F 9-5'ers can take advantage of the late hours.


Brian Smith 1 year ago on Steamboat Springs City Council to weigh night skiing plan as some residents voice concern

At first I thought I would never ski at night, but after thinking about my 9-5 job, M-F, you know what, I might go makes some turns in the evening if the snow is good. Also, if it provides more employment hours for locals which I imagine it would, not only for Ski Corp, but more business for spots such as Slopeside/Saketumi etc, I am all for it.


Brian Smith 1 year, 1 month ago on New MRI machine in Steamboat Springs makes scans more comfortable

I had an MRI of my knee on this unit last week, WAY better for someone who is claustrophobic than a standard MRI machine. I really appreciate the fact that we have this in town and I don't have to get sedated to have an MR done when needed.


Brian Smith 1 year, 1 month ago on 2 jet flights return to Denver/Steamboat routes for ski season

Irregular is right on I would say...I have taken about 8 trips out of HDN since spring (another out of Denver due to lack of flights our of HDN), everyone of them either coming or going was delayed or cancelled (I don't blame HDN staff, Republic has been horrible)...starting to rethink my career choice, which for me most likely involves moving from the valley.