lowerprofile 8 years, 10 months ago on Yampa Valley growth sparks electricity concerns

I don't think YVEA offers any incentives for "green" power. If they do they certainly don't advertise it. MANY other electric providers will buy excess electricity from households that produce too much energy through solar power or wind power, at least at a fair rate.

If YVEA is so concerned about being able to provide enough energy for the future residents of the Yampa Valley, they should adopt a program that encourages clean energy production.

Imagine being able to buy a solar system for your house that produces enough electricity to pay for itself in 5-10 years. What would that do to the real estate value of your house!?

YVEA is MISSING THE BOAT on green energy. I will be voting for Susan Holland to the board of directors to see if she can inspire some forward thinking on that old board of environmental heathens.


lowerprofile 9 years ago on Should some of the city's revenues from the half-cent sales tax for education be shared with Hayden and South Routt school districts?

Didn't Hayden and Oak Creek vote against instituting their own 1/2 cent sales tax for their schools?

Don't both communities get access to the District's grant writers FOR FREE? (yes) Both these communities receive more grant money through this FREE grant writing (with amazing grant writers) due to the low income nature of the communities than Steamboat is able to get.

I think they would probably do better monetarily, to leave it as it is with receiving the better grant dollars than to put all that in jeopardy and receive a small portion of the city's 1/2 cent sales tax. It probably looks better to grant funders to not be receiving that "help".


lowerprofile 9 years, 1 month ago on Hot Springs rates on rise

And FoodChain - take your racist comments (3/22, 2:50pm "porch...") and go back to Aspen! See if you can find this guy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnyNK7...


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Elk - be careful - if Rumberg and Carnage have their way, city council will be asked (or told) they need to dump tax payer $$ into the OTHS. They had the last council by the (privates)! Do you think there is one member of council right now who isn't a current member or lifetime member there? This group of OLD BLOOD on the OTHS board positions themselves wisely (as to the MOB).

I would much rather pour my taxpayer dollars into a new worthwhile facility, than DUMP more money (from any source) into this mismanaged and poorly led excuse for a recreation facility.


lowerprofile 9 years, 1 month ago on Hot Springs rates on rise

As a known proponent of the Rec Center, I think this is great!!!! I think they should raise the rates - raise them again. The OTHS will fail all on their own and then won't have a Rec Center to blame it on!

This just goes to show that any future City Council should not listen to one minute of the P.Carnage, B.Rumberg WHINING of "whaaaaiiiiiiittttt, whhhhaaaattt abouuuuut uuuuuuusssss????" They will tell you one thing and then go ahead and stick it to you on the other end. What if they did get the MILLIONS they were asking for? They didn't want city input AT ALL, think of the increase in rates that would have created.

THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL, if enough people/families don't buy a membership to OTHS, your statement will be heard!

Perhaps paying $650 (annual proposed local membership PLUS the increase in taxes) doesn't sound so bad anymore especially for a clean, kid friendly, local friendly, tourist friendly, RIFF RAFF friendly, just a plain old FRIENDLY facility.

Please ---- those who were putting the REC CENTER plans together - get back together and put together a new plan. Those above who are complaining, please step up to the plate and make the PERSONAL POLITICAL!!!


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According to the Northeast Elementary of Kearney, Neb website - this is an accurate email address.


lowerprofile 9 years, 1 month ago on Another piece of the pie

Every conversation I have been privy to with the school board has said that this program would need to be tuition based, therefore the costs of the program will be absorbed by the participating families NOT passing off the responsibilities on to the government.

In addition, providing places where children are well cared for during working hours will allow more of our working community to work. Have you seen the help wanted ads lately? Services across the board are suffering because there aren't enough available workers.

Just because there are some who believe that education is important at all ages, doesn't make it wrong.


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What I am most concerned with is the duck... Any word on how the poor thing is?


lowerprofile 9 years, 4 months ago on Ice rink advertising for general manager

id - if ice rinks relied upon spectators to make money there would be no ice arenas! Ice arenas make money by selling ice time! The users (Youth Hockey, SS Figure Skating Club) make money by selling tickets. This is the way it is all over, not just in our "small market".

Hopefully you won't be putting your name in the hat to run the arena. Not only do you not have the first clue about it, but you would spend all day blogging, and not work.