lovetopedal 5 years, 7 months ago on Monday Medical: Vaccines help protect the community

Michelle Hana Linet is a great Naturopathic in Steamboat. She comes from a family of medical doctors and has great insight into vacinnes! And, she is a mom!


lovetopedal 6 years, 9 months ago on Freestyle downhill biking causing a stir at Steamboat's Creekside Trail

Robin - Well spoken on our accomplishments.

As vice president of Routt County Riders, I invite all commenting on this forum to be a part of the process. Sitting back and criticizing is easy but to actually volunteer many hours of time and energy to the ever growing needs in our cycling community takes guts - more guts then flying down Creekside on a free ride bike. Attend a meeting! You might be surprised about who is there: representatives of Ski Corp, USFS, BLM, the free ride group, Access Anything, county commissioners and city council members. They are there to listen to the concerns and take action on those concerns otherwise, they would not spend one Monday night a month at the Library away from their families and their bikes (especially on nice evenings). In regards to Creekside - it is what it is - a multi use trail designated by the USFS. If you want that changed, come to a meeting and help us speed the process along. Complaining and threatening to hurt people is not going to help the process. George - I am surprised by your comments. RCR is not the same RCR it was when you were a member just 3 or 4 years ago. You should come to a meeting as I think you would be surprised by the number of caring folks that attend the meetings (and not just for the free beer) that want to make a difference. Under Robin's direction RCR has become a formitable force within the community - regardless of your belief and your friends that you say have turned their back on RCR. The club is full of people that care and recognize that RCR is the advocacy group in Routt County when it comes to cycling.

The next meeting is on August 2nd in Library Hall at 5:30 - FREE BEER!