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Angie Robinson 3 years, 11 months ago on Routt County officials on watch for slides, floods caused by runoff

The buildings on 13th street (in the picture) should have never been approved to be built there. Having lived here for 33 years, I know that 20 years ago when we had wetter weather, that area was ALWAYS under water in the spring. There is also a natural spring on the side of that hill. When those buildings went up, it was discussed by long time locals, that it was a very bad idea. I see building going up in wetlands more and more...and I wonder does the Army Corp of Engineers look over these project anymore? They used to. The weather has been dryer for quite a while so new residents don't realize what they're getting into, when they buy one of those buildings.


Angie Robinson 4 years, 1 month ago on Maury Schuessler: Think about the jobs

Maury, The tax payers paid for a larger study than Kum & Go did, and it said historic downtown is not the greatest place for a gas station. Does that not matter? The vote tonight is not wether or not we want a big brand new Kum & Go, it's wether or not Hayden should amend a current rule that prohibits them from moving to another location in the Historic District. If they were petitioning to move anywhere on the outskirts of town, there would be no arguement, do you see that? The added jobs will be 1-2 more clerks. Yes, that is something, but not quite JOBS JOBS JOBS. Kum & Go building materials come from out of town. I'm not sure on this (and neither are you) but I think they bring in their own crews from out of town to build it. The 3 million dollars to build this Kum & Go does not go directly to the town of Hayden. Yes, the construction works will likely spend money in Hayden, but they will if they're building one on the outskirts of town as well. Kum & Go bought a lot that was in forclosure before they had permission to build on it. They knew the rules. Don't you think that may be why their "study" says that is the best lot to build on? We all want a big new Kum & Go, it just needs to be on the outskirts of town, so that downtown has a chance to be something better than a gas station. And that may take time. Come to the meeting tonight and address your comments to the council.


Angie Robinson 4 years, 3 months ago on Hayden commercial kitchen illustrates challenges in economy

Buffalo Gal Ice Cream Truck, I think you'll have more success once people have seen you more than once. The first time we heard an ice cream truck in Hayden, we thought... "There are no ice cream trucks in Hayden. Could be creepy." Now that I know who you are and that you really sell ice cream, I'll be waiting for next summer.


Angie Robinson 4 years, 5 months ago on Candidates forum draws 60 in Hayden

I wonder how many of the people commenting on either one's "performance" was actually there? Judging by the fact that most only mention the quotes that happened to make it to the paper, I'm guessing aichempty was not there. If you were there, you were likely one of the 4 people that clapped during Wall's rebuttal about the DWAI vs DUI. I was there and leaving my own opinions aside, the audience did appreciate Wiggin's "performance" quite a bit more than Wall's "performance".


Angie Robinson 4 years, 5 months ago on Growing Pains: Colorado's medical marijuana industry ignites

freerider - I guess i've never seen anything on my voting ballots to vote "yes" for treatment centers. It's not quite as easy as just saying we need more of them. You need to preach to your state representatives, not to the general public. Making big macs, ciggs or alcohol illegal is not up for discussion right now...mmj is. Just because no one is mentioning those items, doesn't mean we all think they are A-OK and good for everyone. Some people do need mmj, and those people should have it. But this system has been abused as well.


Angie Robinson 4 years, 7 months ago on GOP candidate Bob McConnell enjoys boost from Palin endorsement

I love what Bob McConnell had to say!

I wish a lot of people could look past the party offiliations, and actually LISTEN to what he has to say. If elected, the first committee he will try to get on is the "Rules" commitee, which oversees how much pork can go on a bill. Now, who doesn't agree that the pork added to bills is staggering and out of control?

He wants to place term limits on all representatives. All you liberal thinkers, if the GOP gets back in control, I know you'll be pushing for term limits. So can't everyone agree on that?

He has a lot of great points, and he's not a life long corrupt politian. I think he'll make good decisions for the people of Colorado - all the people, not just the conservatives. All you people spewing hate, gossip, unfounded statements, why don't you go talk to him yourself...discuss the issues and then decide if he's an old Grampa that doesn't know anything.


Angie Robinson 4 years, 11 months ago on Our View: City right to wait on bonuses

At our company, we ALL lost 25% of our income, our paid holidays, our paid vacation and our health care. We are still here because we are THANKFUL that we still have jobs. The City employees should be too. I guarantee that there are unemployed individuals trained in most of their positions, waiting for the ad in the paper for that job.

Call...if the issue for you is not about the money, that tells all of us that you really don't see what is going on all around you. It is about the money - the money to pay our mortgages, the money to pay our car payments, the money that is necessary to live in this great valley. You talk about the community, and what it stands to loose - well we've lost our morale too - so shouldn't that money come back to the tax payers?


Angie Robinson 4 years, 11 months ago on McConnell campaign counts on constituents’ anger, tea party principles

As another educated professional, I will be voting for him. Washington is corrupt on BOTH sides of the isle. The only way to clean it up, is to drain the infested pond of "good ol boys" and get people in there who listen to the people, and who are not career politicans. McConnell may be a little rough around the edges for the implanted locals, but he speaks his mind and stands behind it. I like it.


Angie Robinson 5 years, 3 months ago on Steamboat's Yule Log Hunt begins today

I know the rule states that the log must be visible, but it wasn't last year. We walked the boardwalk and could not see the log sticking out.