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Steve Lewis 6 months ago on Rob Douglas: Who’s driving city policy?

On a positive note, work sessions like Scott suggests would help the communication with all 7 councilors, which seems to be part of the problem. But work sessions do not resolve problems like councilors learning about real estate negotiations months after they begin.

I agree with the column, but I think Rob is too hard on Hinsvark. A city manager goes where the council majority, or its president speaking on their behalf, wants her to go. The premise that real estate negotiations and other events are resulting from "poor communication" makes no sense to me.


Steve Lewis 6 months ago on Ross Fasolino: Need new cop station?

The missing sidewalks represent a hazard.

If only the city spent a fraction of the effort on our sidewalks that they have invested in the police station. It is frustrating to see so little city interest and responsibility for such basic and obviously lacking infrastructure. We built our 50 feet of Oak St sidewalk 14 years ago. People still have to walk in the street to get to us because the corner lots have no sidewalk. Something needs to be done.

Lat year I got a quote from one of the bigger contractors on doing large portions of sidewalk. Then I counted the gaps in sidewalk on Oak St. It would take about $350,000 to finish Oak St's sidewalks. (That doesn't get across the two creeks, but neither does it allow for many sidewalks already owed but not built, per past development permits on Oak St.) The city is spending $300,00 just PLANNING for the next police station. Oak St could use a little love too.

Accommodation Tax funds cannot and should not be spent on downtown sidewalks.


Steve Lewis 6 months ago on What kind of trail project do you think has the highest potential of attracting more tourists to town?

Before the election, the Pilot online poll had 42% in favor of 2A. The actual vote was closer to 70% in favor. Not sure what these online polls amount to. Interesting though, how the poll's options have veered from the 5 trail project areas.

The 2A election guide and coverage for trails matched the ballot text, all saying the trails would be "in and around" Steamboat Springs. That's a lot of latitude. I hope they invest in those 5 project areas. It may even be a multi-year decision process for spending the trails $$ of 2A? In the same 2A election guide and coverage, I think Yampa St committed itself to buying the park property.


Steve Lewis 6 months, 1 week ago on What kind of trail project do you think has the highest potential of attracting more tourists to town?

I hope the outcome of this process better resembles the promise of the original Trails Proposal. The proposal's 5 project areas:

Buffalo Pass Trail System,

Emerald Mountain Trail System,

Mad Creek Trail System,

Rabbit Ears Pass Trail System, and

Town Pathways and Amenities.

That is the list that inspired the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to hold it's World Summit here this summer. New and better trails taking us into our incredible summer forests are the investment that will draw and attach visitors to Steamboat. This $5 million should build new forest trails through Buffalo Pass, Rabbit Ears, and Mad Creek. Not new pavement downtown.


Steve Lewis 6 months, 1 week ago on Jeff Peters: Erroneous letter

Dave, I'm surprised you disagree. Criticism from a bystander carries a different weight than criticism from an opposing candidate. You can't assume every reader knows you are a candidate. Seems you would want them to know?

I'm used to seeing the Pilot provide free equal column space and also market rate advertising space to candidates.


Steve Lewis 6 months, 1 week ago on Jeff Peters: Erroneous letter

Dave, If you will be running for Dianne's seat, could you say so as we hear from you in the coming months? It is an important disclosure on your part when you are speaking about Dianne. It also creates an invitation for voters to ask for your positions on issues that matter to them. Thanks.


Steve Lewis 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Steve Lewis: Yampa trust broken

I don't think Yampa Street can say "Oops, we don't have enough to buy it." The math today is no different than it was when the October Election Guide dedicated the $900,000 to buying the park.

From the numbers I've heard they do have to find more $ to buy the park, and the promenade being mentioned would cost 3x more than the park property.


Steve Lewis 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Steve Lewis: Yampa trust broken

"Yampa trust broken" is not a label I would choose for my letter above. Yes those owners need to honor their 2A campaign promises. I think they will.

My real disappointment is with staff at the City and the Pilot who should have remembered those same campaign promises. Public trust?

I'm not ready to write off Yampa Street. I owe that to the lady at Mainstreet who has been working her ass off to make downtown better. She preceded me in reminding the City that this $900,000 is promised to a park.


Steve Lewis 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Lodging tax committees start meeting to recommend biggest bang for the buck

Yampa St should do what they told the voters they would do.

The Pilot's (October 16) 2013 Election Guide on 2A: “The $900,000 contribution from the lodging tax would be used to purchase a property at Yampa and Seventh streets to convert into a park. It then would be up to downtown business owners to secure the funding for the remainder of the project.”

The 2A proponents advertisement in that same Election Guide: "Your YES vote dedicates the funds to Acquisition of Yampa Riverfront park space."

This was in an email from Mark Scully in September, "This allocation of funds is limited and specifically dedicated only for the purchase of the land at 7th and Yampa. This allows us to have land for a bridge over Yampa someday. Maintenance of this simple land area will reside with the owner - the city. Our next efforts include additional efforts to raise funds to create the Promenade. This will take time. The landowners along Yampa will pay this maintenance."

I copied the City and Mainstreet on that information. Both acknowledged the text. If the text was not going to be true, why was there no correction?

Trust is a precious commodity. Particularly so, as downtown stakeholders approach a vote to tax themselves in a Business Improvement District (BID).

What you say before the vote should matter after the vote.


Steve Lewis 7 months, 1 week ago on Our View: The time is now for BID proposal

"the already established BID in downtown Steamboat" - This is to say the Business Improvement District boundaries were established at the assessor's office. The district is dormant because the tax that would go with it failed to gain approval.