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Steve Lewis 2 months, 4 weeks ago on Steamboat City Council is 1 vote shy of adding parking meters downtown

This staff item in a 2012 Council packet answers some of the above questions about beginnings. The presentation expects the coming ULI report to help revitalize Yampa Street.

The ULI does good work if you ask me, having attended a ULI conference a few years earlier. And I liked their report for Council. One correction for Scott, the ULI was asked to consider Yampa Street, not downtown. I can't find a link, but their report does recommend studies of parking and traffic. This was smart advice, given the density we are trying to send there.


Steve Lewis 3 months ago on Making it their way: Casey Earp: Local government guru

It is a rewarding experience to speak with a city or county employee who truly wants to hear what you have to say. Casey exemplified this quality in spades when his internship began. Awesome attitude! Thanks Casey.


Steve Lewis 3 months ago on Gayle Trotter: Regulators and bureaucrats vs. the Soup Nazi

When aerial photographer Rita Donham flew around Northwest Colorado in the 1990s, she often saw a low, yellow-orange cloud. The cloud usually appeared in the springtime. "You could just see the plume coming from the power plant, heading eastbound toward the Steamboat Springs area and the Mount Zirkel Wilderness," Donham said.

Now, that cloud doesn't seem to appear. Donham no longer lives in the area, but she still has property and business clients in Steamboat Springs. "It's just not there as much," she said about the cloud. Some--times she sees steam clouds, but "not that big, yellow-orange-brown thing."

Donham and others have seen benefits first-hand of recent retrofits of the coal-fired power plants at Hayden and Craig. The installations of pollution-control devices at the stations were direct results of lawsuits filed in federal court by the Sierra Club against the owners of the two power plants during the 1990s.

These were EPA rules being enforced. The scrubbers would not have happened without applying federal law. Anyone care to argue the scrubbers should not have been installed?



Steve Lewis 3 months ago on Steamboat City Council is 1 vote shy of adding parking meters downtown

Prominent in the literature and consulting on parking problems is consideration of traffic modes, and how a shift of these modes is ultimately required, i.e. increasing your public's use of mass transit and sidewalks.

Cutting back on bus service will exacerbate parking issues. Inadequate pedestrian avenues exacerbate parking issues. You have to get people used to using their feet. Not the easiest thing to do, but an emerging trend in architecture is that a walking and stair climbing society is a healthier society.


Steve Lewis 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat City Council to decide whether old house on Yampa Street should be razed to make way for new park

Here is the rub. Some of us remember what they voted for. The ballot win creating these funds followed a campaign which clearly promised the Yampa St $$ would be used to purchase park space on Yampa St.


Steve Lewis 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Our View: Amendment 68 is not worth the gamble

Dear editor, Thanks for the election coverage.

When your website presents articles on, or writing by, two political opponents, wouldn't it be proper to have these arguments adjacent to each other in your website listing of articles?

Have a nice day.


Steve Lewis 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Downtown Steamboat Springs Business Improvement District board: BID clarification

I wish I had confidence this is about us helping each other.

For months of URA/BID meetings attended by these BID board members, I sought and could not get a single Oak St item into a list of Yampa St improvements. Yampa St's list was initially priced at $10,000,000. This was very frustrating.

Two members of the BID board have insisted in conversation that the best thing for my Oak St property is URA investment on Yampa St.. The same thinking is evident in the current draft budget for the proposed URA which spends 10x more on Yampa than Oak. I completely disagree with this philosophy. Oak St is also vital to the downtown economy.


Steve Lewis 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Leaders of business improvement district address concerns at tax proposal meeting

Sorry Martha, Did not see your post after the thread grew. TBD = to be determined. Now I believe one location is with Tracy at 4) above. Scott Ford is also putting together info for distributing by hand to tenants.


Steve Lewis 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Leaders of business improvement district address concerns at tax proposal meeting

The BID's website still has this text:

HOW MUCH WILL A BID COST ME? Property Value = $100,000 1 mil levy will cost you: $100,000 * 0.29 * 0.001 = $29 per year

The truth is for $100,000 of property value the BID will cost you $116 per year.

Very, very disappointing. BID board, isn't your website deceiving the same stakeholders you say you intend to serve?