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Steve Lewis 2 weeks ago on Jim Engelken: Apology to Hinsvark

"Hinsvark had an ethical obligation to work for the entire City Council." Which in reality is saying, "she should obey the council president". The council president's central role outside of formal hearings is reviewing and adjusting the city manager's agenda to assure his council majority's goals are being carried out.

Walt Jones' post above is typical low opinion in this blog for Hinsvark, but the truth is he has no way of knowing how much of her history was ordered by the boss. It is mere happenstance that we come to understand how quietly Kounovsky exerted this authority, and how loyal Hinsvark was, willing to wear his acts if they were her own. Walt, in my view you probably also owe Hinsvark an apology. You just don't know it.


Steve Lewis 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Our View: Evil wins when good does nothing

This campaign coverage once appeared side by side on an October Pilot cover:

(Candidate A) says record speaks for itself

Whether or not you agree with her politics, voters would be hard-pressed to say Councilwoman (Candidate A) hasn't kept her 2007 campaign promises.

(Candidate A) defeated former Councilman (Z) with more than 60 percent of the vote in the November 2007 election after running a campaign focused on open and transparent government, fiscal responsibility, and repairing the city's relationship with Routt County and the Yampa Valley Housing Authority.

Polarizing (Candidate B) seeks return to council

(Candidate B)’s previous City Council service ended eight years ago, but the impacts of his tenure still resonate today - in capital projects, open space expansions and lasting partnerships - as well as in lingering anger and questions about his value to the community in another term at Centennial Hall.

When it comes to (Candidate B), there is no shortage of disparity. What his supporters call a strong-minded personality rooted in building partnerships and a passion for the local community, his detractors call an overbearing assertiveness that stifles progress and collaboration.


Steve Lewis 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

You wrote, "the corporations are hung from the highest yardarm, pilloried in court of public opinion, vilified for their transgressions"

I was simply saying I see no examples of this vilifying. Perhaps you can point to some?


Steve Lewis 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

Another point should be recognized as well. Freedom Industries owned the toxins that went into the river. You, I, and the EPA own the toxins from the Gold King mine. Makes no sense.


Steve Lewis 3 weeks ago on Council to consider city manager separation agreement Friday

The controversies began in 2012. You just don't stay city manager for this many years as a renegade. Neither do you last so long when exhibiting incompetence. Not even remotely possible.

It is true the liabilities are accumulating. But more true, an election approaches. If voters buy what Rhys is selling, that Deb was the whole problem, nothing will change in November.


Steve Lewis 3 weeks ago on Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

Somehow I missed the comments vilifying corporations, but I don't read this forum much anymore. Ideology threads in particular are so boring and predictable in pigeonholing the other side. Straw men everywhere. Perhaps there is some example where corporations are labeled evil, or anything even close?

Punish the EPA? How does that even work? Reducing their funding will deliver the same result as underfunding the SEC - you only grow the problems. The fact of this EPA mistake is the Gold King mitigation was underfunded. Should have gotten Superfund money to do the job right. Short of punishment, the lesson to be learned is this: you can't detoxify poorly managed mines on the cheap. Hickenlooper is quick to highlight "unacceptable" work by the EPA because that is easier than discussing the underlying problem: Colorado will pay a dear price for later for mineral extraction poorly regulated today.

In this regard, leaking wells and mines, Hickenlooper isn't serving Colorado well. He actually sues the Colorado communities that want better safeguards. His Attorney General once threatened to sue Routt County for the simple act of requiring Quicksilver Resources to install a water quality monitoring well above Milner's domestic water wells.


Steve Lewis 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Council to consider city manager separation agreement Friday

I agree with Scott. Deb is paying for loyalty to narrowly held agendas. Her specific mistake was allowing parts of that agenda to proceed without full and proper public process. Too often some on council were out of the decision loop. As I've said before, this is also the council president's responsibility. In my view she could continue successfully as manager for a city council that pursued community mandates rather than its own mandates.

Deb will exceed the expectations of a better employer.


Steve Lewis 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

Mark and Dan,

Can't remember either of you criticizing corporate pollution in the past. The EPA makes a mistake cleaning up someone else's pollution and now you care about pollution? The Gold King Mine is one example of many abandoned mines currently leaking heavy metals into Colorado's water. Now that you care about water pollution, do you have any advice for mitigating these and future leaking mines polluting our rivers?

The EPA cleans up many huge superfund sites and you are glad they have. This could have been such a site and gotten much more funding but Colorado first has to approve superfund sites and the state prefers to avoid the responsibility and stigma. This is a shared mistake.