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Steve Lewis 1 day, 10 hours ago on Retiring Steamboat exec Chris Diamond didn't set out to run ski resorts - it just happened that way

Thanks Chris.

I'll second the Evans-Hall comment - remarkable respect for others. In a series of AH meetings long ago with community interests, developers, ski corp and Sheraton leadership, Chris managed a conversation that held everyone at the table to a standard of mutual respect. A corporate CEO repeatedly offering equal stature between a massage therapist and himself? Not something you see everyday.


Steve Lewis 3 days, 10 hours ago on Letter to the Editor: River our responsibility

I would agree this about an imported culture. Late in the boating season I sometimes make a river trash run in my canoe. By volume, cheap store-bought tubes and inflatables defines the haul. I have no doubt I'm cleaning up after tourists.


Steve Lewis 1 week, 5 days ago on Kotowski: Take focus off weapons

Ever since Sandy Hook, I see gun politics differently. At that time 85% of Americans supported laws for registering new gun owners. But the U.S. Senate declined. The NRA has clout, but not that much clout. Not all the lobbies were in plain view.

The surface politics of weapons in the U.S. may be about the 2nd amendment. I think the inner politics touch on the larger arms industry. While we argue laws on semi-automatics, a global industry is selling tanks, warplanes, and bombs. What's the difference? Schoolyard shootings make you unhappy? Mass migrations are occurring around the globe today in the form of refugees running from war.

The NRA is loud, and Boeing doesn't have to say a word.


Steve Lewis 1 week, 5 days ago on Kotowski: Take focus off weapons

Most of us don't own guns.

"The Pew Research Center has tracked gun ownership since 1993, and our surveys largely confirm the General Social Survey trend. In our December 1993 survey, 45% reported having a gun in their household; in early 1994, the GSS found 44% saying they had a gun in their home. A January 2013 Pew Research Center survey found 33% saying they had a gun, rifle or pistol in their home, as did 34% in the 2012 wave of the General Social Survey.

The Gallup Organization has been tracking gun ownership in their surveys over this time period as well, but their trend suggests no consistent decline. A Gallup survey in May 1972 found 43% reporting having a gun in their home. The percentage subsequently fluctuated a great deal, reaching a high of 51% in 1993 and a low of 34% in 1999 – but the percentage saying they had a gun in their home last year was the same as it was 40 years earlier (43%)."

In sum, gun ownership in the U.S. is either stable or declining.


Steve Lewis 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Community weighs in on affordable housing rules in survey

Feedback from the City AH coordinator in 2009:

Part of the AH program problem in Steamboat related to the choice of AH units offered. Most developers chose to provide for the 80% AMI (annual medium income) level, and found those units priced too close to the free market units to be a real draw. They could have done fewer units at 50% AMI and found more demand. But understandable that condos would opt for the higher incomes as a better mix in their project. Creating the units in another location was a good option for some.

The recession saw bank financing options withdrawn for many products, particularly deed restricted mortgages. Steamboat was the last resort community in Colorado to step into AH programs. The timing right before the recession could not have been worse.

One fundamental change in AH goals makes sense to me. Stop trying to mix AH throughout the community and go ahead and accept pockets of downzoned land in the west area. SB700 was so large, on a scale that probably backfired in how many bases it had to have covered. Small annexations may be the best answer.


Steve Lewis 1 month ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

The legal blight standard is more about precedent than common sense. A judge would be obligated to read precedent set in other Colorado blight findings. That will allow a very low bar as to what qualifies.


Steve Lewis 1 month ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

The consultant report concerns me, with grossly understating new development and thus revenues going into this TIF. RiverWalk alone proposed in 2006 what this consultant says we'll see in the whole of downtown in 25 years. Ridiculous.

And this can be expected as well:

"In its original 2007 budget, the URA was expected to garner $7.8 million in revenues."

Today, 10 years in, the base area URA is bonded at 18 million.

I'm surprised the County Commission has had so little to say. Comments in a blog, I appreciate. But where is the County position?


Steve Lewis 1 month ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

Miscellaneous -

I had asked city staff last week about a typo in the URA/TIF Impact Report on City website: The one I downloaded has pages 6, 7, and 8 that are exactly repeated as pages 10, 11, and 12. It may be there is other information that should have been on pages 10, 11 and 12. They are looking into it.