Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis 2 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Risk is part of the game

Scott, the opposite is true of my interest in "future water". Simply put - water is required for growth, there is increasing competition for water and of course we will need water for later annexations too. The city once held that annexations had to bring their own water. That was a philosophy allowing for MORE growth, not less.


Steve Lewis 2 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Risk is part of the game

Please educate us on the "future water source". Is it via senior water rights we can purchase today? Would these be junior water rights? What is that cost? Etc...

Thank you.


Steve Lewis 3 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs City Council president uncomfortable with new PR position manufacturing 'quotes' for city officials

I still find this hard to believe. Trying to imagine, if I were elected to city council, the conversation wherein city staff tells me, "we want to write that you said x, y, and z. It's more convincing when x, y, and z are coming from you, an elected official, Cool?"

Who says yes to that?


Steve Lewis 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Judge's order spurs Steamboat Springs City Council to revisit approval of controversial apartments

In the past City Council had helium balloons placed to so everyone could see the heights of a proposed building. That would be a good idea in this case, given the controversial nature of the project.


Steve Lewis 4 months ago on Melanie Sturm: Solution for Trump election freak-out

I have to take it the Pilot continues to print Melanie Sturm columns because her partisan scolds and pot stirring increase website traffic. Where is the value to readers? Does this piece educate?

The column is barely rational. One Sturm sentence acknowledges a grave issue, "the Russian influence in our democracy is an intolerable threat." But before and after that remark, the rest of her column consistently turns our focus away from that serious event to small minded jabs at Democrats: its sour grapes, Obama was weak, Clinton's flaws, mis-guided punditry.

The Pilot is obligated to pass on similar writing from local readers, and I like reading what neighboring conservatives feel. Thank you for doing that. But when it comes to choices of syndicated columnists, please do better.


Steve Lewis 4 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Closing the housing gap

Some of the entry level products are likely finding their pro-formas no longer work amidst inflating costs and a shortage of skilled labor. This would be the part of the cycle where speculative luxury construction can afford to keep going. Their market is price elastic, following another reality.


Steve Lewis 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Routt County commissioners: Public input prompted action

Scott, Your argument seems to be rural secondary dwellings have the same or less impact than guests in larger rural homes. Until you have some data for your belief, I believe the opposite, there is a larger impact from the secondary units. But it doesn't really matter - the secondary dwellings are an additional impact that did not exist before, or did so illegally. Of course we can expect a surge of new units now that they are approved. The simple statements from many residents wanting these secondary units speaks to the added density we are about to welcome.

Again, we are going from allowing one dwelling unit per 35 acres to allowing two dwelling units per 35 acres. That is a big deal.

This is much more impact than guests or additions in large homes. For one, the guests have always been there and the additions have always been legal, while secondary units are a new up-zoning of allowed dwelling units. For two, guests are temporary, dwellings will be rented for longer terms, likely year round.

People live in the country because they value that space so much. Obviously from public comments made some portion of county residents will object to having more neighbors in their meadow the same way we in town might object to taller buildings. My point is this new vision is a significantly different rural density and should be vested into area plans before it appears in area regulations.