Steve Lewis


Steve Lewis 7 years, 5 months ago

Challenging times. And even when we get past the current wars and recession there will still be tough choices to shape the world we hand to following generations. The pace of challenge and change is like a curve that will only get harder. One example, forsaking environment for jobs is a challenge we will struggle with more and more, and Colorado is the face of that one. Will we only agree on that one when we're on the brink of too late? Definitely. It’s who we are.

Lynn listed steps achieved, and I doubt the steps were all party line votes. Yet I read the mentality of the majority response here and... it’s who we are. Sure, it’s always been like this - partisan. But the magnitude and pace of the problems have not always been like this. If we do not improve our ability to react and react smartly, 100% of us will regret that we never managed to see ourselves as one.

Dogma and status quo are easy, but also quite useless.


Robert Dippold 4 years, 6 months ago

Could you send me an email about our meeting on Dec 12 for coffee? Thanks, Bob


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