Lee Cox

Lee Cox 3 days, 3 hours ago on Winter Sports Club concerned about future of Howelsen Hill

Seeing as how Winter Sports Club is the main user of Howelsen, how about dipping into that huge endowment that has been built to help maintain the site that you use?


Lee Cox 3 weeks, 6 days ago on CenturyLink outage disrupts phone service, sends 911 calls to Moffat County

So two times in three months, some idiot contractor (in July, it was the fence contractor) cuts the fiber optic line along the construction on Rte 9 south of Kremmling, and most of Northwest Colorado is without Internet and some phones for hours. A) What part of "line locate" flummoxes you? B) I hope The contractor has to pay for the repair! c) When are we supposed to get some redundancy so we don't get these long outages?

Very frustrated.

P.S. At least my lesson plans are not on the cloud. A fellow teacher could not download her lesson for the day.


Lee Cox 1 month ago on Council to consider spending $750k for Howelsen Hill stabilization next year

Not only is the city subsidizing Howelson (and hence the taxpayers), but also ALL who use the Dept of Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (formerly known as Parks and Rec). Why when I pay to use the rink, am I subsidizing the ski hill? Money spent at the rink should stay at the rink.


Lee Cox 3 months ago on Our View: Connectivity more than a luxury

It is the contractor's responsibility to have all lines located. Whoever cut the line should have a hefty fine imposed.


Lee Cox 3 months ago on Kim Bonner: Appreciate the DMV

Too bad that two jerks had to ruin your day. Accept that they are the exception rather than the norm. I am always impressed with our plate registration office. Good job everyone!


Lee Cox 3 months ago on Spoke Talk: On your left ...

And, how about removing the earbuds, so you can hear the bicyclist saying "on your left"? The headline says it, but the article only briefly mentions it: say hi to your fellow bicyclist and be friendly; don't be stealth. It is illegal to drive with earbuds, and bikes need to follow the same laws as drivers, so take out the earbuds and listen to the sandhill cranes, hawks, etc. Not having them also helps you hear vehicles.