Lee Cox

Lee Cox 17 hours, 41 minutes ago on More than 50 new students join Steamboat Springs School District following winter break

"Students moving here over the break" has NOTHING to do with birth rates at ANY time.

The 36 students who have left did not necessarily do so during the break, only during the interval between the October count and now.


Lee Cox 3 months, 2 weeks ago on School district to test emergency system

Too bad the print version says this will happen on Thursday, "...a day on which students will not be in school."


Lee Cox 4 months, 1 week ago on English, math assessment scores released

"South Routt’s math scores worsened at the sixth- and seventh-grade level, however, and remained flat in third grade." False - Last year's sixth graders were fifth graders the previous year, and the scores went up a little. Last year's seventh graders were sixth graders the previous year, and theior scores were flast. Last year's third graders had nat taken the test before, so you can't compare them to anything. It is statistically unsound to compare one year's grade to the previous year's same grade. It IS sound to compare the same students year to year.


Lee Cox 6 months, 3 weeks ago on School board approves raise, contract extension for Superintendent Meeks

Strange how Meeks describes a "shortfall" to his budget, when the Ed fund Board told him that the money for all day kindergarten for 2015-16 was a one time shot, and that he needed to find additional funding for it in the future. He did not find the continuiing funding, and then whined that he had to cut his budget by the amount that the Ed Fund Board had given him.


Lee Cox 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Weed whackers launch campaign against chemicals

First - the herbicide is called "2,4-D"; not "too,4-D". Second - this works fine for houndstoungue, but not for thistle. Good luck trying to get rid of an entire root of a thistle.