Lee Cox

Lee Cox 20 hours, 6 minutes ago on It's unclear what will be released from investigator's report

“Until the investigation is complete, a statement on what can or cannot be made public is premature.”

Let them finish before you start speculating.


Lee Cox 20 hours, 11 minutes ago on City seeking ideas for riverside park on Yampa Street

If you put in a river feature, you also need a place where the kayakers can change, so we don't get kayakers flashing the general public like at the library.


Lee Cox 3 weeks ago on Road construction to resume Monday on South Lincoln Avenue.

It seems odd to me that they redid the lights at both Elk River Road and at Pine Grove, WITHOUT adding left turn lights in all directions. How many times have you waited to turn left off of Route 40 at Elk River Road, or waited to turn left onto Rte 40 at Pine Grove? At Pine Grove, since no one uses their turn signals, you never know when it is safe to turn.


Lee Cox 1 month, 1 week ago on Mainstreet Steamboat Springs: Thank you, Ski Corp.

As I have wrapped up my season of employment at the ski area, I, too, wish to thank the grooming crew for the awesome job they have done throughout the season. The weather has been described as "interesting", and I did not feel the need to bring out "rock skis" even once. someone from the grooming crew should be named "employee of the year". Lee Cox, ski instructor


Lee Cox 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Karen Vail: To area dog owners

Not just on hiking and bike trails, either. There is a pile of dog poo next to the Preview trail on the ski mountain.


Lee Cox 4 months ago on Airline board recommends boosting Houston summer flight to daily schedule

Once again - the editors missed a big boo-boo. Re-read the paragraph starting with "Fisher said ..." and Tom Ross describes flights between YVRA and Steamboat. wonder how much that flight would cost!