Lee Cox

Lee Cox 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Union Wireless mounts second appeal seeking to build 'monopine' cell tower south of Steamboat

So, 2.4% of the people who signed the petition will actually see and benefit from the tower. At the last planning commission meeting the signers of the petition included people in Walden and Craig (not in Routt county), and people in North Routt and Stagecoach who want cell service, but will not benefit from a tower in Hilton Gulch that will be a detriment to those who live there. One should look closely to the addresses of people who signed the petition. Of those who live near the sight and signed the petition (7), I would venture that 5 to 8 times more people in the neighborhood (35 - 60) oppose the tower.

Union should put a tower in a place where it is needed (Stagecoach or North Routt), not in a place that already has adequate cell service. The only people who would benefit from this tower are 1) the landowner, who will reap HUGE monetary benefits from Union Wireless, and the Union Wireless company itself, who plans to lease space to other company who MAY "co-locate".

The reason that the previous THREE attempts have failed is that it is in violation of the Master Plan. In order to counter-act the master plan, there should be GOOD reasonS (capitals on purpose for emphasis), like it is needed and the majority of the people in the neighborhood want it. Neither of those are true in this case.


Lee Cox 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Our View: Here we go again with parking

What infuriates me is when there is a 5 foot gap between cars parked along Lincoln Avenue. If the City stripes them and puts up poles, but without meters, to mark the actual spaces, and they could put small signs indicating the time limit, then the spaces will be used more efficiently. I also agree that better enforcement is needed.


Lee Cox 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Nate Bird: Vote Yes on 2A

I would love to vote for or against the measure, but, alas, I do not live within the city limits, and thus can not vote on something that affects everyone, not just city residents. The same thing happened when the vote came up for Haymaker. The City Council loves to tell the county what to do and what not to do, but county residents can not vote on things that affect them.


Lee Cox 9 months, 2 weeks ago on Carol Hinkle: Proofreader necessary

Guess what - they do have proofreaders! They are called copy editors. To me, a copy editor in Steamboat is like a weather forecaster - mistakes are part of the job. You can think of it in two ways: it is a free paper and you get what you pay for; and "Dew knot trussed spell chequer two ketch awl mistakes." The copy editors have to actually READ the copy, not rely on spell checker.


Lee Cox 1 year, 1 month ago on Joe Meglen: Gun control laws

As stated in earlier comments, gun regulations do not remove the right of ours to bear arms, and the second amendment is still intact. I am a gun owner, and applaud these new laws.