Julie Green

Julie Green 6 years, 4 months ago on SSWSC Alumni Club WinterFest -- 12/29/10 at Howelsen Hill

This is a really fun event and it's great to catch up with old friends and see the kids we all watched compete who are now adults. If you don't have a costume; no worries. See you tonight!


Julie Green 6 years, 5 months ago on Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club reaches out to alumni

Just a quick correction; the Alumni Club gives $45 of each membership to the Winter Sports Club and keeps $5 for operating expenses for the Alumni Club.

Hope to see all you Alumni December 29th at Olympian Hall!


Julie Green 7 years ago on Steamboat man hopes aerial photography business takes off

Cedar, I watched the Strawberry Park video and this is very cool! Good for you to turn something you love and enjoy into an entrepreneurial endeavor. Good luck!


Julie Green 7 years, 1 month ago on Tom Ross: A trip through time

Thanks for your travelogues of the desert in our backyard Tom. We just got back from a great camping trip in that neck of the woods and your articles were inspiring and helpful!


Julie Green 7 years, 1 month ago on Judges support Humble Ranch, rule against city

Hey Folks, Let's not confuse the non-profit Humble Ranch Therapeutic Horse Program with this dispute. Cheri Trousil runs a wonderful operation that truly benefits special needs kids and Horizon's clients. She works incredibly hard for the benefit of others and our community can feel good about volunteering and donating to this program. Her program should not be condemned because of this legal dispute.


Julie Green 7 years, 2 months ago on Steamboat 700 campaign tops $100K

I would like to challenge the Pilot to do some investigative journalism regarding campaign finance regarding the funding of the pro SB700 campaign. Is it really legal for an LLC to use investment dollars to run a campaign and not reveal who the individual investors are?


Julie Green 7 years, 2 months ago on Affordable homes could be outside 700

Sled, If the SB 700 Annexation fails in the public vote. The Developer must go away for one year. They can come back and resubmit another proposal after that year. The Developer's attorney has stated that they will not be back and will probably divide into 35 acre parcels. I don't know if that is a threat to be used as a scare tactic or the truth? Regardless, if SB700 is not annexed water will be a big issue for that property as it purportedly sits on a 1000 foot deep layer of Mancos Shale. "In 2006 Steamboat 700 paid $24,978,592 for the parcel they seek to annex to the City. Local developers scratched their heads upon hearing the purchase price, thinking it too high, even exorbitant. They should have known the land sits on a 1,000 ft thick layer of Mancos shale, drilling for potable water is impossible and it is dry land, i.e. it comes without “wet” water rights." from https://letsvoteno.com/Editorials.html


Julie Green 7 years, 3 months ago on George_Krawzoff

Hi George, Thank you for your comment; as it seems to be impossible to get the Pilot to state the truth. If I recall, weren't you the transportation director for the City at one time? I'm working on the Let's Vote Issue Committee and it would be great to have your expert opinion added to our knowledge base. We have a website www.letsvoteno.com and a group on Facebook called the Let's Vote Issue Committee. Please keep blogging on the Pilot's comment section. The Pilot will not let us write letters to the Editor. They are allowing a Count/Counter Point on about 4 Issues, one of which is transportation and traffic. Would you be interested in helping us with that op/ed piece?


Julie Green 7 years, 4 months ago on Affordable housing in cross hairs

2000 homes in S700, $35M = $17,500 tap fee/ home!

And that doesn't take into consideration costs for upgrading the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Las Vegas Developers are not paying for this; our future homeowners who are supposed to be getting affordable housing are saddled with this cost. And that is just the beginning of the extra costs these homeowners will bear.

Do we really want our small town to grow to 31,000 people?


Julie Green 7 years, 6 months ago on Steamboat 700 petitioners claim 1,334 signatures

Karen and Scott, I have been advocating the idea of a "Blue Book" also and agree with you, that the Let's Vote group and the developers of Steamboat 700 should each chip in for the cost. As Scott suggests, we need an impartial person to research the facts, present unemotional pro and con views and present accurate answers to questions. The Let's Vote group will never have the kind of financial resources that the developer has for marketing, so this idea insures a level playing field.

I've also wondered about creating a similar process to that which occurred after the first vote for a new high school failed some years ago; I think it was called 10 plus 2 after the number of separate citizen committees that were formed to investigate and report back with recommendations on each committee's assigned issue. It was a very effective process and ultimately the community voted yes to a remodeled "new" high school, with various new approaches to education. Our elected school board at the time of the first vote thought they were putting forth what was the best idea for a new high school, but the community did not agree and voted it down. Sometimes, citizens must act as a check and balance, in relationship to the elected branch of their government at the local level. It's all a process to get a result that works for the good of all.

I would like to advocate the idea that our community go about this vote in a civil and respectful way. Having a different opinion than your neighbor does not have to mean that we need to label them wrong, bad or stupid. Steamboat Springs is celebrated for it's friendly, western, small town atmosphere; let's live up to that description.