Krista Monger

Krista Monger 1 week, 5 days ago on Pamela Lane and Trafalgar Drive residents: Park dispute continues

"The businesses in Steamboat, that help to generate the sales tax that maintains these fields and all amenities we enjoy"

I suppose businesses are the only ones paying taxes?

And businesses only get revenue from tourism? I suppose locals don't ever eat in their restaurants or buy their wares?

"fewer and less maintained amenities"... you mean lack of trash cans rubbish all over the Yampa, beer cans spread out all over softball fields?


Krista Monger 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Proposed contract would let Triple Crown use Emerald ballfields

How will this affect Steamboat Baseball? For the next 6 weeks Yampa Youth Baseball (t-ball and machine pitch) will use 2 of the fields Monday-Thursday 5-7pm. The other 2 fields have games by older Steamboat kids at the same time and their season started a month ago. This means WE are currently using ALL fields most days of the week. Will our kids be kicked out? Is triple crown only using it on weekends? I encourage anyone to go down to emerald fields at 5 pm. Notice the fields (both soccer and baseball) are filled with our own children, those of tax-paying parents.

This is not a rhetoric question. I want someone from the City staff to tell me they have thought about our own youth.


Krista Monger 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Unfortunately only city citizens could vote on these issues. We live in the school boundaries but not the city. Their decision would affect my children's schools, library, etc. A decision by 5 city citizens is actually a decision for many Routt County citizens. I am very happy with the new bill that would require a school representative to sit on such a process; it truly would require equal representation. However, it seems that the council might push this through to meet the January deadline to get around this new law. I really wish I could sign the petition.


Krista Monger 5 months ago on Kody May: Enough about pot

I also agree. It's as if the Steamboat Today is obsessed with pot, and maybe they are. I don't mind that it's legal; I even voted in favor. However, it makes our town seem like that is all we care about. The front page which had a photo of 2 people getting high was in bad taste. Steamboat Today wouldn't put a front page photo of people getting drunk with a quote of "I'm going to get so wasted and pass out." Why did it have to be on the FRONT page?

Yes, it's part of our industry now, but so is agriculture, so is construction, so is mining. Let's put more of those stories on the FRONT page.