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Krista Monger 1 month ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Unfortunately only city citizens could vote on these issues. We live in the school boundaries but not the city. Their decision would affect my children's schools, library, etc. A decision by 5 city citizens is actually a decision for many Routt County citizens. I am very happy with the new bill that would require a school representative to sit on such a process; it truly would require equal representation. However, it seems that the council might push this through to meet the January deadline to get around this new law. I really wish I could sign the petition.


Krista Monger 4 months ago on Kody May: Enough about pot

I also agree. It's as if the Steamboat Today is obsessed with pot, and maybe they are. I don't mind that it's legal; I even voted in favor. However, it makes our town seem like that is all we care about. The front page which had a photo of 2 people getting high was in bad taste. Steamboat Today wouldn't put a front page photo of people getting drunk with a quote of "I'm going to get so wasted and pass out." Why did it have to be on the FRONT page?

Yes, it's part of our industry now, but so is agriculture, so is construction, so is mining. Let's put more of those stories on the FRONT page.


Krista Monger 3 years, 7 months ago on 'Kill buyers' leave estate auction empty-handed

spidermite, I didn't intially respond for fear that someone like flatiron would post horrible outrageous comments about the family. And now I feel like I've stepped into the ring and brought Mr. Wilhelm with me. For that I am sorry... I should've known better.

Flatiron, Mr. Wilhelm is one of the hardest working ranchers in our county. He is an OUTSTANDING man who ran the family's ranch. I do not know the particular's, but a will that was not notarized was legally challenged, keeping him from being the sole heir. That is why all the estate property, including horses, tractors, hay equipment, and other ranch assets were put up for auction, because he couldn't "buy out" the other heirs. He is of such strong character that many of his neighbors and friends bought these ranch assets and GAVE them back to him, or let him purchase at discounted price. Flatiron, I hope you take the time to learn about this man so you can feel like an idiot for making assumptions about Mr. Wilhelm's husbandry practices.

Geez, it was NOT a kill auction.


Krista Monger 3 years, 7 months ago on 'Kill buyers' leave estate auction empty-handed

steamboat pilot - do your own investigating. especially today's article which I can not find online. You use a vail reporter to tell you about a steamboat event????

Ask ANY local rancher about the so-called kill buyers and they will let you know that several legit local ranchers were trying to buy the horses only to have the "horse rescue" people run them up. Plus, many ranchers and other locals were trying to buy the animals to give them back to Mr. Wilhelm who got caught in a nasty family will-dispute.

There was never any real threat from kill-buyers, merely a con to get more people at the auction. Making it harder for Mr. Wilhelm to get back his property.

Shame on you steamboat pilot for not finding out the true story in your own backyard.