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  • Hometown: Steamboat
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Born 1936,Illinois Farm Boy.U of Illinois Aero Engineering class of 1958.Congo and Vietnam Vet(MATS). Vietnam R&R(Pan Am) Civilian Reserve Air Fleet (Pan Am) Desert Storm-Desert Shield logistic support,no danger unless hit by one of Saddam's rockets in Dharan. Now,retired grandfather and husband.
P.S. Political Independent. Roosevelt Dem,Eisenhower Republican.


Chris Kipfer 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Is there any point in trying to educate the brainwashed current "conservatives". Educating them about the benefits of a well managed health care system that is similar to the German or Swiss models that have a much lower per capita cost and have far better outcomes and use private insurance companies with as much private enterprise as possible is unlikely. They receive all of their information from politicians, talking heads and talk radio paid by vested interests .Using Wikipedia alone to read a thorough overview of the successful systems operating in every one of the other developed countries would show how a better health care system might be realised here. Adam Smith believed that human beings had an inherent empathy that would translate into a remedy for the inevitable poverty caused by a free market.He would have endorsed the earned income tax credit and a well designed health care system wholeheartedly.I attended a right wing seminar here a few years ago where the barely surviving employed recipients were called freeloaders. Any program that is seen as a redistribution of wealth,even those designed to keep low income working people barely above water is seen as a sin against a "conservative" God.The economic stimulus to the economy is dismissed as left wing propaganda.The economic stimulus of repairing infrastructure's deferred maintenance that is costing in excess of 6% compounded yearly by borrowing money at 2% would also seem to be a no brainer.The science of economics,the social sciences,the physical sciences are all dismissed as left wing propaganda.Education is our only hope. The deep seated problems that face our country are a result of 30 years of right wing propaganda combined with an illiterate population.The abject submission to either Marx on the left or to a right wing misinterpretation of Hayek and Adam Smith always leads to national disaster, but it does create a very wealthy class. Milovan Djilas "New Class" about the Communist Party in the Eastern Block could be written today with few changes, describing our new class of ruling oligarchs and their misled"conservatives" There is hope that the center might recover,because not all of the billionaire class are as ideologically committed to a false God as the founders of the USSR were,and the last election indicated that there is no clear mandate for the Republican agenda.The right wing Idol is every bit as much of a false idol as the communist one.The Libertarian appeal for freedom absent all responsibility is just another form of leftest anarchy..Such faith should be reserved for the unanswerable.The answers to our national structural problems are not unanswerable.


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