John Weibel

John Weibel 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Now that you've read the three-part "A, B, C" series on the Steamboat Springs School District's top three construction options, which one do you favor?

What about an option for a k-8-9 Montessori based school as you have been reporting on a charter application moving forward. People have sought that methodology out in the past and as the district axed it, many did not support it because they really do not understand it and fear change.

The Chinese have realized that their teaching methods have produced a lot of smart people who are able to replicate things and not be creative, so they are seeking out a change to their system, similar to ours.


John Weibel 3 months ago on Timothy V. Corrigan: Saving the sage grouse

Is it development that has such an impact on the sage grouse or increased predators and a natural cycle? When we had cattle in prime sage grouse country, they would strut their stuff 50 yards off the front porch. Then the bobcats moved in, a family of 5, and the prairie dogs and sage grouse numbers plummeted.

There was also an alfalfa field we had not as close to the home. After cutting the hay, I was irrigating and hundreds of the birds flew out of the tall grass. That family of bobcats had that as their stomping grounds also. I never saw the birds in the numbers I had previously and just maybe predators are as much if not more of the problem than us humans.

I suppose the master plan is to limit livestock grazing as the cattle must disturb the birds habitat, yet the elk, antelope, deer, etc. do not somehow. From an old neighbor, he sees more sage grouse around the well sites because there is human activity which keeps away the predators.

All in All the Sage grouse does not seem to have an issue with humans as it does with natural predators, but golly the natural world is so peaceful, until you see one animal take down another. Then the harsh reality that nature is a pretty violent place in all reality.


John Weibel 3 months ago on Our view: Economic turbulence ahead

If the Ski Area wants an airport long term, they ought to be working on figuring out how to have regular air service (hopefully at reasonable rates) as opposed to trying to figure out how to have direct flights to Houston in the summer. Maybe a flight to Houston with a layover in Denver works better at a regularly scheduled time so that location neutral workers could have a quality plane flying into the airport every day.

yep it costs more per mile, but probably not passenger mile. Then work with the county and its airport staff to try and figure out how to reduce airport fees so that it is less costly for an airline to fly into Hayden.


John Weibel 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Former Routt County deputy treasurer arrested on embezzlement charges

I do not believe Eric was suggesting that theft was okay. I believe the thought process is Just that the governments power to tax might be seen as theft, especially when one does not agree with how it is spent, wether on grain subsidies, unending wars for ???, etc..

To take it farther, you can not even question their almighty rules without being beaten down by the powers that be. No checks and balances needed just rule by authoritarian force.

Personally, I thought those in goverent were here to serve us not enslave us to meaningless outdated rules that many times move the wrong direction of what should be happening.


John Weibel 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Jim Clark: Why do we have to call it 'Mud Season'?

Maybe you have not seen mud season in the way those involved in agriculture have. It's not a term to market to tourists, it is stating a fact of how life is here.


John Weibel 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Ed Miklus: Unified policing

That is a lot of fear there. If there is transparency and like Mr. Douglas suggested a citizen watchdog committee overseeing the consolidated forces, it would be a far better operation than what probably exists today.

Just because they share a facility and many common needs, does not mean that the operation will devolve into your worst fears. Even though departments are consolidated, you can still get it down to the lowest level possible with citizen oversight and those working not so far removed from "we the people".

The rabid fear elements of the libertarianism do far more harm than help, in actually trying to return to the government as our forefathers envisioned. Not the he who has the most money can buy our government we have today, which is corporatism not capitalism.


John Weibel 4 months ago on Ed Miklus: Confused by reports

unfortunately red blood in the veins of the reporter and those in government. That means they are subject to make mistakes. Though many times people do not like to admit they made a mistake and think because of their positions they can do no wrong.


John Weibel 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Building a friendlier downtown: Downtown URA Q&A

If interest rates are lower today than they expect them in the future, what impact will those increased rates have on future property values? Rising rates will have doward pressure on rates and unfortunately tax revenues making future county and school funding more difficult. Needless to say also the projected tax increases to fund using others money to pay for these grand ideas