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John Weibel 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Panel discusses Colowyo in Steamboat Springs

If one is looking at the picture of one wind turbine then yes it is hard. Though if you think about the fact that from Texas to ND, there is always wind blowing somewhere, then a wind base load could be developed.

Wind Turbines short lifecycle probably has more relation to the fact that wind farms are replaced to upgrade to larger turbines often.

So in reality, your opinion is simply that your opinion, Mark. Wind can be a decent base load, just as Solar has its place. The sun produces its largest capacity for panels when the demand is the highest.


John Weibel 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Our view: Growing the tax base for all

Gee commissioner Monger, kind of sucks when a government body and their lackeys don't listen to you. I guess throwing out taking one to court because you believe they mis-interpreted rules is something one does when it has a negative impact on you or your entity.

Kind of gets you hot and bothered doesn't it. Met another individual forced to waste resources for their construction project recently and after he provided documentation from the trainer of building inspectors, he was told it didn't matter as it was political. Too bad that a departments funding is based upon the sales tax expenses generated from building something. So extra money spent equals extra revenue. That individual states he suggested that putting in the sprinkler system was akin to burning $50k.

Robin Hood did not rob from the rich to give to the poor, he took unjust taxes on the poor and returned them.


John Weibel 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Paleo eating garners mainstream appeal, Steamboat dietitians still have doubts

"Lamb pointed out that human ancestors were living different lifestyles than people today, lived for far shorter amounts of time and even their teeth were different."

Yep they were not primarily sedentary lifestyles, Studies have shown that one of the largest impacts upon increased lifespans was proximity to health care. Those broken bones many times were fatal. On our ancestors teeth, Dr. Weston A Price, saw the differences of indigenous peoples teeth in National Geographic magazine, from those in the western world and traveled the world to find out why bone structures were different and he concluded it was diet, mainly processed, nutrient depleted foods because of a myriad of reasons.


John Weibel 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Our view: Growing the tax base for all

Can't think of the rational behind the city staff marching forward so fast an furiously on this. I guess they have a one track mind and their governmental body is right and the others must be wrong. Never before has any individual in government made a mistake that had ill effects on others.

I really find it too bad that the reporting on the issue is so biased, the city staff is so stuck in the mud and their way of thinking that they can not listen to dissenting council members that seem to have the most sound solution to the problem. Oh well I guess that if you can raid other peoples money to get the job done that is the new american way. Too bad that the URA will probably kill any potential collaboration on the police station. I guess that when you have your own governmental fiefdom to rule, you do not want any challenges to your own authority and if you do then you must put them in their place.


John Weibel 3 months, 1 week ago on Community Ag Alliance: A unique opportunity for mountain irrigators

Nope, just was asked today if I got a grant for the geo system I installed or the solar system I hope to install and I stated that as a libertarian leaning individual to take money from the government goes against my core beliefs and I no longer do so. I did once in the past and have since decided that it is no better than many other uses of OPM that I disagree with.


John Weibel 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Now that you've read the three-part "A, B, C" series on the Steamboat Springs School District's top three construction options, which one do you favor?

What about an option for a k-8-9 Montessori based school as you have been reporting on a charter application moving forward. People have sought that methodology out in the past and as the district axed it, many did not support it because they really do not understand it and fear change.

The Chinese have realized that their teaching methods have produced a lot of smart people who are able to replicate things and not be creative, so they are seeking out a change to their system, similar to ours.


John Weibel 4 months ago on Timothy V. Corrigan: Saving the sage grouse

Is it development that has such an impact on the sage grouse or increased predators and a natural cycle? When we had cattle in prime sage grouse country, they would strut their stuff 50 yards off the front porch. Then the bobcats moved in, a family of 5, and the prairie dogs and sage grouse numbers plummeted.

There was also an alfalfa field we had not as close to the home. After cutting the hay, I was irrigating and hundreds of the birds flew out of the tall grass. That family of bobcats had that as their stomping grounds also. I never saw the birds in the numbers I had previously and just maybe predators are as much if not more of the problem than us humans.

I suppose the master plan is to limit livestock grazing as the cattle must disturb the birds habitat, yet the elk, antelope, deer, etc. do not somehow. From an old neighbor, he sees more sage grouse around the well sites because there is human activity which keeps away the predators.

All in All the Sage grouse does not seem to have an issue with humans as it does with natural predators, but golly the natural world is so peaceful, until you see one animal take down another. Then the harsh reality that nature is a pretty violent place in all reality.


John Weibel 4 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Economic turbulence ahead

If the Ski Area wants an airport long term, they ought to be working on figuring out how to have regular air service (hopefully at reasonable rates) as opposed to trying to figure out how to have direct flights to Houston in the summer. Maybe a flight to Houston with a layover in Denver works better at a regularly scheduled time so that location neutral workers could have a quality plane flying into the airport every day.

yep it costs more per mile, but probably not passenger mile. Then work with the county and its airport staff to try and figure out how to reduce airport fees so that it is less costly for an airline to fly into Hayden.