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John Weibel 2 weeks ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Unfortunately, Scott, the issue is money influencing politics as Trump claims to want to clean up. That money and influence, as seemingly was the case in the Russian Revolution seemingly those that control the money (as in the time of Christ where Jesus was upset with the money changers and the only time he was seen as visibly upset) seemingly control the strings that make people act.

Maybe Bannon, as others, understand that the Money Changers are the real ones causing most problems for humanity, wars and such in efforts to control. On my initial agricultural venture, the first individual who came in to speak with me to out in the first of three gas pipelines, said his employer controlled what happened in this region of the world somehow. From that meeting to today, I have really questioned what is really going on as one pulls back varying layers of the onion of power and control - money being the highest level of control I have seen.


John Weibel 2 weeks ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Again a Bigot: " a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions."

In looking at History as Spilane would suggest, it seems that US Bankers funded the Russian revolution, is that different from paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies or all that Soro's and company.


John Weibel 2 weeks ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Scott, As above from what I have read, there is no proof that he is racist or anything like that and his term for alt right fits more with what I would hope it is, not some whack job wanting a white country.

his thoughts on what the alt right is... “younger people who are anti-globalists, very nationalist, terribly anti-establishment.”

Actually trying to fix the system, which seemingly is concentrating wealth in the hands of the .001%, hopefully is the goal. Today trade deals are written to benefit corporations and not allow local governments to impose rules on them.

A banking system, which in Bloomberg's open records request of the fed showed that wives of high level banker received low interest loans from the fed during the 2008 banking meltdown.

Which bankers went to jail, what changes in rules happened? People have wanted change since 2007 when Obama was elected on the tag line of Change and yet there has been little, except more government rules that make it ever more difficult for small business' to compete in the world. The tax structure rewards capital owners over labor. Our environmental policies really allow polluters pollute to the maximum.

Our ag policy really epitomizes all we are doing wrong. The policy rewards industrial ag, that supports tractor mtgs, seed and fertilizer companies and a food system that is destroying our health, environment and consolidating wealth.

I agree there are some questionable picks for his staff, but I think that Soro's involvement in stirring the pot needs stopped, just as the Koch's needs stopped, which is something Trump was hoping to do, I think.


John Weibel 2 weeks ago on Brodie Farquhar: What really makes America great again?

Well, maybe looking at our tax structure, which is based on employment, not production. Maybe, as opposed to taxing labor, we restructure how the system works and tax goods sold. That way, products are not made to be disposable, taxes on goods sold does not replace the displacement of labor in favor of technology and many other things the fair tax would help solve, versus the current system that really works against human labor being employed in this country - in favor of technology or outsourcing.


John Weibel 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

One should not close their eyes,

As CNN reported that a democratic organization funded people to incite violence at Trump rallies, it is really not that big of a stretch to see that those same organizations funding sources want to destabilize the nation, via tuning the "peaceful" protests.

Though, as NPR spoke of in the last week, people seemingly tune out information which goes against their core beliefs. As I asked one years ago, is it that it did not happen or that you can not let open your mind to the possibility that it would be allowed to happen here.

Did not vote for Trump and wish there had been more dialogue about the other two candidates, but also I retain an open mind to the fact that there are many who resort to tactics which seemingly belong to the mob, not those who would be carrying the torch of freedom.


John Weibel 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

As far as people being Bigots - "big·otˈ biɡət/noun - a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions." I find it humorous that those who seemingly have open minds, in reality have some of the most closed minds if you try to discuss issues that run counter to what they believe.

"It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled". Mark Twain

Those voting for Trump must also be racists, this that or the other. It could not be that the economy is really not better after having doubled the monetary supply. It is not better given the loosening of credit. Foreign policy that seemingly is making the world less safe and from wikileaks and other sources based upon not so noble of causes.

Couldn't be the mafia like tactics that turned some off to Hillary as Her team, paid some to incite violence at Trump rallies. Gee, while blaming Trump for all these bad things, filming the absolute lowest common denominator to supper a position that Trumps supporters were uneducated, their team did some seriously questionable acts that in reality ought to get one prison time, based upon federal laws preventing one from helping others "riot" as pointed out in this papers blog on the ND Access pipeline.

In reality, we need more Powder to the People and less of the division that is tearing the country apart. Maybe what the aristocracy that runs the world really wants, an America that is not of and for the people.


John Weibel 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Kevin Copeland: Victory for those who felt powerless

Probably won't see them condemning as their financier Soro's very well is paying to bus in people. The dems paid people to incite violence at Trump rallies so why not pay people to overturn the election.

CNN was the source on paying to incite violence at Trump rallies.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Trump wins White House in astonishing victory

Gee Scott, I have just interviewed a former IT professional and a Graphic Designer, one that lost their job in the print medium and the other longing for something else.

Maybe not all that move to rural areas are uneducated.

Have you ever considered the idea that the current tax system is what is causing much of the flight from rural areas to urban centers.

Another factor has been the steady decline in interest rates that have fueled the American consumption model that is coming to a close as interest rates have no where to go but up and the consumer will no longer be able to refinance their lives. It has created a massive mortgage banking industry that is coming to a close.

It has created housing prices that are out of sight and unrealistic. They will adjust in the near future again.