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Frank. If rates go up by 1% an estimated 1 trillion will be lost in bond funds and the government will be paying an extra $200 billion on the national debt.

To be thinking the economy is going to keep on the expansionary path ignores the fact it was assisted by declining rates which have little room to decline without creating a problem for banks because most won't want to keep money in a bank and pay to do so.


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Dan S., Gee upon rereading your offensive post, suggesting that I have some secret special dictionary, I never accused the left of being bigots for rejecting a racist. I stated that the left is far more bigoted, for their inability to listen to the other side, when it departs from their world view. Living in ones echo chamber.

Your last post I saw, after mine, shows the bigotry you hold towards others views, which a one dimensional conversation in text is hard to actually have dialogue with another. Once one finds a reason to disagree with someone on an issue they find it much easier to disagree with all they have to say which might alter their beliefs. NPR also about 10 days ago in trying to come to grips with how they missed the boat by so much.

Long ago, I determined that the two largest evils in the world were computers and cars because they dehumanize us, leaving larger stretches between us, which leaves little ability for more understanding of the others point of view and essentially allowing all of us to become more bigoted. Yep, my super secret definition, which you some how construed my statement to be that I believe the left is bigoted, because the left is ranting about Donald Trump. Which in reality I was accusing the left of being more bigoted on issues of shuttering coal plants (as opposed to carbon trading), raising minimum wage (as opposed to restructuring our tax system to not tax labor as much and creating a system which drives people away from hiring people), global warming (our oceans are acidifying because of it as opposed to nitrogen oxide being primarily an industrial ag issue) health care and treating the symptoms as opposed to working towards addressing the causes, that our country is not a Democracy - but a constitutional republic by founding principles - can not hear that as it disagrees with all I have been taught from a young age.

So yes, I believe the left is more bigoted at times than the right. But not because they are calling Trump a racist, which I am not sure he or Bannon are. But sure as poop, there is a lot of information out there to reinforce that viewpoint. But that could be entities, individuals simply putting out false information in order for them to discredit the election results. I have no idea, and yet the left fails to listen because they have their goals of making the world a better place, and capitalism is evil because that is what has given rise to the great disparity in wealth - which in reality has come about because of the banking system affording low interest loans to friends, the tax codes which provide an interest deduction for borrowing money on ones home and then saving in the markets via an ira or 401k and pensions - which are woefully underfunded and the government has a pension guarantee benefit to hopefully insure all the underfunded pensions.


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I saw she met with Trump recently and can hope that is the case. It might STFU those who seemingly can not accept that Clinton was that unacceptable of a candidate that Trump won. People are fed up with the S&^% Show that our foreign policy has been for at least 16 years.

I would have begrudgingly voted for Sanders because of his foreign policy beliefs, which fall in line with the linked woman's interview with Blitzer, I think.

Dan S disappears, after I disclose my super secret dictionary, that I must hold, he ought to go watch the Gowdy video linked above to see how belittling another will never allow understanding between people. There is so much hate from the left that does not allow them to see why so many "thinking" people could not vote for the anointed one.


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Thanks for the laugh Brian. Had to look up the twit of the year.

I just need to check out from even trying to foster some understanding of why others may have liked Hilary less than Trump as it is so frustrating and the non-stop comments as to why this person is a bigot, racist, this that or the other and we need to over turn the election in favor of Hilary, because she is not and yet embodies all the reasons why SHE LOST. Can't bother me with any potential reasoning as to why she lost. Those who voted for her must be uneducated, racists themselves.

Can't allow themselves to open my mind to other trains of thoughts or ideas as to what is really happening in the world. Nor can they accept a definition straight off the internet as to what a Bigot is that might just toss them into the classification of one. I actually looked up the definition of it after watching the 9 news show that brought people together to discuss the outcome and one Trump supporter said she did the same and was offended that those calling her trump supporters bigots and never listen to the other side for they have to be wrong.


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By the way, Dan, Nancy, etc. you want the right to denounce all the issues surrounding Trump, (some of which he himself denounces - if you care to ignore the MSM, which I do. Do you denounce the hiring of essentially thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies as first hand records above show happened. That same practice was reported on by CNN.

Resorting to mob like tactics to show supporters of your opponent as "deplorable" seemingly is the same thing that one accuses Trump being Hitler, by motivating the "mob" to act out against minorities. I guess when paid for to promote ones own candidate to incite action it is okay and we will turn a blind eye, right.

Everyone has faults, that is why the constitution was written as it was to protect the minority, in whatever form, form the will of the majority.

That my cows ought to be taxed because they pollute, without looking at the whole - which I could discuss at length and counter most arguments as to why they are bad and what I do is far better for the world than the current system which needs to be reviewed and changed!


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Dan S. here is my special dictionary... a quick google search.

big·ot ˈbiɡət/ noun noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. "don't let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city" synonyms: chauvinist, partisan, sectarian; More

Then following the search down Webster's definition.

a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group.

Go watch Jon Stewarts interview on CBS this morning.... Jon Stewart repeats the usual platitudes but refuses to diss Trump supporters out of hand.


By the Way I am an equal opportunity criticizer as I believed Trump was wrong for the presidency, but that Clinton was worse - and would more likely lead us to WWIII, the further destruction of the US' sovereignty and more.

Her public stance and very different private stance showed in the justification for invading Libya and the ensuing news, via Wikileaks and other sources that essentially showed that the reasoning was to ensure the Money Changers get to maintain the Petro Dollar, which Ghadafi was opposed to. Using our military to protect corporate interests (the banking system in this situation was blatantly wrong. I have no desire for our government to continue to help create massive refugee crisis' around the world.


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Dan, your comment to me sums up the intolerance on the lefts side. Your opinions seemingly fit the build as you do not allow discourse if it runs askew of your beliefs.

My special dictionary was a brief search, cut and paste from google..

big·ot ˈbiɡət/ noun noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. "don't let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city" synonyms: chauvinist, partisan, sectarian; More

Bigot | Bigot Definition by Merriam-Webster Full Definition of bigot. : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

I do not endorse racism... I do endorse following the rule of law. That means obtaining congressional approval for essentially going to war and overthrowing a foreign government.

Trump, is over his head, but Clinton probably would have led us into WWIII.

I did not endorse Trump and suggested all looking to a third party as BOTH CHOICES were BAD.

I find it humorous the lack of tolerance for others views that disagree with ones own displayed by most in this world and NPR did some soul searching on the topic and discussed the issue of most not listening to others.

So you endorse inciting violence to get your way. That is what the Clinton Camp did and is still doing. Can't acknowledge that others may have reasons beyond being a racist which would cause them to vote for someone think is mired in racism and such.


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Dan S, so a bigot is "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.". I hold the belief that hiring people to stop traffic, protest and the like is not democratic and wrong. Do you agree with the Democrats position of hiring "bird dogs" to incite violence at trump rallies? That was described above by one who attended a Trump rally.

Do you agree with our foreign policy that has not changed and really gotten worse?

Personally I have faith that we as a people will not allow a Hitler style take over... though I do fear that the media controllers may stop information flow that really allowed people to see how the elite operate with Hilary's words " a public stance and a private one. Trump is hopefully operate within the constitutional guidelines our country was founded on and not enact executive orders to push an agenda that he can not get through the house and Senate.

Hopefully citizens united will be overturned and corporate money is left out of the game and term limits come to congress.

The tossing around of the term bigot and not listening to others views one disagrees with makes one that.


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You know Scott, from my English history class, the first son was to take over the land holdings, and the second to go into religion to control the peoples thoughts and actions. Maybe not all is as it seems on face value. Whichever Saudi prince owns how much of our media as does Murdoch.

Maybe they like to present facts to divide us, trying to control our thoughts and actions.... Soros' actions seemingly would indicate that they, the .00001% really have no use for any one government and feel free to act above what most would consider ethical means.