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John Weibel 23 hours, 22 minutes ago on Local groups tackling issue of limited kitchen space in Steamboat Springs

Aw shucks you beat me too it. In reality, it is really hard to have value added in Steamboat Springs, because of rent and labor costs. Jump to Hayden, Oak Creek, etc and those costs fall dramatically.

Maybe the open space tax ought to go to fund agricultural infrastructure, so that potatoes could be grown here, stored and then sold year round. This as well as other products, which then make ag land more valuable as an agricultural use as opposed to retirement property. Can't think outside the box though, this is how it has been done for the last x years and we are not changing here.

It sure would be nice of the county also realized that most value added operations for ag are seasonal in nature and needing to comply with energy codes for a greenhouse - which mainly is to extend the growing season, or old structures could be used without costly re-engineering. Oh well, the health and general welfare are not that well served via a vibrant local agricultural sector.


John Weibel 2 days, 2 hours ago on 5 years of declining passengers numbers zap airport revenues

A better option is to manage the airport properly and if the goal is more seats, then reduce the expense of flying into Hayden, via reducing expenses at the airport and not treating a surplus as a way to justify the county from running the airport.


John Weibel 2 days, 2 hours ago on 5 years of declining passengers numbers zap airport revenues

Well based upon the millions in dollars of bonds for the airport guaranteed by the county, the voters may want to continue to subsidize air traffic into the airport. However, that needs to happen in a fashion that the commissioners and county personnel actually pay attention to all details and CUT spending at all times finding waste or programs which can be eliminated/downsized and be proper fiduciaries for the people they serve.


John Weibel 5 days, 23 hours ago on Remote buildings eligible for building permits after the fact

All in the name of safety. Guess if you want to add a layer of safety and not require people to walk outside from one ag structure to another in routt county you better build a firewall/wall of separation if you have employees. It's too bad that in order to utilize old ag strucrures as part of ones ag operation and have someone help with the heavy load that it is you are better off just leveling those historic barns that withstood decades of history weathering the snow wind and seismic loads of the valley. To comply with code, and process your product you are better off building new rather than trying to re-engineer that structure to prove it will withstand those loads

As opposed to simply pulling electrical, heat and food safety up to code we get to re-engineer barns in this county to make sure they are safe, if you only have your children working for you no worries put them in harms way because they can speak up and voice their concerns that the families old structure is going to fall over. Having employees, from my understanding is what moves one from ag to commerce

Reusing stuff is the most sustainable practice and yet this county fails to recognize state law that the processing of ones ag product on their farm is simply an agricultural activity, which would facilitate not needing all the extra building materials to be wasted, engineers being hired making ag unaffordable in an already very difficult environment. It is awful hard to be in two places at the same time, which means electrical load calcs are less in ag versus commercial applications, plus generally a firewall is built because people on one side are unaware of what is going on, on the other. Where in small scale ag generally you might have an area of a structure that is clean to comply with food safety codes where the wall of separation (is that not just an airtight wall) is needed because we might be in two places at once and cause a problem for our other self.

Oh well the county will save the environment by asking us to not print emails, all the while putting heavy burdens on people who actually are trying to be sustainable


John Weibel 6 days, 21 hours ago on Routt County commissioners hesitant to place time constraints on camping on private land

Protecting health, safety and the "general welfare". Maybe just a little personal responsibility ought to be encouraged as opposed to blindly following rules.

I really doubt there is any more chance of a fire occurring from one camping for a weekend than someone living in a yurt camper or cardboard box. Maybe that is the best option for them today to live their lives, without working 80 hours a week putting their kids in daycare.

Have a rule that if sewage is a problem they get fined. Let people live their lives freely as they choose.

If safety is a concern then go into everyone's homes and make sure there is no risk to anyone. I wonder what would get done if we had zero risk in life. At some point the regulators begin believing that everything has a risk and we can not ingest anything.

Then you run into health issues as we sterilize everything and we are no longer developing an immune system so that when a dis-ease shows up here people are more susceptible.

Unfortunately the nanny state seemingly eliminates freedoms daily, working towards the elimination of high bacteria cheese like Roquefort, all the while most of them bugs are good. Probably ought to just turn us into robots as we can't survive without the gut bacteria.

Statements like I'm here to protect the health safety and welfare of our county lead me to believe that this individual should not be a commissioner as he fails to look at all the facts.


John Weibel 1 week, 5 days ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

Really back to the point, of county regs making life less sustainable. I sought to understand why a firewall was needed. I wonder why when presented with a CUP to operate something that the state guarantees (and county regs) that is disclosed at $400 I get charged $1000,

I am so done with the topic and will seek an attorney to get the county to comply with state law as they are not, unless they have changed the rules again and I did not know about it.

The audacity of the county manager to end his emails that we should not print them to save the world and yet all the paperwork, meetings, brain damage and actual construction materials that are wasted in this county as they feel that an ag operation is commercial or industrial and needs a CUP and more rigorous building codes to separate ag from commerce (which it is not) if it processes its products (again unless they have altered their rules in order to match state law, which makes the brain damage I have gone through, simply that massive frustrations and stress because of their misinterpretations of what is agricultural in nature) on farm.

Done talking about it, but if the county really is concerned with sustainability maybe they should review fees and the bureaucracy that one must go through in order to use their PRIVATE PROPERTY in ways which have little (the right to farm law in Colorado protects ag from frivolous lawsuits over smell, sound, etc.) to no impact (except visually) on others. Fine people who harm others property rights, that is what the constitution was intended for.


John Weibel 1 week, 6 days ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

By the way Fred, T Boone Pickens, seemingly has dumped a lot of money in wind power for some reason. When I studied the numbers in the very early 2000's I figured a 18% return with tax incentives and over 10 without.

The grid is old and really needs upgrading, however, that does not stop it from effectively transmitting Wind Power. Might be why Excel had no problem with trying to reduce coal power and use nat gas, because it can come on and go off line quickly, where coal - the energy you probably know best because of proximity can not. Yet it would be the biggest beneficiary of a smart grid.

Rhys, You really think Nukes are the best, you might think again based upon the glowing areas of Japan, the dead area in Russia and Jerry's comments. Really, figuring out how Tesla, captured the Etheric energy that is all around us powered his car, is what needs to happen. Yet we are conditioned to believe what the PTB wants of us. Just read that the POTUS wants FCC in newsrooms now to help ensure the news conforms and the US is barely within the top 50 of freest countries as far as free speech goes. Wow, that is nearly mind blowing having a constitution that guarantees free speech, I guess today if you are in a free speech zone though. Cant be talking smack outside of that now can we, the government is always right.


John Weibel 1 week, 6 days ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

Sorry rambling

My favorite non politician, Henry Kissinger, that some how works behinds the scenes of the us government is quoted as saying that "if you control the oil you will control countries, if you control the food then you will control the people." Essentially, the layers of government that make it expensive and hard for the little guy to compete, coupled with higher insurance rates as we are farther away from fire protection (essentially making a 2 hour firewall a moot point and a waste of resources - I will have hot dogs and marshmallows for any fir responder to ensure the fire is contained and a locked gate after walking slowly to the neighbors home to make the call - so it is a complete loss and why rural insurance rates are nearly double of city rates.... yet somehow we need to comply with city building codes, which serve a purpose where building density is high, not on top of each other. Yet out here where the separation is being created, the separation essentially makes me safe from what I am doing at other parts of the day, the only people that may be on both sides of the wall would have needed to clone themselves in this situation.

Which brings up another issue that I can not discuss yet. Unfortunately, the non-elected government officials think they are making the world better, creating walkable communities, which I have when I go to work, yet that is getting very expensive, in trying to create a very sanitary environment and then throwing in all the other issues that the international building code guide, written by engineers who profit, from creating plans which are hard to read and thereby require you to have them consult further and in this case, have no idea what is trying to be be done and so, essentially need to educate themselves on your dime. Yet a knowledgable professional from another state who actually works with small cheese producers can not do the work and can only consult because they do not have a license in said state, because being classified as commercial requires additional "qualified" oversight.

Sorry venting at all the lost and wasted money, in trying to comply with perceived rules which probably were not intended to be implemented in the way they have been, in my case.

Thank you for protecting us from ourselves. Needing to pasteurize milk for safety as opposed to testing for pathogens ensures safety... Oh right, 2 dies and many hospitalized from a pasteurized milk outbreak. All those robots milking cows today, makes me wonder how in creation they can get them clean, based upon personal experience and re-cleaning a teat, that appeared clean because the rag had a smudge on it after cleaning.


John Weibel 1 week, 6 days ago on Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden

Sam, I remember having a conversation with you about the permit fees. I have not spoken with anyone about solar power and over a year ago I approached you about figuring out some way to help small agricultural enterprises be loaned money to get started up, which was about the time that this creation came into being. Maybe the conversation centered around how the permitting fees were spread over a large project, maybe the county has changed how permitting of solar works, I do not know, they have changed the fact you do not have to have a permit to operate a dairy in Routt County any longer. Yet I was able to pay 1.5 times the advertised rate so they could come out and take pictures for an operation none on the planning board knew why I was there.

To be frank I am still miffed about the whole building department, because I hired a consultant who consults for the FDA and helped design my building. He has designed new drains for cheese production facilities and speaks at USDA events on safety, yet the local building department wants to put a layer of drywall over an ICF and then a panel designed specifically for this use to eliminate mold, bacterial issues that arise. Yet we need to put up a 1/2 inch layer of drywall between the two layers for some reason, I guess so that the building cost is higher and I pay more fees.

Just a wee bit jaded as the FDA has recently tried to outlaw the use of wooden board in cheese aging "caves" as they may harbor bacteria, yet most studies show they are less likely than plastic and most recently have proposed outlawing many craft cheeses' because they contain higher levels of bacteria in them, most of which are beneficial, yet the corporate controlled food industry can not compete with these craft foods, but big brother is here to save us from ourselves and gosh darn it we need three people in Routt county to determine the best use of our land and golly you need a permit for this that and the other, only if enough people cry out will we stop holding up individuals from using their land in ways that harm no one else for additional funding for the government.