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John Weibel 1 day, 1 hour ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

Bottom line, is that those insurance companies are leaving the health care insurance marketplaces as it is not profitable. Did you happen to read the linked to article.... or is something that runs counter to your views and might alter you train of thought not worth looking into?


John Weibel 2 days, 15 hours ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

Nancy and all who believe that it is the insurance companies causing the health care mess.

This article points out this insurers payments for medical care amounts to 84.2% or insurance premiums. Since you and the proponents claim that the savings will be 5 billion on the system, somehow because of reduced overhead, explain how as there is not that much in $ going to insurers based of these numbers when looking at percentages.


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Nancy, how is there competition when the patient is choosing where to go but not paying the bill or reaping some reward for trying to shop prices. There will not be, just as there has not been, as the patient isn't footing the bill so the dynamic that exists in elective procedures which has driven costs down does not exist.

You dig to find evidence to keep believing that this will work and fail to hear others voices which seemingly disprove the hype.


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So while washing my windows today, with old newspaper from the fire starting bucket out popped a NY Times article headlined "Vitamins Hide the Low Quality of Our Food" . Seemingly the most important component of our physical and mental health but we would rather look to fixing symptoms of problems and not address the underlying causes.

Maybe you ought to take off the blinders and look to what others are saying as maybe their thoughts are just as valid as your "beliefs". The quote I like to use most these days by Mark Twain, is that it is harder to convince someone they have been fooled than it is to fool them. You steadfast stance on the issue without listening to others opinions on where the problems lie and why amendment 69 is the wrong way about addressing the issue.

Go read up on nutritional declines in our food, the work and a slew of others are trying to do to rectify the problem and yet we are doing so with very little government help and in my opinion the government makes it harder for us to actually do what we are trying to do as they subsidize methods that are hurting the world and drive down production costs for bad methodologies.

Yep that is a free market at work, for the comments about how the free market is failing. The government distorted the free market and is helping to cause these problems!


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They do not seem to get the fact that the insurance companies are not getting rich off the program and in all reality the admin expenses for the program will be more with the defined benefit pension plan which will inevitably be a part of the system as it will be constitutionally mandated.

The only real solution to the sick care system we have is to work towards better health. Doing so by rewarding people for eating well, exercising and living a less stressful life (probably by allowing them to be active participants in the system and reaping the rewards of reducing the amount of $ their care requires). Also, we need to stop giving polluters a free pass when their activities harm others (the constitution is set up in a way that does this, however, we have set up a system that allows polluters to do so to the letter of the law without any attempt to contain those externalized costs within their production modalities). We also need to stop subsidizing activities which have so many negative consequences from their activities (the grain subsidies that seemingly cause more harm than good). We need to quit focusing on one variable for any action the government takes and look at the whole, and implement a system which analyzes the impacts of the activity and halt it if it is determined that it is not helping the and moving society from the broader goals it holds.


John Weibel 2 weeks ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

Wow Nancy, I guess Colorado Cares wants all the retirees, with little income to move here and those with incomes to take up residence in other states. That is what I would guess will happen based upon you and Carl's statement. Just my two cents however you are a steadfast true believer in a plan that has unlimited costs.


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What happens when those enlightened ones make a mistake, it has much greater repercussions than if we try and empower and educate the individual to take control of their own lives. Yes poop happens and no one can expect that accident. However, the incidence rate of cancer in any given age group is on the rise as to what it used to be. Hmm, that leads me to believe that their are environmental issues that ought to be helping foot the bill and not just employers. Diesel exhaust contributes to asthma in inner city kids. Being under a high voltage power line raises the incidence rates of one form of cancer. The imbalance of omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids is contributing to many inflammatory conditions today also.

So why do we simply focus on the payments here. The system from the basic building blocks of health has problems. Why not start at the bottom and work up?


John Weibel 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

I still wonder, why people are still only looking at the symptoms of broader problems? We fail to analyze our policies on how they impact the WHOLE UNDER MANAGEMENT.

We have policies which are to help out one thing and many times work counter to solving that problem and/or create other problems that are not looked at. The WHOLE SYSTEM has structural problems and all legislation and programs should be reviewed to ensure they are not causing problems for what they are trying to address or something else.

Unemployment insurance being funded by employers for those they employ, is a great example of a policy which creates more of what it is trying to solve. We tax labor to pay for the benefit and yet technology and outsourcing create unemployment, while taxing something generally gives you less of what you are taxing, thus the desire to tax sin items to reduce consumption.

Then you have ag subsidies, which were designed to help the ag sector. They do and don't, they help a facilitate a system using lots of depreciable assets, which allows for the concentration of wealth into a few peoples hands because of the depreciation and other factors at play. It also has put forth a system which has depleted our topsoil (which is carbon that no longer resides in our soil and is in the atmosphere, maybe causing global warming). It has created a system dependent upon lots of inputs to keep it going, which for those worried about peak oil, peak phosphorus is a far larger problem, given how our system is set up. We can cut back on the use of energy, use other sources but the way the system works today - we are hard pressed to solve that and feed the world given how skewed the system is towards feedlots and the industrial system. Those inputs are actually contributing to cancer as roundup is a carcinogen it appears. It has also led to essentially strip mining of our soils utilizing a very narrow nutrient supplementation and nutrients in our foods are about 50% of what they used to be. It has created dead zones in our oceans. The lack of organic matter in the soil, makes us more prone to droughts and flooding. I could talk for days about the subject however, I won't.

Anyway, CC seems to think that it can fix the problem by addressing the payment issue, from what it seems. The story well we'll have a board of 21 people figure it out, reminds me of the Food Safety Modernization Act, Obamacare, in which you won't know what we are going to do until we do it. Yep, lets leave it up to some enlightened individuals to figure everything out for us and wait for big brother to take care of everything.


John Weibel 3 weeks ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

Costs are not spiraling out of control because of free market capitalism and greed. It is the amount of needed care, because the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes is spiraling out of control. It is because cancer rates are spiraling out of control. It is because of a myriad of issues, that do not include free market capitalism, as if one views areas not covered by insurance the costs for those procedures are declining in cost. Lasik, Cosmetic operations, etc..

The rest of the world's health care system is not a shining model of economic models that work. They have their issues also and patient care there may be in decline more so than here.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

Dan, costs spiraling out of control have nothing to do with capitalism, and have everything to do with the government intervening in how our food is grown - via subsidies, and the EPA setting limits on what is okay in our drinking water and so on.

The only way to actually control costs is to put the PATIENT IN CHARGE and allow them to realize some form of reward for staying healthy. If you continue to allow the current rates of increase for Diabetes (because of too much high fructose corn syrup in ones diet, a direct result of the covet subsidizing corn production. The Use of Round up which kills our gut bacteria and messes with our systems on our food. Sitting in front of the TV, because people want to numb themselves to the current state of affairs and on and on.

The only way to move the system in a positive direction, is to empower the INDIVIDUAL and ALLOW them to reap some rewards of staying healthy as a HSA did.