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John Weibel 3 days, 6 hours ago on Our View: All Routt County's students matter

Enjoy solving the worlds problems. Sorry I am short, but left my mother in one hospital who appeared to be getting better to visit my father in law in another state, in the icy in another hospital

Enjoy all your answers. I just posed questions


John Weibel 3 days, 11 hours ago on Our View: All Routt County's students matter

Nice article and acknowledging that without a focus on the creation of jobs it may not work. Focusing on the "whole" not the one variable I am worried about as everything is interrelated.

Would open space money preserve more open space if it focused on making ag more profitable? If ag is more vibrant, does that make more people want to vacation here?

Would having a truck carrying locally produced food into metro Denver with an ad on the side help raise the water level for all?

What are our problems in creating a more vibrant local food shed? Do our current efforts pit one producer against another in trying to capture the retail marketplace? Would forming a real cooperative with production standards facilitate wider distribution, as regionally we are rural and production will exceed demand if the sole focus is on being a yampavore.

The bakery is already distributing into Denver and growing. How can we help their efforts while helping others. Could a larger truck be used as a rolling billboard to promote this food shed and or the skiing? Could this as be changed monthly?

Lots of things to ponder, I have pondered most for a long time and have my thoughts. Are they the right answers, who knows as the issue is neither black or white?

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John Weibel 4 days, 5 hours ago on School Board meeting abruptly adjourned over conflict of interest concerns

Hmm whomever a comment I replied to about the hoopla about the school boards adjournment was akin to the Koch brothers wanting to privatize govt for profit


John Weibel 4 days, 15 hours ago on School Board meeting abruptly adjourned over conflict of interest concerns

Don't all public employees profit from their work? Yep everything is some vast conspiracy that those who see the failings of government are perceived to seem to want to privatize government for profit. Maybe we see the waste in government, not all has it.

Government workers do profit from their work, have very nice pensions and health care benefits , that the rest of the world does not. Those represent the profits of those in government positions. If compared to the rest of the worlds pay, it might just be significantly more profitable.

Maybe some see the inefficencies of government and waste, yes there is a lot and maybe that is what they wish to fix. Maybe they disagree with how some things function, the growing top heaviness of government. The continued enrollment of out of district students into over capacity schools.

Government officials are not exempt from there desire to profit from there work. It is just that their profits are cloaked under the guise that the government does not profit, it's laborers do. Robin Hood is depicted as taking back, excess taxes and fees (profits) and returning it to those that were paying for those profits.

The designs laid out for the police department which the chief had an office a ceo of the private world would have been envious of. Who knows what they see as wrong. To claim some Koch brothers conspiracy to privatize the school district is the bs that is tearing the country apart. Just label someone as a right wing conspiracy nut and that will discredit everything they have to say.

Maybe as opposed to thinking that there is some vast conspiracy by those you don't agree with on some topic, you listen to their concerns as many are valid. Maybe those who you disagree with on some points have very valid concerns on others and may just, if listened too and both parties views are respected a better solution can be brought forth.


John Weibel 6 days, 23 hours ago on Talking Green speakers weigh financial benefits of solar panels

Scott I was working on an accounting system, with an engineer over 8 years ago to account for the co2 captured and stored. to not recognize the alternatives out there is a crime, IMO.

Someone stands to profit, did all the public pensions systems bet big on renewable energy and when the tax credits end does the 12-15 year payback become a 20-30 plus year payback, I do not know, nor do I care.

I just smell something rotten, as there are far better, quicker ways of extracting co2 from the atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is generally details as to why this that or the other happen that most are not privy to. Many times it is to help pad the pocket book of someone or something.

Believe what you will, I leave myself open to many future paths at the same time. Unfortunately have been in the middle of one drawing a gun on another, literally, cows stolen, and a myriad of other crap situations in the last 8 years that I am of the belief that people are selfish and generally out for themselves and their self interest even though I still try to help others only to get screwed again. I see the more likely probability that some hidden agenda is the reason behind th epa's decision.

Oh well see the world the way you want please quit trying to sell me on something I care less about and see the possibility that the data is fraudulent.


John Weibel 1 week ago on Talking Green speakers weigh financial benefits of solar panels

As our government appears to be suppressing data for some reason on pesticides and bee deaths maybe they fudge the data. As I said I do not care, personally our minds and beliefs have an impact on the future.

Here is an instance of our government suppressing science to favor a companies bottom line. Is it so hard to believe that some people are corrupt and might alter data to push their agenda as was done with other areas.

I am capable of being open to both scenarios. One I see a way of addressing it, as many people have discussed at length, which I made a very short post about. The other we have no control over. We humans like to feel we have control when we really do not. Not being in control is problematic.

We have not discussed limiting the green house gas emissions from solar mfg, the growing of rice, wetlands and a myriad of other sources. Only power plants today, why, did someone make large financial bets on wind and solar that may not be panning out as hoped? F if I know, but there is that possibility as power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Not actually allowing for carbon trading leads me to believe that there are other reasons for the rule changes.


John Weibel 1 week ago on Talking Green speakers weigh financial benefits of solar panels

Scott there is much research on it, it is rated at how much per acre based on regions. The perceived amount of carbon extracted from the atmosphere seemed exceptionally low to me and Abe Collins with carbon farmers of America.

Allen Saviry has given Ted talks on the issue there are loads of individuals storing lots of carbon but just not getting paid for there efforts. Though in many cases because of their management they stick cattle at six fold the neighboring properties. So there creativity moving from one paradigm to another is paying them more than the neighbors. It just does not account for the co2 being extracted over and above what normally happens.

In reality every new home is reducing the amount of co2 being extracted from the atmosphere as the plants that grew where the home and pavement are no longer are acting as lungs for the planet.

Oh well it is the world we live in. We are here today, I think most people would like to see a planet the their great great grandchildren can enjoy without constant wars and maybe some of the luxuries we have today. How does the world chart a course for that at every level. it is a very complex world and every decision we all make, lifting a tool, offering a helping hand, a smile, trying to realize that what I am doing is impacting others, taking personal responsibility for it and trying not to do so in the future.

I do not just talk the talk I try to walk that walk also. Unfortunately, if I see something I disagree with I chime in. I try and lift others up, most of the time simply frustrating myself. Though many times I have helped people better their lives in another life. A receptionist at a place I oversaw the computer system got a job in the tech department at the local school district as I made everyone know how to fix their stuff. She thanked me. That former life had a line of people that wanted to come back to work for me.

Today I wonder why I still try to change the world through ag. Though I see it as the one facet that can improve so much of the world and yet I struggle to make a living working ungodly hours.

Generally I do t chime in on a subject that I have not put a lot of hours of thought into. So unless you have done research on the subject of carbon sequestration in the soil please zip it.

I have pondered climate change and interstellar energy effecting it a lot and there is a very good correlation to the previous discussion. I really do not care as I could maybe add a meager amount of cash flow to my operation if carbon trading was allowed. Abe and I penciled out close to six figures if the carbon exchange had come about. Oh well it did not and part of my thoughts on making a good living went the wayside when that idea was squashed.


John Weibel 1 week ago on Routt County Planning Commission: Master plan precludes nightly rentals outside commercial zones

Devastating effects, please explain. It is ones personal property, if it is harming no one else it does not matter. Parking problems can occur with owners or long term rentals also. Noise the same can happen and if the fear is noisy nightly rentals, then place a rule that limits noise and if it occurs make there be a fine for the land owner, long term renter and the nightly renter for any perceived problem.

Fear mires us in too much government. Nor did a good story on government and the larger it gets the bigger more consolidated industry becomes as the big guys have a regulator in their office and the little guy either kills themselves trying to comply or simply ignores the rules until caught. Know it's true from Personal experience and watching others just ignore the rules.


John Weibel 1 week ago on Hayden granary placed on national historic register

Probably more of a tax burden given that the building is half on their private property and half leased property from the railroad that has a strict lease. Hopefully it allows the Delaneys to gain some help, yep other people's money, to revitalize the elevators and help the local food shed.