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John Weibel 1 day, 2 hours ago on Cassady Roberts: Hillary Clinton is leader we can look up to

Given that CNN reported people were hired to incite violence at trump rallies, I would not doubt that the Dems would also go out of there way to torpedo any other candidate to get the one that gives them the highest change of success.

There was a good article I read the other day, speaking of how is it that Trump lies more than Clinton and most consider them equal liars. It went on to say the media take his statements literally but not seriously and his supporters take him seriously and not literally. That he is a BS artist, which really is not suited for the white house.

That jives with your statement on taxes, there is no way in hades that he would get his proposal passed. The main idea is that most americans have not really enjoyed the prosperity that many are enjoying. Most do not like how their health care costs are going through the roof (there was an interview with a congressman about why epipens are so much more in the states than elsewhere and it was regulation).

People worry about the fascism that Trump would bring, and if one looks at the definition of fascism it is a merging of state and corporation. I would say we are there today.

People are appalled at the behavior of Trump supporters, but fail to understand that those low skilled workers are being replaced by technology and not able to participate in the current expansion. The middle class is fading and as Johnson stated on Jimmy Kimmel (I believe) the youth are being screwed, paying for the baby boomers fat times funded by a major debt expansion and a continued loosening of credit supplies (inflationary).

If someone put a gun to my head today and told me to choose, I would choose Trump because of the corruption and wars on false premises, that have been exposed via Wikileaks, lets hang Asange, and yet he is exposing the private Talks of Hilary that she would never tell the Public. He is not worthy of my vote, but I think that the other evil is far more crafty and who knows what else they will do behind closed doors. Too much classified information, that probably should not be.

On fascism again the more regulated we become the harder it is on small business as we can not afford an individual sitting in the regulators office to try and keep things straight.


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Dan, those leaked emails were shown to disclose the dems desire to have Trump as the opposition as that was the only one who Clinton appeared to be able to beat.

It appears that Clinton will win, so it really does not matter who I vote for.

By the way, those leaked emails that Hilary seemingly did not deny, and tried to shift the blame on the Russians for trying to effect the outcome of the election, had one that the dems spoke of having an uniformed and compliant electorate. Snopes went on to fact check, and the guy that wrote the email confirmed what he stated, but simply that they saw it happening, and maybe did not care about that as long as the people were compliant.

Toss in the hiring of people to incite violence at Trump rallies and you have a very corrupt system here in the good ole US. I did lobby for Ron Paul, I have tried to effect change in our food system. I have gotten up in front of the secretary of ag to ask why we fund grain subsidies and not vegetable ones or give an allowance to a small farm that hires a trainee and the trainee a stipend that if they decide to buy a farm later that it can be applied to it.

I do not think you have any idea who I am, what I believe or anything. Thought of running for county commissioner, but i am not in the same district as Monger who should retire. Then I am starting a business in Ag, trying to not take any subsidies and make a go of it, in a completely different fashion that traditional ag. To improve the health of those who eat my food, the land that I work and the broader environment that is being destroyed by industrial ag.

Yet at every turn some other BS arises which continues to make it hard. Toss in a cattle rustling conviction that took probably six figures from me and he got a slap on the wrist.

Anyway, enjoy voting for the lesser of two evils. I will not as I see these two as being as bad as they get. To utilize "bird dogs" to gain bad press for those supporting your competitor is worse than anything Nixon did, toss in foreign policy that has on a fast track for WWIII and enjoy the Hilary choice.


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By the way, it appears that Obamas line in the sand with Russia, is leaking emails about Hilary's machine working to put her in place, using less than scrupulous methods. Thus the severing ties for Asange (who is bring forth transparency, which we need and can handle the truth) from the net in the Ecuadorian Embassy.


John Weibel 4 days, 10 hours ago on Cassady Roberts: Hillary Clinton is leader we can look up to

Dan S. So I can not vote for one has put us near outright war with russia over resources in syria> Russia is preparing for nukes and building shelters.

or toppling Ghaadafi because of the petrodollar.

so I should vote for Trump? I can not do so, while I do not know what his foreign policy will be, the area a president has most influence. I do know what clinton's will be, more of the same. If people are appalled by Trumps actions, why are they not appalled by the apparent systemic corruption surrounding Hilary?

You have the leader of the DNC resign right before the convention because of the systemic corruption to place her as the nominee over Bernie (who I would have grudgingly voted for as his foreign policy probably would have been different.

More recently you have a guy resign because he and I am sure those under him getting people to incite violence at Trump rallies, Hilary was probably aware of it.

Personally, not sure Trump wants to be president and just might have wanted Hilary from the start. Almost all polls showed her losing to all but Trump, based upon wikileak emails.

Yep Trump is a louse and I do not want him as a leader, but Hilary appears corrupt to the core.

Obtaining donations for the clinton foundation from over half of the people she met with as secretary of state.

I think that stepping back and yes saying none of the above is a far better choice than voting for one of the other unpalatable choices.


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Hilary's answer to the leaked emails essentially, yep there true, I did bad stuff, but who cares the Russians must have hacked the information to sway the results of the election.... and yet the CNN article, shows how far the dems will go to sway public opinion by planting people to incite violence. Yep that is what I want from our country. We need to step back and really examine what the f is going on.

one of the wikileaks emails was about how the dems liked how the Public was unaware and compliant, while they are no longer compliant, they still are pretty much unaware. How about a little transparency, that Obama was going to provide. Did the line get crossed in Asange's wikileaks disclosures such that the govt has now cut him off. Hilary is not a leader I want and i could care less wether anyone thinks I am wasting a vote.

About 25% of people are voting for trump because they hate hillary and 25 for hilary because they hate Trump. Gee now if all the sheep were not conditioned to the wasted vote, then maybe change would happen.


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George by definition inflation is the rise in prices from an increase in monetary or credit supplies. M2 has been climbing at 6% while we try and stave off a deflationary depression. Generally as the government has taken on so much debt since 2000 and interest rates lowered as far as they can go without people exiting from the banking system and using cash. The jig is up and all the accumulated debt needs paid or somehow forgiven hasn't happened in history and the Chinese know this and are buying hard assets around the world.

Scott. Holyoke might lose its ability to produce ag products as our rates become higher than Nebraska. Assistance needs pushed to the lowest levels so that people in the ground know who/how/what to help not some directive from a population center.


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Yes there is a choice to vote for a third party and end the insanity coming from D.C.

If anyone thinks Hilary is someone to look up to, well while trump hired his crew for the announcement party, Hilary's crew hired people to incite violence at trump rallies. Yep, that is someone I want leading our nation, someone with ties to people willing to incite violence to achieve their goals.