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John Weibel 3 days, 13 hours ago on Paul Wellman: Single-payer system is way to go

Same debate and the same failure to understand that the root causes of our worse health care outcomes need addressed first and foremost. Fix our food system and most problems will sort themselves out also. Too bad in Trumps slashing of the budget he is not looking at ag subsidies.


John Weibel 2 weeks ago on Hope Cook: Health care's future very complicated

The constitutional debate is great but the fundamental problem with the healthcare system is the food system. That is the root cause of most problems and without addressing it cost will continue to spiral out of control.


John Weibel 3 weeks ago on Devil's Grave latest South Routt ranch parcel to be conserved

By the way, I do not care if they are rich. I only care that as in the story of Robin Hood where a corrupt government took from some and gave to others, is what is happening. It is not right, set it up in a way that it is a interest free government loan that can help out many over a longer period of time as opposed to a transfer of wealth, from the many to the few.

Foreign aid generally takes money from the middle class in wealthy countries and gives it to the wealthy in poor countries.

As an interest free loan set up to help agriculture in a way that preserves the land for future generations, the owners are allowed to grow their business and if successful it returns for them to borrow again or another. That way as in Mr. Wedels comments the taxation of the broader public is not simply going to serve one ranching family... it comes back to help again and again, as long as the rancher is following a long term profitable business model.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Devil's Grave latest South Routt ranch parcel to be conserved

You seem to suggest that look at them, they are not rich. They are land rich and able to increase land holdings because of the PDR program.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Devil's Grave latest South Routt ranch parcel to be conserved

Rich is relative, they are receiving government money which facilitates growing their land holdings/operations, with no need to pay back the funds that facilitated their continued operation.

By the way, my father was childhood friends with the founder of Cabella's and he looked like an entry level employee, by the way he dressed and with little hope of maintaining his job for long. They probably do not work 12 hour days all the time, they probably have many days which are 4 hour days also.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Julie Hagenbuch: Rhetoric is making America sick

For those with pre-existing conditions sorry that you do. Many of those conditions are caused by environmental factors, toxins which negatively impact health.

Fixing healthcare starts with fixing what causes the problems not treating the symptoms. Getting government out of food production, cheap food that is nutrient deficient and causing dead zones in our oceans.

As opposed to an EPA that sets maximum allowable limits for toxins/pollutants. Have one which penalizes companies which create them. Rewarding ones which help remove benign ones (co2) from the environment.

My issue with sick care is we are simply trying to treat symptoms of broader problems in many cases and not addressing the root causes.


John Weibel 1 month, 3 weeks ago on New Steamboat Springs freestanding ER could open by late summer


The underpinnings of a free market are a free currency. Today we do not have that. We also have a corporatism system, in which the government provides tax credits for people to borrow money on their home, a then tax credits for one to invest in the stock market, and a pension system that is guaranteed by the federal government that our new commerce secretary has utilized through the bankruptcy courts to shed bankrupt business', which then because of tariffs levied on steel imports was able to sell, the business, at tremendous profits. Got to love the crony corporatism system we have today as it is not a capitalistic system. If it were capitalistic, I would not be forced to pay into a milk marketing system that I do not support.

So many things wrong with the current system and yet the left thinks that it is capitalism, not really what ails it, the banking system and the corporations that have grown up around it, the rules and regulations that are imposed upon all making it ever harder for small business' to succeed as our system is based upon employment taxes, which those with enough money avoid by supplanting labor with technology.