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John Weibel 1 day, 21 hours ago on Parking consultant says Steamboat Springs doesn't have a 'big' downtown parking problem, but challenges remain

Smaller spaces on Lincoln will serve to slow down traffic further making a small traffic problem into a larger one. This as it will take more time to pull into a parking space properly and be within the "lines".

Simply, looking at one waying the numbered streets from 6th to 12th will add ample spaces and make it easier to turn onto Lincoln during the busy summer days. That simple fix, does not require long term leasing of private parking, allowing those funds to be spent on maintenance.


John Weibel 1 week, 2 days ago on Community members intrigued by high-speed rail system envisioned for Colorado

They will get recycled, I would guess. Having built an electric car, the cost of running them is far less than gas, even though the transmission loss in the lines. The only issue would be is if there are a lot of lead acid batteries out there gassing off their toxins, which could be a problem, though with other materials that is not an issue, though the batteries are much more expensive and the cost per mile that you would get with a short trip vehicle that results from lead acid batteries.


John Weibel 1 month, 2 weeks ago on All-day forum in Steamboat Springs seeks housing solutions for locals

There is plenty of new automation on the way, for those that are automated; groceries w self checkout; 3-d printing on homes; 3-d printing of parts at the local parts store; accounting, sales marketing efforts for small business'; in education one good teacher can provide the days lecture for math or science for many schools and then have work days where students help each other out, the teacher does or it happens on the web.

There is plenty of future automation out there. The big questions though would be, does that automation have a higher cost than people doing the work and how will government be funded if we continue to eliminate jobs this way. Really the flood of illegals is needed to continue funding big government as tax receipts will continue to lag the needed outlays as more gray and retire. That is unless the system is changed to tax all forms of production automated and human at the same rates.

Mark, it is very likely that we are out consuming the finite amount or resources on the third rock from the sun and unless further breakthroughs in fusion reaction come swiftly it does not matter what the policies are need items are going to go up in price and want items (a condo in steamboat) will fall - relatively. Though many will claim that it is government causing the problem, it is simply supply and demand. We have outsourced our production of most goods except the greenback which has no value and at some point the current account deficit will force a correction.

To the comment on economists, if you put a group of 40 economists in a room and ask a question about where we are headed you'll get 80 opinions/answers.


John Weibel 1 month, 2 weeks ago on All-day forum in Steamboat Springs seeks housing solutions for locals

If I am not mistaken, The ECB just went negative on rates it pays on deposits for member banks. Just wait a while and the market will correct again. At some point the interest rate pendulum will start to rise again and then asset values will stagnate until a peak is reached and rates begin to fall as they did in the early eighties bring ever cheaper money and an easier ability to cash flow a financed asset. (Values may rise as a result of the watering down of the US dollar as currency stocks are rising at 6+% per year though there relative value in relation to need items food and energy will decline). Just my opinion, but the current economic run may be short lived and then paying the bills for borrowed consumption will come due.


John Weibel 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs City Council resolved to try and improve downtown parking

It was not that long ago that there were hundreds of new single family homes planned on the west side of the town. Putting in diagonal parking on the numbered streets to increase parking, as driving around trying to find a parking space some days, reduces ones experience. Should it be perfect no, but it is not an expensive or hard fix. Planning for one way traffic on Lincoln or Oak is something that would take a lot of planning to implement and waiting for it to become a major issue could possibly make a relatively easy solution almost impossible.

Scott, the difference in fluid dynamics in relation to vehicles is not that much different. Yes some will change their traffic patterns. However, as the I-70 corridor suggests, the issue will remain. As for computer models dealing with an exceptionally diverse set of variables, if they were coming close to predicting what is happening then I might believe.

As I stated before, the sun has gone quiet (the sun spot activity is similar to that of the little ice age). Any change in the dynamics which are causing it to quiet down, internal or external will have an effect on the earth. Throw in the sheer thermal mass of the earth (probably discounted in models as they are out to prove a way to create a global tax) and the time delay of it being heated or cooled by the sun, energy in interstellar space or what have you, the lag from when the sun started to go quiet and the earth cooling would have some delta.

Anyway, Robin Hood did not take from the rich and give to the poor per se, he took from a corrupt government and returned what was taken from the taxpayers to them.

It is a very dynamic system and to believe that we can comprehend all the variables at play, how they should be taxed to try and internalize their external costs, at least on the climate - there better be a way for one to prosper from sequestration and not simply pay a tax on cow farts, when rice paddies give off as much or more methane. Anyway, I digress.

Parking is an issue at times and seeking out inexpensive fixes to the problem is prudent and should be looked into.


John Weibel 2 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council resolved to try and improve downtown parking


If you view 40/Lincoln from the west side of town you will see a developing problem. If you do not see it then it's not worth the effort.

If you do see it then when you add a little more load to the system the "friction" loss to to "pipes" ability to convey traffic increase and a bottleneck developes. Go review water pipe load information and extrapolate it to traffic. It is not that much different.


John Weibel 2 months ago on Elk River is bank-full west of Steamboat Springs and may be headed for flood stage

Too bad many times those in charge of enforcing rules do not even know where the line is drawn to protect that fine balance. Nor when presented with information from experts, will even consider that the interpretation of a rule was wrong.


John Weibel 2 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council resolved to try and improve downtown parking

Wasn't suggesting designing traffic patterns for a couple events a year. That was simply a side benefit of designing it to add parking in addition to getting traffic to flow better. Being able to time all the lights going each direction will limit stopping at lights. Restrictions/Blockages cause the system to slow down. It is simple fluid dynamics at play, you require it to stop because the lights can not be synchronized for both directions then traffic backs up as a result.

Today, it really is not an issue except on busy summer days, when tourists utilize their cars more often than in the winter. However, in the future it could become a larger problem, limiting those who want to come here as they may decide that the summer traffic through town is more than they want.

Based upon the current paradigm carrying forward into the future, Fred is right, and planning and working towards dealing with the issue today is something that needs to happen. Will it, probably not, because people primarily react to the set of circumstances that are throw their way. However, if one looks at traffic coming in most days from the west it is backed up pretty far and if Steamboat 700 or something else were to come online to the west then traffic could become problematic in the future.

It is not a today issue it is a tomorrow issue that should be addressed in the future but before it becomes a real problem.


John Weibel 2 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council resolved to try and improve downtown parking

Scott F -

To simply view it as parking is a mistake. Looking at it from the whole under management is what is needed. Traffic is not that bad most of the time as has been pointed out. However there are events that cause major traffic issues as there are times when allowing better flow of the traffic through downtown would make tourist and locals experience better.

One waying oak and Lincoln would allow Lincoln to be shut down for a parade and then oak could have all traffic routed on it, and possibly four lanes not allowing left turns making getting through town better on those days when there is an event.

We have been taught to compartmentalize issues which fails to see the complexity of the world and how working towards one goal can move you closer to other goals or further from them. The parking issue could move other issues in a positive direction as this one issue is addressed.

Failure to look at the whole will many times waste resources when two birds could be killed with one stone