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John Weibel 2 days, 17 hours ago on New committee will tackle housing issues in Routt County

arent there there three potential projects geared towards the problem? The yvha parcel, the one near staples and now the one near 12th street that ought to put snow melt in the alley to address the code issue.

Oh well let's wait and react to all issues.

Maybe, just maybe the goal should be a more diverse economy than the juggernaught of tourism. Never know where the market is headed and maybe that struggling too big to fail German bank will cause ripples in the world financial system like before as nothing has really changed.


John Weibel 6 days, 3 hours ago on Melanie Sturm: Trump, Sanders and Rorschach elections

Tim, I do not think that the article strictly aimed paranoia at Bernie. Heck, if Hilary were the candidate across from Trump, then the article would have discussed her track record. It sought to have actual answers to questions and thoughts on how to steer the country.

Trump seems to give cryptic non-answers and in a recent Colbert show, he had Trump Debate himself. The hoopla around all candidates seems to be more like the mobs getting behind them without real well though out answers to questions.

As a matter of disclosure, I am undecided and would prefer a different slate of candidates all together. Voted for Nader many times. Canvased for Paul in 2008. Though it seems with Bernie, you have the most honest as to what he would do. Though, I do not agree with much of it, nor do I think it would fly as we have reached the Greek levels of debt, in this land. Other nations are trying to figure out how to start a different reserve currency for the world as they are losing faith, in our financial solvency.

Everything does not need to be taken as a jab against your ideology. It jabbed at both sides, just finished with Sanders.

Lets figure out how to end the corporate welfare that is ruining our world, starting with grain subsidies. Though as Kissinger is quoted, "if you control oil you control countries, if you control food you control the people." The only way to control the food system as I see it, is through the industrial system, which we have, not a localized food system that would return without those subsidies and regulations that make it hard for the little guys to compete.


John Weibel 1 week, 4 days ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

Word origins Pat - Mortgage is derived from Latin - Mort being DEATH/DEAD Gage being pledge, hold on to something or a grip.

So it is not factually incorrect, you simply need to study word origins. to comprehend the meaning of a mortgage. That and then go back in history to the indentured servants that crossed the ocean to this country on someone else's dime and had to repay that debt upon their arrival.

China does hold over a trillion dollars in U.S. Debt - which when the economy falters it is the first payment that needs repaid or the loan sharks come in and rough you up. Unfortunately for them we have a bigger navy and air force. Unfortunately for us as this article points out that they are building theirs to protect their interests.

So while they do not hold a "Death Grip" they do hold a Mortgage - which are linguistically the same. They do have a massive trade surplus with us that at some point the pendulum needs to swing in their favor as all markets will. Maybe that occurs after they have put in more holdings in the US as they are in Idaho.

As Mark pointed out that we can simply inflate that debt away. However, if one studies economics, then we will have a hyper-inflationary event, if the clowns in DC do not get their crap together and quit protecting corporate interests.

Hyper-Inflationary events are no fun from what I studied of them.


John Weibel 1 week, 4 days ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

David, What do we trade with China? We send them raw materials, sometimes. We used to sell them entire factories, that they would disassemble and put back together over there. Now we send them iou's in exchange for more consumer goods.

They hold significant leverage over us as they are the owner of many of our mortgages - death grips. They are trying to develop their middle class to consume their factories good as they. At some point, they will decide that our iou's are no loner acceptable payments for their goods and will want payment from their debtor.

To those that think we spend so much more than the rest of the world on our military, yep you are right but we are consuming much of what it's being spent on, bombs. We have a shortage of munitions, today because of how many wars we are fighting today.

Yep it's fear they are selling to get more military spending. In reality, their military budget is not being pissed away trying to save the world, possibly the economy or simply the corporate interests, that are the puppet masters of our elected officials.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

By the way Scott, you do an accounting on how much Carbon is sequestered as has been shown to work, holding an area as the baseline. That way, you can actually account for how much carbon was sequestered and not simply guess that this that or the other variable is the one that is causing all our woes.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

I guess that is your opinion that the science is not settled on carbon holding capacity.

Where as it is that CO2 is the scourge of the earth and responsible for the majority of the warming on the third rock from the sun.

I forgot you are the illustrious know it all that caused me to leave the forum. However, I saw yet another individual, blaming all the problems associated with warming on CO2. Yet that is far from the whole problem as astro physicists are point to and the fact that they are forecasting another little ice age just around the corner.

Yep the science is settled when you want it to be and lets just call it that way. You are the illustrious and all knowing WEDEL and we should all bow down to you. Also should just succumb to government programs as they are because those bureaucrats know what is best, for us and the world and yet those subsidies for grain are creating a nutritionally depleted food, dead zones in our oceans and yet let us just say we bow down to your will and follow another program that you seemingly always f up.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

Let me reword that. He is not threatening the use of the military, just that our military's leader think it's a problem. If you disagree then you disagree with the military.

Yep those corporations will make lots on this, while simply putting carbon in our soil remedies the perceived problem. Which of the astro physicists that are predicting the behavior of the sun are right then we will have a larger problem when the northern grain crops fail because of cooling.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

Dan or Scott so why is there only action on emissions and zero on sequestration? Why do we support the subsidization of grains that are contributing to the problem? Those subsidies also cause more environmental harm than warming. Dead zones, poor nutrition and the list goes on. Oh yea it is because industry/ corporations make a lot on that system.

Yep the science is settled the dynamos in the sun are now being predicted with great accuracy and that is forecasting a mini ice age in 2030. true believers won't listen to ideas which conflict with their paradigm.

Great that our president is threatening those who disagree with military intervention. Sounds like fascism to me, not a world where open debate is allowed. Just those that want to control the masses.


John Weibel 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Rodger Steen: Climate change for real

Were so worried about CO2 in our atmosphere and yet our government still has policies which exacerbate the problem and cause much greater environmental problems than the true believers than we humans are all responsible for the issue seem to believe.

End Grain subsidies as they have depleted our topsoils (releasing more Carbon into the atmosphere), created dead zones and a myriad of other problems. Yet really it is about control and Mr. Kissinger put it well "If you control the oil the you control countries, if you control the food you control the people."

If you are worried about the changing temperatures on earth first and foremost figure out how to regulate the output of the sun. That seems to have the greatest impact on the amount of heat on the third rock from the sun. Scientists have become very good at mapping the flows on the sun and how they interact with the solar cycle. Those scientists, seem to think that we are headed for a greater lull in the solar cycle than we are having today. That led to the meander minimum centuries ago, and a mini ice age.

Those solar dynamo's have a greater impact on our climate than CO2. I am not suggesting not doing anything about CO2 though as that carbon that no longer is in our soil, makes us more prone to flooding and droughts. Put the carbon back into our soil and end grain subsidies. Heck give out subsidies for rebuilding our soil as opposed to making cheap food that makes us sick, is laced with toxins and uses massive amounts of energy to make the system work.

The prairies top soil was 10-20+ feet deep, today it is inches to feet in row cropping operations. That is carbon that is now in the atmosphere.

Heck that settled science, well with this lecture on how temps have changed quickly at times based upon geologic records.

This one is directed to the Washington State government, and discusses how temps rose rapidly from 1900 to 1945 then cooled to 1970 then rose at about the same rate as earlier in the century. The last period had lots of added Carbon the first one not so much. So it is not the only variable in play much to the chagrin of the true believers.