julipj 6 years, 7 months ago

Well said. I'm a south-american migrant and i've been here for several years, i have learned a lot about this issue....at first...there's some things i have to say. For example: It's understandable that many people in the states are against illegal immigration. But there's just one i reason i find valid. Economic. and more in this tough recession. Now. You can't blame mexicans for everything...why? a couple things to start: U.S foreign policies(over 50% of mexican companies are owned by americans), U.S constantly increasing demand for cocaine. and yeah, hate to say this but.... lots and lots of Ignorance....the federal government has been letting this happen for decades, just LIKE THAT....so. people here loves to demonize latinos and blame them for everything, but at the same time they exploit them and squeeze them. Yes. U know about those exploited latinoamericans working extremely hard as sheepherders at several ranches at Moffat County? being paid $650 a month, have to be there 24/7 and without right to days off or to leave the ranch???? This is REAL...so u guys better learn who the bad guys and good guys are here... and before you say something about "Illegals" think twice...PEACE!


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