Jon Quinn

Jon Quinn 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Rob Douglas: Reisman to restaurateurs: ‘Clean up’

How did Kenny Reisman get the job? He ran for the seat in 2009 and defeated the candidate he ran against. Kenny is in his fifth year of service on City Council. Perhaps he decided that another 2-year commitment was more appropriate for him and his family than another 4-year term?

Rob is expert at pulling a couple of sentences from countless hours of dialogue and Monday morning quarterbacking them into the local column. That's his job and he is good at it. I know that this community is deeper than that nonsense though. I'd encourage the rest of the Monday morning quarterbacks on this forum to walk a mile in a man's shoes before judging him.


Jon Quinn 1 year ago on Scott Ford: 'Nifty' versus necessary

In my opinion, these are dollars well spent. In case you are wondering, we tax payers spend a bundle providing a "free" bus in our community. We do so in order to provide a positive and easy transportation system for our visitors, our citizens, our employees, and our employers. We recognize that this is an amenity that is required in a successful resort community. And in case you you are wondering... people who want to ride the bus want to know when it will arrive at their stop. I appreciate that the City is trying to encourage ridership and that it continues to make the bus system a critical and relevant component of our transportation plan.


Jon Quinn 1 year, 1 month ago on Steamboat Summer Concert Series announced

Ah, the summer concerts. Man, there is no better way to see your friends and neighbors and enjoy this beautiful community. Although I don't have the "hard numbers" Mr. Mendell wants to see, and I seriously doubt that any numbers would satisfy him anyway, what I can tell you is that the volunteers who put together the series work really hard to bring the best talent they can to our valley on a fairly limited budget. The City kicks in a bit of dough and the majority is funded by those of us who enjoy a cold beer for ourselves and an overpriced snow-cone for the kids. In both cases, it's money well spent. The City collects no property tax and so the dollars from the City that go towards this event and other community events are collected from Sales tax on goods. Steve, my hunch is that your portion of this tax burden amounts to less than a couple bucks. Tell ya what... track me down at a free show and I'll buy you a beer... or a snow-cone, whichever you prefer. Perhaps then you might be able to feel you can enjoy these wonderful events because it will truly be free to you. :)


Jon Quinn 1 year, 2 months ago on Seasonal Steamboat Ski Area employees will no longer receive health insurance from Intrawest

The question I have for Mike Lane and the Intrawest team is, since we know that eliminating these benefits will save Intrawest a bundle, how much of the savings are they going to put back into payroll to help pay employees a living wage in our community? My hunch is that the benefits will go away, salaries will stay the same, and the savings extracted from eliminating these benefits will ultimately go to the top 1% of the Intrawest pyramid. Perhaps I am mistaken. Would any member of the Intrawest team care to comment?


Jon Quinn 1 year, 3 months ago on Committee will discuss privatizing Routt County Regional Building Department

I studied this issue in 2007 when the City was considering splitting off and going with a private firm. What I came to understand at that time was that there is little reason to consider privatization unless there is a lack of expertise locally to handle inspections. As Carl mentioned, the department is paid for by the fees that are collected through the permitting process, not by tax dollars. When you ask the folks who are most directly impacted by the building department, the contractors, they will all tell you that privatizing the system is an excellent way to guarantee more delays, and worse service. What you can be sure of is that privatization of the building department means more of the money, and more of the expertise, will leave our community.

I would encourage the county officials studying this to consider the real impacts of this decision, and I hope that they opt to keep these services in the hands of the locals who really know our community and have real experience in our valley. Don't be fooled by the fancy sales pitch!


Jon Quinn 2 years, 2 months ago on Mike Lederhause: Colorado disgraced

Mike suggests the following... "Let’s make a requirement that everyone must show valid ID, proof of legitimate employment and pass an intelligence test on the issues and candidates on the ballot before they can vote." I wonder if Mike would agree that the same standards should be enforced in order to purchase or own a firearm? Of course, I'm sure we all know that the his answer would be "no." Please do tell me if I am mistaken, Mike.

I'm with Kathy here. The rhetoric is beyond tired. I have not heard any suggestion that the right to bear arms be abolished. All we are talking about is under what conditions and circumstances the 2nd amendment shall be upheld and how to balance the rights of our citizens to bear arms with their equally important rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


Jon Quinn 2 years, 7 months ago on Steamboat City Manager Jon Roberts resigns

I'd like to thank Jon for coming to our city and lending us a good measure of his talent and his spirit. Jon and LeAnn Roberts have warmed our community each day they have spent in it and I hope that they know that Steamboat still welcomes them. Maybe now they can enjoy Steamboat the way most of its residents do... without the politics. :)


Jon Quinn 2 years, 9 months ago on Steve Hofman and Johnny Spillane: Draw own conclusions

The poll regarding the casino has received 1668 votes, almost twice the total number the next most active Steamboat Today poll in history. This number is not just unusual, but it strikes me as statistically inconceivable. I think that the Pilot ought to take a hard look at the results and should tighten up the system if it is prone to abuse. If the polls can be skewed by a few savvy and unscrupulous users, then the polls should be abandoned.