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Jon Quinn 2 days, 9 hours ago on Steamboat's Humble Ranch land deal based on faulty trust

As far as Ed Trousil is concerned, I believe that Mr. Trousil still has an enormous opportunity at hand. There is no reason why the public benefit and value that GoCo once saw in this deal cannot still be achieved. Some of the players have changed at the City, and the trails are still there.

I'm just saying that great things can happen if you can just find out where you have common ground. Clearly the spirit of the original agreement reflected quite a bit more common ground than has been achieved to date. Maybe there is room for improvement...


Jon Quinn 2 days, 10 hours ago on Steamboat's Humble Ranch land deal based on faulty trust

I did post the comment in response to George's post. George and I butt heads on a lot of issues, but I respect his right to speak his mind, and on this particular issue we find a lot of common ground.

That said, it does segue to a more important issue, and that is the tone of the blogosphere in Steamboat. I would not presume to speak for anybody but myself, but if you ask me Lisa Schlichtman is in a difficult position. How do you promote a forum that encourages positive exchange of ideas while also allowing such focused personal attacks by its members? There are times that I look at the blogs and just see a screaming match out there. Who wants to contribute to that? Who wants to see all of that negativity then directed towards them?

If you ask me we could all do better to encourage less personal attacks in these spaces, and instead focus on ideas and opinions. I'm not saying remove the passion, just keep a better focus on respecting the other bloggers out there, and don't browbeat those you disagree with out of the conversation altogether. If it should be a space for a conversation, let it be that and maybe think about how the conversation would go over a cup of coffee instead of yelling at your keyboard.

My 2 Cents:)


Jon Quinn 3 weeks, 3 days ago on CenturyLink reports telephone outages in Steamboat Springs, Yampa and Oak Creek

Our city and county have no intention of popping up as Internet Service Providers. Nothing can prove that more than the fact that the local ISPs support the override too. CenturyLink and Comcast do not support the override, but they have lost so many 152 override elections throughout the state already that they are not willing to spend more capital on an effort that seems to have overwhelming support in the communities where it has already been voted on. This is not a government takeover of internet, in fact nothing could be further than the truth. It is about taking back rights that SB152 took away specifically to benefit huge corporations operating in our state like CenturyLink and Comcast.


Jon Quinn 3 weeks, 3 days ago on CenturyLink reports telephone outages in Steamboat Springs, Yampa and Oak Creek

I agree with you on that point Scott. This is a very widespread outage and affected basic services for our government offices, law enforcement agencies, and health care providers. For CenturyLink to marginalize this and say that it was "toll-isolated" outage is nonsense because most of the highest volume voice customers in town have lines delivered by circuits like T1 or bigger, where the calls actually hit the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) somewhere besides Steamboat. As far as I could tell, all circuit accounts provided by CenturyLink were down, and land lines were also affected everywhere I have customers.

When a bunch of us geeks come and ask you this fall to pass an override of SB152 I hope that you have the events of today in mind. It should be noted that the internet service for the businesses that participate in the NCB Group (Northwest Colorado Broadband includes the City, the County, and YVEA) may have been bumpy today, but worked due to the redundancy that they have built into their bandwidth solution. Their phones, however, are pretty much completely down... going on 9 hours...


Jon Quinn 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Routt County may ask voters to opt out of state telecommunications bill

This issue has more to do with expanding options than anything. I do not speak for either the City or the County, but trust me when I tell you that neither the City of Steamboat Springs nor Routt County are interested in becoming Internet Service Providers, certainly not today or anytime soon. But SB152 prevents City and County government from participating in the business of bandwidth altogether. SB152 does not protect the interests of businesses or residents of Colorado, but it very distinctly protects the interests of large bandwidth providers like CenturyLink and Comcast. If you honestly believe that SB152 has encouraged providers like Comcast and CenturyLink to invest in communities like Steamboat, I would say that you are sadly deceived. Please note that this is no indictment of the local people at CenturyLink, Comcast, or any of the other providers in town. The techs and engineers who keep it all rolling in this valley at are all professionals who are great at their jobs and care about doing a good job every day. We're talking about the bigger numbers game where companies like Comcast and CenturyLink are asked to answer to sharehholders who are focused on ROI. I hate to break it to you, but Steamboat is a really small slice of the pie and building out capacity in Steamboat vs. other locations is difficult to prioritize for these big numbers driven telcos. I've personally seen how much of a priority Steamboat has been for these companies for the last 15 years working in IT in Steamboat. Frankly, it is companies like SpringSips, NC Telecom, Resort Broadband, and Zirkel Wireless, and now Mammoth that have really paved the way for the broadband expansions that the big telcos have acquiesced to in our community! And now, the combined group that makes up the NCB including the City, County, School District, and YVEA has made a splash that will help and encourage the private market to improve its products for our region. The SB152 override will allow more bandwidth to come to Steamboat. It would also allow NCB, whose members include the City and the County, the ability to re-sell excess bandwidth to local providers including Comcast, CenturyLink, and Zirkel Wireless or other large consumers like YVEA or YVMC. The bottom line is that the SB152 override will allow a more open market because it lifts restrictions that prevent governments from engaging in the business of bandwidth. If you take a moment to examine the money that supports the existence of this bill, I think you will easily find that it paints a pretty clear picture that SB152 is designed to protect the business interests of a few privately held businesses like Comcast and CenturyLink. I think that this article from the Denver Post does a good job of explaining why every community is Colorado stands to benefit from overriding the SB152 restrictions:


Jon Quinn 2 months, 2 weeks ago on The next stop: Steamboat City Council weighs future of bus service

It seems pretty clear to me that the bus service is a critical piece of our infrastructure. I would urge the Council to commit to the funding increase right away and to budget it as a general fund expenditure. There certainly are some options in the future to generate more revenue for the transportation system, but it is unlikely that there is time to implement any of these options before the budget season is done.

As far as the options for future revenue is concerned, I think I agree with George that the RTA probably holds the most potential. Asking for handouts from only a few local businesses to help fund it is a non-starter. Why should Ski Corps or the hospital pay for a service that 99% of other businesses get for free? If it is going to be a paid service, it has to be paid for by all riders, or all businesses equally. With the exception of the college route, the Yellow route... CMC needs to step up and help fund that route if they want it back in service since it primarily serviced their needs.

In my opinion, the local routes need to stay free in order to keep them efficient and provide a high level of service to our locals and our guests. And not only should the Council restore the level of service that they just cut, but they should plan to expand it back to include the late night routes that were cut! THEN... there needs to be a commitment to establishing a working group to study funding options for our regional system because it does not make sense to assume it should always be a general fund expenditure. The current funding model is not sustainable. For it to be an effective and regional system it needs to be supported by a funding source other then the city's general fund.


Jon Quinn 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Building a friendlier downtown: Steamboat Springs City Council weighs urban renewal plan

I would consider it, but don't know that I am the right person for the job. I appreciate your positive approach to these forums Scott. Like you, I really try to focus on positive exchange of ideas and stay away from negativity. Thanks for all you do!