Jon Quinn

Jon Quinn 3 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs City Council president uncomfortable with new PR position manufacturing 'quotes' for city officials

To the 7 city council members and 1 to be appointed soon... please never forget that it is your job to be the last line of defense between the people and the insanity of the machine. The city PR director's job is to speak for the machine. Your job is to speak for the people...


Jon Quinn 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Oak Creek apartment building declared dangerous

I can't help but wonder what wrath Scott Wedel would have for another landlord in the same circumstance. Certainly he would be the first to criticize anybody else for being derelict in their duties to provide even the most fundamental life safety for their tenants. Well Scott, I hope you live up to your responsibilities. It sounds like tragedy was narrowly avoided in this case. Maybe you should take a little more time addressing your own responsibilities and a little less time criticizing everyone else in Routt County.


Jon Quinn 8 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council members surprised, angered, stumped by request for emails

I cannot comment on the current setup, but when I was on from 2007 till 2011 the choice was to use the terrible webmail system they had, or else have your city email forwarded to a private account of your choosing. City IT staff refused to support setting up the mail accounts for council members on their personal devices. I set up a gmail account for that purpose so that I could plug it into my Outlook. I check many accounts through Outlook so the idea of having to check a separate webmail account for all City communications seemed ridiculous and inefficient.

At the time one of the Steamboat Today reporters, Brandon Gee I think, asked me about the records issue and asked what I would do if he made an open records request and I told him I'd just turn over my Outlook data file for that gmail account that had all of my City email. He never took me up on the offer.


Jon Quinn 10 months, 2 weeks ago on City Council calls first dibs on free concert tickets, VIP passes

A very smart man told me when I was elected to council that I should picture everything I say in a meeting on the front page of the paper and evaluate it in that respect BEFORE saying it. It's clearly advice coming a bit too late for Tony and Heather. Thanks to Jason and Walt for keeping it real.


Jon Quinn 1 year, 1 month ago on Sanders wins Routt County precinct caucus

It was an amazing turnout for the Democratic caucus. I don't have all the precinct numbers, but the previous highest number of attendees in precinct 17 was around 20 and there there were 72 citizens from precinct 17 at Soda Creek last night. It's good to see an engaged electorate!

My suggestion is a Clinton/Sanders ticket to unify the party and make sure that the energy carries through.


Jon Quinn 1 year, 1 month ago on Our View: ‘But we’ve always done it this way’

I agree with the premise of this editorial, even if it does not pass the scrutiny of the fact checkers on this blog. The current primary / caucus system in Colorado and across the country does not serve our citizens well. Actually I would take it a step further and tell you that the existing process, driven by party insiders, is really a huge part of why our leadership is so dysfunctional.

First of all, even in general elections, Americans turn out in embarrassingly low numbers. When it comes to party primaries and caucuses you can assume that these elections are carried out by a small, vocal, and energized base on both sides. Is it really any wonder that there is no longer a middle ground in the US? We are represented in Washington by folks who truly embody the extremes of our political parties. There is no place for independent voices in our current system, indeed Independents are truly disenfranchised by the politics of modern America.

Second, it seems plain to many of us that both the Democrats and Republicans have lost the faith of the people, and have proven themselves quite incapable of actually serving anybody’s interests but their own. The remarkable rise of both Trump and Sanders demonstrates pretty clearly that the establishment dike is crumbling. I, for one, will welcome the flood when it comes.

And for all of you Constitutionalists… the current constructs of party politics in the US are not blessed by our most important founding document. We the people can break apart the insane system we have created and can create something better and more inclusive. It will require Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It will take citizens who are willing to cast aside everything we think we know about our political system and are bold enough to start over.


Jon Quinn 1 year, 5 months ago on Bob's Downtown Conoco gets new owners

Anybody in a customer service industry can learn a ton from Bob! I brought my car to Bob for a terrible oil leak. He did all the diagnosis, researched the problem, and found it was an issue Subaru had issued a recall on. He advised me to come pick it up and bring it over to Cook's for the repair. I bet their team had a couple hours into figuring it out, but my bill was $6... for the oil they topped it off with.

Thank you for everything Bob and good luck! Everyone here is correct, you're truly one of a kind.


Jon Quinn 1 year, 6 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council to weigh in on $56 million budget proposal

Hello Council Members, I know that you all have considerable challenges ahead of you with this budget process. The issues and challenges at Howelsen Hill deserve your attention and your scrutiny. The budget for maintaining and operating Howelsen Hill is considerable… and the real ROI is hard to quantify, but please do not make the mistake of under-estimating the impact that this incredible venue has on our community.

The legend of Skiing in Steamboat was born with the hill that Carl Howelsen built. In all reality the epicenter of skiing in the United States is Steamboat Springs because it has trained more US Olympians than any place in the US, by far. It takes a village… and we’ve found it.

When you consider the true economic impacts that Howelsen Hill brings to our community it is hard to underestimate the financial harm that would be caused by allowing the jump venues to deteriorate. It is troubling to consider that inexpensive repairs years ago have now ballooned to these astronomical numbers, and I will take responsibility if those repairs should have been dealt with while I had a say in the matter.

When you consider the full scope of winter and summer activities at Howelsen, our quaint little downtown ski hill likely supports the livelihoods of just as many residents as many of our other top employers. So please consider the true need of these repairs in the context of the full impact that Howelsen has on this community and furthermore commit to setting dollars aside to invest in this facility each year so that we stay on top of the repairs and don’t find ourselves having to play catch up in the future.

Remember, before Steamboat was every town to everyone, we are first and foremost Ski Town USA!