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Joe Meglen 1 month ago on Murphy Roberts: Make America change again

Hi Murphy,

If you are stilling following the comments on your article, it was bad form on my part not to have complimented you on your article prior to launching into a lecture on the Constitution. Your well written letter demonstrates that you are a thinker who is well on the road to becoming politically and historically aware. I had something of a political awakening myself at your age when the federal government, driven by the Military Industrial Banking Complex, was drafting young men by the tens of thousands to fight an unconstitutional war in Viet Nam. The purported trigger for this war was a government orchestrated “false flag” operation called the “Gulf Of Tonkin Incident”. This unconstitutional war, like all of the elective wars (which is all but two which Americans have fought), had nothing to do with the defense of our country. When I found myself at Fort Ord in 1969, conscripted (enslaved) against my will, it began to dawn on me that the federal might not have my best interests at heart. Five of my high school friends were killed in this senseless war. This was the beginning of an awakening and my education in the real world. The following truths are never taught in government controlled schools for informed citizens are a threat to the State. This is by no means a complete list but hopefully they will give you a head start as you venture forth in the world.

The greatest obstacle to making money and keeping it is the government.

Government is corrupt by definition; it is the opposite of free will.

“Public Servants” serve themselves at the expense of the taxpayer.

The structure and operation of government as taught in Civics classes is a myth.

The existence of the State requires that the productive citizens upon which it preys be indoctrinated, thus our compulsory government schools complemented by a controlled media.

It is the nature of government to grow. It grows at the expense of the private sector and the individual liberty it was originally formed to protect.

Government doesn’t produce anything. It consumes and redistributes while enriching the professional political class along with the ruling class that controls the government.

Large governments require a large military in order to preserve and expand empire. Wars destroy wealth, with the exception of war profiteers.

Without the 2nd Amendment there would be no 1st, 3rd, 4th, et al. There would be no Constitution.

The Founders intended that the citizens be at least as well armed as the State for the 2nd Amendment is a check on an overreaching government.

Government and criminals are in favor gun control laws. Both prefer that their victims be unarmed.


Joe Meglen 1 month ago on Murphy Roberts: Make America change again


Your letter is a testimony to the compulsory State factory school system. It displays a complete misunderstanding of the Constitution and its foundation. Progressives, who have controlled academia for generations, claim that the Constitution is a “living document” and the Supreme Court is the sole or final arbiter of what is constitutional. This is wrong on both counts. First, a “living document” usurps both the 9th and 10th Amendments. Second, although John Marshall’s opinion in Marbury v. Madison implies that the Supreme Court gave itself final judicial review on what is constitutional, the Supreme Court lacks the authority to alter the meaning the Constitution. Language changes with time but the Natural Rights codified in the Constitution do not. Acknowledging The Laws of Nature, the Framers memorialized the fact that people are born free, own themselves and are endowed with certain unalienable rights that may not be usurped by government. The Constitution and Bill of Rights codify these rights and create a framework for a strictly limited federal government that preserves individual liberty while providing for the defense of the confederated states. Power originates from the people and with their consent the federal government was created then granted specific, limited powers. Any laws, rules, agencies and their regulations created that do not fall within the strictly enumerated powers granted in the Constitution are unlawful for these are an attack on the people’s liberty.

The 2nd Amendment follows the 1st Amendment to ensure that We the People have the right to criticize the government and then retain the ability to defend ourselves if the State doesn’t like the content of our free speech. It is not by accident that the Framers made it clear that the right to bear arms “…shall not be infringed.” The limited enumerated powers granted to the government do not include the authority to dismantle the 2nd Amendment. To do so is an attack on the Constitution and therefore individual freedom.

Congratulations on your graduation. Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education.


Joe Meglen 1 month, 2 weeks ago on City Councilman proposes new taxes on marijuana, lift ticket sales

Yes, Let’s look for ways to grow government with more taxes and social engineering. Here is an idea: how about downsizing government, limit it to protecting individual liberty and only providing the essential services that can not be better provided by the private sector.


Joe Meglen 3 months, 1 week ago on Lift ticket tax for public transit raised at City Council meeting

Transportation should be private not public. Of course that ship sailed a long time ago. If there is to be yet another tax (which there shouldn't be) it should be paid for directly by the Ski Corp. and the merchants since they are the greatest beneficiaries.


Joe Meglen 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Pay to Play: Working group poised to recommend city ask voters to create new parks and rec district

Those that live off taxes always claim that there is a lack of “funding”. There is never enough. Tax on property is an attack on property rights. It is pure and simple theft.

Routt County residents are not under taxed.


Joe Meglen 4 months ago on Air service board seeks tax renewal flight plan from city of Steamboat Springs

How is it that Intrawest found $50 million to do a stock buy back producing no tangible benefit to the ski mountain yet the people are asked to subsidize the Ski Corp’s business? The price of a season ski pass went up again for the 2016/2017 season. Maybe the free market should also be allowed to determine what it costs to vacation in Steamboat Springs.


Joe Meglen 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Gary Cogswell: Resident-driven solution

Excuse the following for my experience is in the private sector:

Why is there a need for a new $12 million police station? Granted, the design as it now exists requires a GPS to navigate the maze but there doesn’t appear to be any lack of space. How about saving $10 million for a rainy day and just do a redesign?


Joe Meglen 5 months ago on Jeff Peters: Elections have consequences


With the exception of local elections, we agree about the uselessness of voting. Presidents are nothing more than bought-and-paid-for middle managers. They are completely controlled by large international moneyed interests who have no concern for national or individual sovereignty. If the president makes the mistake of thinking he is in charge and departs from the agenda of those that actually control government he will be removed. Ultimately, no matter which candidate from either political party is elected the result will be bigger government, more unconstitutional wars, more debt, more taxes, more plundering of the people and less individual freedom – right up until this socialist empire, like all others before it, collapses.

As a slight digression, it is entertaining to watch the outright panic within the GOP, and Democrat Big Government Establishment over Trump’s juggernaut. The Establishment will wage total war.

Voting at the national level is a waste of time and legitimizes the illegitimate.