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Your quibbles are well received. We agree completely. The convention that produced the Constitution was a deception and conspiracy – a coup d'etat which undid much of what was accomplished in the War of Independence. It produced a coercive national government with the authority to police itself resulting in the enslavement of the people which the War of Independence momentarily liberated. My short essay on the 2nd Amendment was not to endorse the Constitution but to introduce the concept of Natural Rights which are absent from the curriculum of government controlled schools which has successfully inoculated the people as can be seen from some of the comments. Government is now God.


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A great article filled with facts that are uncomfortable to the gun control zealots with their preconceived beliefs. The fact is that gun control laws do not control guns. Gun control laws disarm law abiding people and have proven to cost lives, not save them.

Free people have a right to be armed and do not need to ask permission from the enlightened ruling class to defend themselves.


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Borrowing a phrase from Mark H.: you are absolutely correct. It is obvious that the cause of the 2008 financial/economic collapse is not understood, and is now ancient history for most.


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The Military Industrial Complex has become so colossal that it is now woven into the economic fabric of the country. The War Industry; including defense contractors, TBTF banks, NASA and Big Oil consumes the lion’s share of the federal budget. This massive war machine, along with the bureaucracy it spawns, needs constant wars to survive and thrive. The “War on Terror” provides a "convenient" opportunity for perpetual war. War is profitable.


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The facts cited in the article depart considerably from the Gospel of the Establishment Court Historians. For those with an interest, the sources listed below substantiating these facts and uncomfortable truths are but a few of dozens available on the subject:

The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War – a scholarly work meticulously researched and documented by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. This is a must read book for every American.

The Lawmen: United States Marshals and their Deputies, 1789—1989. An Analysis Of President Lincoln's Legal Arguments Against Secession by James Ostrowski

Forced Into Glory by Lerone Bennett Jr. Johnson Publishing Company, 2000 ISBN 0-87485-085-1

Merchant of Terror General Sherman and Total War January 1, 1973 by John B. Walters.

War Crimes Against Southern Civilians – April 30, 2007 by Walter Brian Cisco - Pelican, Gretna, Louisiana, 2007

Williams, Walter. “Abraham Lincoln”,


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Lower the sales tax rate and locals will buy locally. This is better for the merchants and local residents alike. Doing so will result in increased sales that are less seasonal. According to the Laffer Curve this is likely to produce equal or greater tax revenue to the City. If not, eliminate non essential City departments. There are several to choose from.


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GREAT WORK on discovering the "Irregular Transactions" at the Treasurer's office. The timing of the article in the PILOT is excellent. Too bad it wasn't published a week earlier.

I want to be the first to congratulate you on your win November 4th.


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A great letter backed by facts. Mr. Farquhar “may” think twice before posting another letter (rant) supported only by his world view and belief system.


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I am traveling with limited access to the Internet. This is posted on both threads to make sure you see it. In respose to your questions for me:

Again, voting regulations were not established by the Constitution. This was left up to the states. If you are asking for my opinion, then there is an argument to only allow property owners, and/or those that earn an income, to vote in order to prevent confiscation of property via mob rule democracy. Of course this ship sailed years ago.

The amendment process is obviously constitutional for this is codified in the Constitution. There is a difference between unalienable rights and “legal” rights.

The Bill Of Rights is a list of Natural Rights which free people are born with. These rights are unalienable. They are not subject to being repealed by constitutional amendment. The whole point of the Constitution is to acknowledge these individual rights and establish a strictly limited federal government that has the primary purpose of protecting individual liberty. Government lacks the jurisdiction to remove these rights via legislation or constitutional amendment. Unalienable rights existed before the Constitution and they will exist long after the Constitution is gone.

You are mistaken when you state that of the 33 Amendments:”you are required as a citizen to respect each and every one of them.” You are suggesting that citizens submit and obey no matter how unjust the Amendment. On the contrary, it is the responsibility of the states, and ultimately the people, to understand the actual meaning of the Constitution. This is not complicated when it is interpreted as written which was the Founder’s original intent. Statists would have you think otherwise. The federal government is the employee of the states. Unconstitutional laws may be nullified via the 10th Amendment. Constitutional amendments that a breach the original intent can be ignored and preferably repealed. Two possible candidates would be the 16th and 17th Amendments for these are in conflict with the intent of the Constitution. This is all part of the checks and balances. Of course holding the leviathan in check requires informed moral citizens that elect principled representatives that honor their oath of office.