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Pat West Maybe first post was not clear that I was referring to library tax specifically doubling. Second post said library tax specific. I am not a registered user of Routt county website. Not that good at computers and not nosey enough to care about what anybody else pays. The library is an overbuilt monstrosity with too much marble and could only be built with tax dollars. The people that work there are extremely helpful and nice. They could probably be paid more if a more modest building had been built. Luck has little to do with having two homes. First it is a blessing from God. Second, it was 54 years of hard work, living below my means, saving and good investing.


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Pat West. I am referring to the property taxes that pay specifically for the library. My old income taxes records are in Colorado and I am presently in Arizona enjoying even less snow than Steamboat. When I return to Steamboat and virtually all snow is gone I will dig them out and give you the numbers. Not every one itemizes federal income taxes. Some people who are old and invested wisely now have no mortgages. Scott Wedel is correct Routt County property taxes are overall cheap. My Steamboat condo valued at 344,480 In 2013 ran 1249.44. My Lake Havasu City home in Az valued at 128,251 in 2013 ran 1449.50. My library tax in Colorado ran 107.73 and in Az ran 41.59. Colorado library tax more than double Az. The building here does not have marble floors and salt water fish tanks but it is large, serviceable and has books and movies to check out. To me , it is not just about the dollars but the principle of taking people's hard earned money and building grandiose monuments to the ruling elite. Kind of like the Roman Emperors, build a coliseum, throw a circus once a week and the masses will not care if the rulers are stealing them blind.

Scott Wedel You are making a lot of noise over a Taj Mahal police station but you like a Taj library?


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Moderately skeptical? Check how much your property taxes went up on the old library versus the new Taj Mahal.

I use the new library because I am trying to get some value from my doubled property tax for the new Taj Mahal..


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By paying taxes, you also get a corrupt Federal government that sets it's own pay and benefits and does very little except insure it's own reelection until one day the house of cards collapses.


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I use the library. I think the library staff is great and very helpful. I also would like to see the cost per checkout for each item to the taxpayers of Routt County. My property taxes went up appreciably when the new library was built. The building is beautiful but expensive. I was doing fine with the old library. Something for you taxpayers to consider when the next bond issue comes up for the next Taj Mahal.