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jerry carlton 1 day, 12 hours ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical

Ken Collins I have never smoked anything. My mother, father and grandmother smoked cigarettes and I got more second hand smoke than I cared for. My father died of a brain tumor before lung cancer could kill him. Lasted through about 6 months of misery while having radiation and chemo. Guess what caused it? The thought of sucking hot gases into my lungs laced with whatever never appealed to me. Since you think it is such a good idea, maybe you should go down to the high school and pass out free joints and twelve packs of beer. Let me know how that works out for you. Back in my day was the 60's. The was dope around but about 5% of the kids used it, not the 50% now. We have come a long way baby!


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Way too small. Entire plot of land would not make a Target parking lot and I doubt that with all the adjacent lots there would be enough. I would also love a Target but I will be dead before the city allows a Target in here. Also it is doubtful that we have enough population to support a Target.


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We took my wife's money out of PERA as soon as she was eligible and put it into an IRA. I also took my money out of the Washington State retirement system when we left there and put it into my IRA. Look into the Illinois state retirement system to see what happens when the chickens come home to roost. Cleveland retirees are probably not in too good of shape either.


jerry carlton 1 day, 13 hours ago on Questioning authority: City of Steamboat Springs quietly fights lawsuit alleging excessive use of force

I have been driving 53 years. I have had four tickets. Two were deserved, two I am not sure they were. I have had no tickets in 17 years in and around Steamboat. I was stopped once for going through a red light in downtown Steamboat when looking into sun and very politely warned to be more careful. I drove commercially between Steamboat and Grand County for 6 years and had over 240,000 miles. I have also driven mountain shuttle bus, Alpine taxi, city bus. propane truck, and dump truck for more miles than I know. No tickets. Maybe I am just lucky or maybe I obey the rules of the road. Just another story of driving in and around Steamboat.


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Any of you people remember a 3 year old child died under his mother's "care"? No common sense left in the world today. Who leaves a 3 year old alone for 15 minutes? Much less hours. Vote against the D.A. Read related story about the child's "father" and then you can complain about the judge Vote against the judge. Let some other lawyer feed at the public trough. Lawyers= common sense. Not.


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