jerry carlton


jerry carlton 6 years, 6 months ago

No one wants someone wrongfully convicted to be put to death. Do away with the death penalty? What do you do with someone doing life in prison who kills another inmate or a corrections office? I guess I had a vested interest in this since I worked as a corrections officer in a county jail for 5 years.


Renee Gaerlan 4 years ago

Hi Jerry. Thank you for your comment on the Habitat house. Please read my post under the main story if you are interested in more about the story.

Is $199,000 for a home in Steamboat a “very good price” as Jerry Carlton commented when it does not come with any structural, electrical, plumbing, or otherwise warranties as it was built by volunteers, is double deed restricted, can only appreciate at a 3% cap per year, must be sold to a family at 60% AMI (average median income) or seller (“partner family”) is responsible for paying back a $20,000 CDOH grant and possibly others, must split any gains 50/50 with Routt County Habitat For Humanity, has a deed that was recently changed wherein “temporary vacations may not exceed an aggregate total of 30 days per year”, and 350 sweat equity hours must be completed prior to move in? While I do not dispute that the “partner families” were aware of some of the aforementioned points, it was at an anticipated purchase price of no more than $150,000, and a zero interest loan. I have never heard a deed limiting a family to be away from their home for an “aggregate total of 30 days per year”.

My husband and I consulted a highly regarded real estate agent/owner in town and he told is the deal had “too much hair on it” and that it just didn’t make sense. Further, we were informed by another source that any family that purchases the duplex under the terms our family was offered will be upside down the moment they sign.


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