Jim Kelley

Jim Kelley 4 days, 10 hours ago on Debate on Amendment 69 healthcare proposal continues

Dan, Tax, fee, charge, surcharge, ----lexicon. Choose whichever suits the cause. my example is personal insurance, not business/group. We would pay as both corporation and personal. No savings with both of these burdens.

---Of course this brings up another question.....If we show no profit as a business, we will not have to pay 10% then, right? Hmmm....

....Should have been an accountant.


Jim Kelley 5 days, 8 hours ago on Debate on Amendment 69 healthcare proposal continues

I can tell you that as a small business/contractor in town, If we are shouldered with a 10% tax bill to pay for this, we will choose to fold, Period. Seriously, we would rather fold and hope for employment elsewhere, than to continue doing business with this burden. There is no way that this nonsense doesn't absolutely KILL small business. This would be the single biggest threat to CO's economy since the recession and we are imposing this on ourselves as a state??

This is pure Pie-In-The-Sky dreaming if proponents actually think that this will play out as they naively believe it will. PLUS, all of this is supposed to be "guided" by some tax/health committee??!!? I don't even think that this nonsense can pass judicial check at the CO level and most definitely not at SCOTUS! What unelected committee could hold such power??

No medical cost control, huge leverage of small businesses, and no medical providers wanting to do business here, and a corruption-prone "committee" guiding it all??!!! No Thanks.

It seems like some here in CO would like to see a pendulum swing to the left. Beware that the pendulum swings both ways and such "experiments" can have devastating, unforeseen effects on state economies. (See: North Carolina)

(It's not like paying 2000/mo with a 10000 family deductible doesn't make me WANT to find a solution, but this one is ridiculous!)


Jim Kelley 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Brita Horn: Taxpayers must be treated equally

So this GOP "stalwart" actually does advocate for wasteful government spending and for politicizing a non-political job? This is the definition of hypocrisy.


Jim Kelley 4 months, 1 week ago on Bantle files lawsuit against sheriff, county


Attacking Scott with "not like you have to call in sick" and the rest of us with, "you all just refuse to learn" is enough for most here to completely ignore your drivel.

If you can't address ScottW's question regarding why Wiggins would even hire/approve her in the first place knowing what he knew, then your attacks on Bantle and your support for Wiggins is is hypocrisy defined.

"Refuse to learn"?? Drivel on!


Jim Kelley 4 months, 4 weeks ago on Colbert: The perils of mud season ignorance

Easy there Scott and Steve. Austin is one of many that get stuck there every year regardless of vehicle, tires, or time of year. There was a truck stuck down there from March until April this year following heavy spring snows. Not wise, sure, but hardly worthy of comparing to the deadly accident last month. Plus, Austin is willing to submit himself as exhibit A in this tale of ignorance. His stories are usually endearing, and sometimes remind me of my first years here discovering on my own what seemingly everybody else already knew! Ignorance excused. Lesson learned (and shared). Move on to the next adventure!


Jim Kelley 5 months, 1 week ago on Steven Hofman: Fair and square in Colorado

Mr. Hoffman,

Do even realize how absurd your description of the CO GOP primary process reads?! If Trump really wanted make his case, all he would have to do is submit your letter as "Exhibit A" to bolster his case. Your rationalizing this ridiculous process just adds more fodder to the circus! National Laughing Stock?? See Colorado GOP "Delegates" !!


Jim Kelley 8 months, 1 week ago on Paul Bonnifield: Gas cheaper than coal

No no no Paul and Scott!

Please stop throwing FACTs at us. We can't handle the truth!!! : )