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Jim Kelley 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council members to continue to push for changes at regional building department

Fred, Be careful what you wish for. As an excavating contractor, I'm sure you've had to deal with an open trench waiting for an electrical inspection. (I'm not referring to YVEA utility inspections). With "SAFE"built private inspections, you will never get a next day or same day electrical inspection. In fact, most of "SAFE"built electrical inspections will be deferred to the state electrical inspector and guess what their NW Colorado schedule is? Usually W or Th every other week! No filling it in anyways and taking a picture for the inspector. Right now, if I need an electrical inspection, I am able to call Sue or Danna or the computerized phone-in system and schedule immediately. I can call Skip (electrical inspector) personally and talk with him about any given situation and make arrangements that never leave a construction project in a scheduling bind waiting for an inspection. Local, personal relationships with the inspectors and the building community will never be the same with private contractors from out of town. (From what I understand and what Tom Sullivan is skeptical about regarding "Safe"build's proposal/claim of 15% savings is that they are not accounting for the price of having employees located here. i.e. they have not included money for a local office or housing here! How can they possibly provide equal service if they aren't here. Answer: They will have to have an office here, and their proposed contract will allow them to add this cost to their bill to the city!) Why do you think that giving a private company a contract without any competition (monopoly) will provide a better service? Ever heard of Comcast? It was laughable hearing "SAFE"built representatives boast to the commissioners about their service and relationships with their customers. From what everyone (contractors!) I know who have experience with these guys, it has been anything but. (Ask about the Electrical service change over last month in Hayden that left one customer without power for four days! YVEA cannot by law re-energize a service until it is inspected and tagged. Scheduled inspection was unilaterally changed by "SAFE"built!) It seems that most problems that folks currently have with the building department have to do with the planning side of things and the long turnover to get plans approved. This is a valid concern. I do think that the new software and process they are trying should be given time to see if things can be improved here. I know you remember the Howelsen Lodge near disaster in the early nineties. That collapse certainly brought about more oversight in the planning department and perhaps it's legacy of taking a lot of time to examine prints is a result of that. Timely plan checking and due diligence must be balanced. Privatizing everything is not always the answer, even for free market contractors like ourselves!


Jim Kelley 2 weeks ago on Brad Meeks: Statement on district policy

What if the biggest threat to our students happens to be the superintendent? ----Or an idle school board?


Jim Kelley 2 weeks ago on Brad Meeks: Statement on district policy

Pat, not everything posted about this story is just speculation. We may not know all of the details of this case or this girl but the general story represented by the Pilot and the letter from Mr Meek does reflect a basic layout of the"facts", if not the specific details.

These appear to be Facts based on what I have read here:

  1. A senior honor student, three months away from finishing her stellar pre-college academic career (thirteen years!), has been expelled under dubious circumstances.
  2. The premise for doing so was based on out-dated and flawed assumptions. ( that 6 grams of mj. packaged in separate containers = intent to sell)---and the fact that she challenged this assumption. 3.The process that the district used and Mr Meek is trying to defend is obviously flawed (past 25 days suspension=expulsion and since she was already there, well expelled!).
  3. An adult with authority (Mr. Meek) has shown everyone that he is The Man and if you challenge him, you will lose.
  4. Steamboat Springs is not Oklahoma

My Opinions based on these facts: -Kicking a student out of school within months of graduating because she challenged dubious allegations is Bullying, pure and simple. -The fact that he tried (lamely) to justify his actions is revealing. I believe he has not served the students or this community well and the school board should review this whole debacle immediately and return this girl to school before graduation, period. -Just like his last job, Mr Meek should be relieved of his job here and made to promise that he will never work for this school district again!

----Happy spring biking Pat!


Jim Kelley 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Routt County Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner slated for Saturday

Um...Did you say Adams?

John Adams, second president, 1797-1801 John Quincy Adams, sixth president, 1825-1829 (son of John Adams)

Or how about the Harrison's: William Harrison, 9th president Benjamin Harrison, grandson, 23rd president

Also: James Madison,(4th) and Zachary Taylor, (12th) were first cousins Also, Also: FDR is blood related to 5 past presidents and marriage related to an additional 6 past presidents!

The founders who you say would be weeping now were very much American "aristocracy" and had no problem perpetuating it.


Jim Kelley 3 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat Ski Area snow report for Monday, Jan. 13

450" - 200" = 250" 250" / 12 weeks = ~21" per week ??? = could happen! Probably not, but hopefully! (Nothing unusual with 200" by the second week of January.) Best guess: 372 inches ( give or take 100!)


Jim Kelley 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Colorado health official and Routt County representative to visit tire pile

Mark, I think Pat's Point is: What is your Point Mark? You continually make absolutely no sense. You say you are anti "gobbamint" but then immediately follow with: "does the county have jurisdiction over the landfill and the ridiculous rates they charge?" You can't have it both ways here Mark, do you want the county to control, regulate and fix rates or do you want the free market to set rates? Like Pat mentioned, you do have options. If you feel that Milner is price gouging why don't you open up your own dump and charge less. I will be the first to bring my uncovered trash over to your cheap place and even help you spread it all over your place! As for your misguided opinion that this same government you wish to run our local dump also caused the beetle kill in the area by not logging enough and not allowing DDT use, please explain further. Did you know the only thing that used to keep catastrophic beetle kill epidemics in check was severe cold? Like 40 below, three or four days in a row cold. Guess what?---we don't get many of those anymore, know why? The worst hit beetle-kill area in Colorado has been in Grand County. The most logging in Colorado in the past 50 years is Grand County. Oh those damn facts! Of course, I guess if we would have logged all the forest out around here the beetles wouldn't have had any place to go so you make a good point: No forest= no beetle kill. Brilliant! Of course DDT is an efficient pesticide but it kills birds. No spin here, just fact. There is a very good reason that it is outlawed now. As soon as it's use ceased, the Bald Eagle numbers quickly came back, same with all birds. Simple relationship here Mark, not spin.
Yeah DDT! Wipe out the Forest! Government controlled landfill! Uncover your trash! Keep making "sense" Mark. It's quite amusing.


Jim Kelley 4 months, 4 weeks ago on Routt County tackles repairs, paving on busy road to Stagecoach State Park in 2014 budget

John, There is everything wrong with the path but it's not the location of the path, but what's under it. ----The straight-away near the top and the sections just before and after have no proper drainage, culverts, or adequate pit-run and road base underneath the "pavement". The result is the most impressive displays of heaving and pot holes in Routt County! (whole cars have disappeared here!) Sometimes the spring time run has no drain path to go but all over the road. . Once these basic road requirements are met, then the road can be widened and then you'll have to find another reason to hate bikers.


Jim Kelley 5 months ago on Routt County tackles repairs, paving on busy road to Stagecoach State Park in 2014 budget


Thanks for responding here. It's very refreshing to get information on this issue directly from an elected official with your years of insight and knowledge.... There definitely seems to be a history of quiet objection to changing this road and this "secret" objection must have carried some influence, at least until now. As a longtime resident of Stagecoach, it has amazed me through the years that the poor drainage, smashed culverts, lack of pit run and road base, etc. etc. could go so long without any resources designated to CR14. It's nice to know that the county has finally acknowledge this situation as a priority. Why is it not possible to incrementally make the necessary upgrades within the current budget and reserves?
This road not only serves the residents along the CR14 and at Stagecoach/Lynx but also is an option for the residents and visitors traveling from South Routt to Steamboat. It is also used by recreationalist including road and mountain bikers, boaters and fisherman traveling to Stagecoach and the tailwaters, and hunters traveling to Blacktail and Lynx Pass. In the absence of grants or designated tax, the full plan for upgrade and reroute should be covered by the county. It will be money well spent!
Thanks for your time Doug!