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Jim Kelley 2 days, 20 hours ago on Paula Stephenson: What new schools mean


I am not trying to take a "high ground" here but rather to inject a little perspective beyond the "we have a overcrowding problem, let's spend 100 million dollars and move the high school" mantra.

You won't see me at the RE-2 BOE meetings but instead at RE-3 meetings. Having lived in Steamboat since 1990, we now live in Stagecoach, our kids attend Soroco, and we own an electrical contracting company, run out of a 2000 sq ft Copper Ridge warehouse.

My issues with this proposal are multifaceted but can be generalized as:

  1. Your 75 cents a day for this proposal is my 7.75 per day.

  2. RE-2 "overcrowding" is somewhat manufactured by the unchecked siphoning of RE-3's students. This has the double whammy effect on diminished state funding to RE-3, instead going to RE-2. ---Like Scott B noted, "to fill some empty seats". This short sighted "benefit" to RE-2 comes in additional state funding, but may cause some overcrowding and definitely has a huge impact on other Routt County students.

  3. West side traffic and West side "mixed use". Traffic concerns are being way under emphasized by BOE and believe me, there is a lot more going on at those warehouses on Downhill than just 2 dispensaries!

  4. Community. Besides not living in the heart of downtown anymore, my first "home" was on Logan in 1990 and one of my first tastes of Steamboat High School football was wandering up Butcherknife trail on my first week here and walking right up onto a Steamboat vs Moffat football game! Coming from 5a Denver schools, I thought the small town feeling at the football game then was something I never felt in the big town. It was very cool and was part of that feeling many of us get when we first move here.

There are many ways to frame this issue. For 100 million dollars, we should look at every perspective!


Jim Kelley 3 days, 7 hours ago on Paula Stephenson: What new schools mean

You going to the dark side there, Russell? Like Mary pointed out, you're starting to sound pretty rude towards those who feel just as passionate as you, who have kids in school, just like you, and who pay taxes, just as you. They are entitled to their opinions, just as you, and they shouldn't be belittled or threatened that they don't care about schools and the community. A lot of people here feel just as strongly as you but they have been here for decades, if not generations and they have strong attachments to the community and the current High School, and they don't like this proposal at all!---It doesn't mean they don't care!


Jim Kelley 3 days, 7 hours ago on Paula Stephenson: What new schools mean

Ease up there Russell! Many, many people will be voting against this plan regardless of this group. ----Just because most people will vote this down does NOT mean that they are against a solution. It just means that they are against this "solution". BOE better be careful as to not lose the trust of the electorate by "shooting the moon" with a weak and expensive proposal. It will make passing a reasonable proposal on the 2nd go much harder! Don't fool yourself any further, however. This is proposal is DOA.


Jim Kelley 1 week ago on Eric S. Morris: Let's not pass debt on

That's also when you "fill your seats" with even more out of district students. Just watch.


Jim Kelley 1 week, 1 day ago on Paula Stephenson: What new schools mean

Yeah, all kinds of places on the West side for "student independence". Swell location to drop a high school in to.


Jim Kelley 1 week, 1 day ago on Another 60 students join Steamboat Springs School District

Scott, out of district students added cumulatively through the years is probably much greater than 5%. As Meek mentioned, they don't even try and differentiate in district vs out of district once they're admitted.

The real reason they have no problem accepting more than they should is $imple.---- 7,000.00 per student from the state. So for South Routt that is 14 students X 7,000.00 = 98,000 dollars. to RE-2, siphoned directly from RE-3!

*Also see article: http://www.steamboattoday.com/news/2015/aug/26/finance-director-warns-south-routt-school-board-ab/


Jim Kelley 1 week, 2 days ago on Seminars at Steamboat speaker: Despite problems, Iran nuke deal is still the best choice

Harvey, You mean to tell me that after spending more on the last two failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than we did in WWII while not raising any taxes for them that we're out of money and clout to do any more world policing now? No way!

Are you advocating we rattle sabres with Iran instead of talking with them? Like you said, How? During your service to our country, Reagan negotiated with the Soviets, just as Nixon did with China. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer I believe the saying goes.

I've heard that smoking is bad for your health. I hope you're wrong about nukes/chems.


Jim Kelley 1 week, 2 days ago on $92 million Steamboat Springs school construction bond will be on November ballot

Word this week (start of school) is that South Routt Elementary is down 30 students from last year and that most are going to Steamboat, not home school. I have yet to have any kind of answer from Scott Bideau on this issue. Have you shared the out of district numbers with the parents at Soda Creek Scott B.? They seem to have a "We'll cram em in the classroom as long as we get the $$ from the state" attitude.

By the way, there is an abundance of underutilized classrooms in Routt County that won't cost 92 million dollars.---They just happen to be in Hayden, South Routt, and Christian Heritage Schools! Of course, if this trend keeps up, RE-2 will be absorbing RE-1 (Hayden) and RE-3 (SoRoutt) whether the RE-2 school board wants to or not. Just ask the State. They'll make them if RE1/3 become insolvent. Scott B., has the current school board talked about that imminent scenario yet? I doubt the "consultants" would let the conversation turn to that issue.