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Jim Kelley 4 days, 1 hour ago on Routt County roads get plowed once a day, drivers cover 20 to 30 miles in 8 hours

Debbie, The complaint isn't the slush or snow depth but those who are in over their heads and drive 20 MPH, clogging roads and making it inherently dangerous. Most guys I know from Lynx psss/Stagecoach actually prefer to travel in before the plow, not after, because driving through a foot of snow is not really difficult at all if you have skills and equipment and there are no "just slowdown folks" in the way.

"Just slow down" IS the problem clogging the main arteries in the PM because some folks can't handle anything over 20MPH if the roads aren't plowed after it snowed all day. Plowing CR14 following a daytime snowstorm allows the "just slow down" crowd of yours to move along a little faster and safer, making the fuming masses behind you not have to ride their brakes the whole way home. (If you didn't know already, rolling tires are safer, breaking tires are not)

CDOT, commercial, and even city plow crews work the problem based on weather. County crews work a "shift" and nobody has really challenged this method as being flawed. It is.


Jim Kelley 4 days, 15 hours ago on Routt County roads get plowed once a day, drivers cover 20 to 30 miles in 8 hours

Terin, It's easy to see Mark's statement and say "move to the city or move to Arizona" but his ridiculous expectations for county service should not cloud the issue of County plowing inflexibility.

CDOT rotates crew through the day and night accordingly. Commercial plow drivers typically work 12 -18 hours+ through the night and day during storm cycles. The County should have the flexibility to adjust the daily plow schedule according to the weather, not just either a 3:00 - 12:00 vs 6:00 to 3:00 schedule. County Rd 14 and 129 are priority routes and shouldn't be treated the same as the other 700 miles of roads. If it starts snowing an inch an hour at 8:00 AM, these roads need a blade in the afternoon, not the next morning and the county should have the available workers to cover that requirement. This shouldn't be a matter of adding additional plow budget but instead directing R&B to implement a flexible plowing schedule, not a set schedule. County Plow drivers do a great job and should be commended, just like CDOT, city and the commercial plow guys. ....They should just be plowing to the weather's schedule, not a rigid shift.


Jim Kelley 1 week, 1 day ago on Scott Tipton: Setting the stage for 2017

Scott Tipton still hasn't revealed how he voted on the ethics committee bill this week which, actually, completely reveals how he voted on the ethics committee bill this week.

....Did he ever leave the swamp, or is he part of the drain and re-fill? Colorado district 3 should not tolerate such dereliction from our swamp monster.


Jim Kelley 1 month ago on Steamboat Springs will continue to lose its middle class if elected officials don't act on housing, committee warns

Jim, Thanks for your insight and years of service to our community and your causes. I must ask however, how does deed restricting titles help any homeowner, especially those trying to transition from renter to homeowner? Their investment will be forever limited and their investment cannot keep pace with the market or that of their neighbors. They are handcuffed by such an "investment". This solution is not a pathway to the middle class and besides the roof overhead, is an anchor preventing upward mobility. If this is to be the expected and accepted result, the benefit being slightly cheaper up front cost and artificially, perpetually low value homes for the community, then why is this at all better than just renting at a fixed cost, low income rental property? All of the burden of home ownership with no gain potential. Again, this does not seem to be a legitimate path to the "middle class".


Jim Kelley 1 month ago on Oak Creek apartment building declared dangerous

I get my idioms confused these days. Is it:

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


Those who live in glass house should throw a lot of stones?


Jim Kelley 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Margaret Huron: Time to give thanks

Russell, I'm guessing that Scott probably does share these Holiday good will feelings that Mrs Huron speaks of. ---I also think he means that while he may like the turkey, stuffing and mash potatoes, he does not like red herring with his Thanksgiving meal.


Jim Kelley 2 months ago on 2 suspected overdose deaths alarm Steamboat Springs community

Harvey, How does your trite little narrative on the political leanings of opiate addicts play in the following states?:

West Virginia Kentucky Oklahoma Utah Ohio Arizona Tennessee Pennsylvania

Each of these are states in the "top 10" for overdose deaths. Guess how many of these stalwart red states has legal marijuana? ----None, in case you weren't sure.

Harvey, not everything can be labeled with neat little political narratives such as you assert here. If this wasn't such a serious issue, your statement would be laughable. In this instance, it's just plain moronic.


Jim Kelley 2 months ago on Gregory H. Hermann: Treasurer deserves apology

True Chuck. But the Treasurers job description does not include "interpretations" of State Law, especially with no precedent. Her job description also doesn't include activism, obstruction, or lack of transparency. For being such a champion of "less government" how do you defend her using her own lawyers at the expense of tax payers? How do you defend these "lawyers" attacking our commissioners?!? ....Oh yeah, I guess I do know. No need to answer. Good luck continuing to run for any office you can find and getting the same results.