Jim Dudley

Jim Dudley 3 years, 4 months ago on Joe Meglen: Antithesis of freedom

I always enjoy reading the comments but I finally need to chime in. The health care debate is often vociferously debated by people who do not have a lot of experience in the field, or experience as a patient or caregiver. I will be the first to admit that the health care system is broken. An attempt has been made to correct some of the more onerous problems but the ACA is certainly not perfect. But statements to the effect “health care system that provides incentives for individuals to transfer the burden of their individual health care onto everyone else” is simply inflammatory and certainly shows no compassion for the MANY people in our society who have illnesses that have nothing to do with life style. It amazes me how many people who demonize the ACA can find nothing positive in the law. Can you really argue that a 24 y/o college student can now get on parents insurance. Is it against “freedom” to allow someone with a preexisting condition to get insurance like everyone else. Both are provisions in the ACA. How can you rail against an attempt to rectify a system that bankrupts people who develop illness and injury that are not life style related? The law is NOT perfect but it is an attempt and needs compromise and thoughtful discussion. I know people who would be headed toward bankruptcy in the old system in spite of being living a very healthy life style, having health insurance, funding kids college funds, buying a house they could afford -basically model American citizens. They would never be able to get insurance again – now they can. They may have hit a lifetime maximum – now that is one less worry. All because of some changes in health care laws. Trashing the current law and starting over is not the answer (although I would agree that starting over with a whole new congress might be beneficial) .